11 Baby Home Safety Tips to Babyproof Your Home

We all like to make our toddlers feel safe and secure in our homes. In this quest, one important thing which we often forget is to baby proof the home. Baby proofing the home is actually a pretty loose term which involves a lot of different changes which are needed in our homes. When you are able to incorporate these baby home safety tips, thereafter you can be sure that the home would be a safe and relaxing place for your child.\

We would today share with you some of the baby home safety tips which you can follow in order to baby proof your home. We would also go into the specific areas of the home where you have to incorporate these tips.

In the bathroom

1. Nonslip mats:

At some point in time or the other, you would be chasing your baby around the bathroom. In order to avoid the probability of the baby slipping, it is a better idea to install a [amazon link=”B01F5K9YNS” title=”non-slip mat” /] in the bathroom as well as outside the bathroom. Also make sure you have suitable baby bath tub too.


2. Secure storage in the bathroom:

The storage space in the bathroom consists of each and every type of cleansing agent as well as medicines and even the shaving kit. Therefore, you have to ensure that it is securely shut to prevent access to your toddler. In case, that is not possible you have to store it at a higher level where the toddler is not able to reach. Here is a [amazon link=”B009GPU2P8″ title=”recommendation for a quality storage solution for bathroom.” /]

In the nursery

3. Removing the accessories from the crib:

Even though the cushions, pillows and stuffed toys are for the comfort and relaxation of the child but at times, they can prove to be harmful. The toddler can suffocate due to the presence of these cushions and toys. Therefore, you have to remove these from the baby’s crib in order to ensure that the crib is entirely safe.

4. Baby monitor:

Baby monitors these days have actually become a necessity. One thing which you have to keep in mind is that you should ideally opt for a wireless baby monitor. You should also keep it away from the reach of the baby.

5. Toybox:

It is time to turn the idea of a toybox into open box. A wicker basket is a good idea. This would ensure that the fingers of the baby do not get caught in between the lid and the box.

Toy Box 1
In the living room

6. Eliminating the sharp corners:

The living room consists of pieces of furniture which consist of plenty of sharp corners. Some such pieces of furniture are coffee tables, window ledges, TV stands. Plenty of these furniture pieces have sharp corners at a height of about 2 feet which is the eye level of the child. You have to eliminate the sharp edges by cushioning them. Also, if there are any showpieces or objects which are brittle in nature, you have to be sure that you are keeping them out of the reach of your toddler.

7. Baby gate:

In most of the homes, just outside the living room, there are the stairs to the upper stories of the home. You have to block the access to them with the help of a baby gate. It is easy to get a baby gate these days which matches the décor of your home.

8. Blocking access to the fireplace:

You have to place a guard gate in front of the fireplace in order to block the access. Moreover, you have to eliminate the edges of the fireplace mantle as well.

In the kitchen

9. Securing the kitchen cabinets:

Kitchen cabinets can consist of all types of utensils which might be dangerous to your child. Also, the cabinets below the sink often consist of cleansing agents. You have to make sure that you’re securing each and every cabinet as well as the area under the sink.

10. Stove knobs:

Turning or twisting the stove knobs can be a fun activity for your child. However, it can be pretty dangerous. Moreover, even when you’re cooking something it is important to block access of the child to the stove. The best way in which you can do so is to ensure that it is at a height where the child is not able to reach. As an additional precaution, you have to use the stove knob covers to ensure that your toddler is not able to turn the knobs.

11. Appliance covers:

In order to make sure that your child is not able to access the various appliances or pull open the appliances like the oven or the dishwasher, it is a better idea to opt for an appliance lock. Even though some of these tips might seem like a lot of work, but following them would ensure that you are able to baby proof your home.


This would also help you enjoy the growth years of your child rather than having to worry about the safety of your child. Baby proofing your home is not that much of a difficult task when you make it a systematic process with the help of the tips mentioned above.

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