Best Air Compressor under 300 Dollars

Air compressors can be a very handy piece of machinery to have on your jobs. However, finding a reliable one that works to your specific needs can be tough.

Do you need a super quiet air compressor?

Maybe one that’s super durable for bigger jobs… or compact and lightweight for on-the-go projects?

Regardless, you can be assured to find the right one for you out of the carefully picked air compressors below.

Top 5 Best Air Compressor under $300

1. California Air Tools 8010 Steel Tank Air Compressor– Best For Quiet Operations

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The California Air Tools 8010 helps you to get the most out of your tools, without being noisy.

It operates with a pump that’s free of oil, meaning less overall cost and maintenance. The pump is dual piston operated and has been created specifically to last at least 3,000 hours. Many other air compressors have a pressure pump lifespan of just 500!

You get a maximum pressure of 120 PSI, however, despite all its pressure power, we were surprised to find that it’s extremely quiet in operation.

The motors have been developed to be as quiet as possible. Just 60 decibels of sound is produced. A strong 1.0 HP motor runs at just 1680 RPM, which is the reason why it can function so quietly.

These motors are also engineered to boost duty cycle. As a result, you can use it for longer.

There is aluminum version of this tank available too. – Aluminum version

This air compressor comes with a massive 8-gallon air tank that’s constructed out of aluminum. We found it to also be super lightweight at just 37.5 lbs.

The aluminum material means the tank won’t encounter any rust issue for a long time for increased durability

This company is proud to have one of the largest aluminum air tanks available. They’ve also designed it to be easily transportable, via the wheel kit.

What We Liked About This

  • The 60 decibels make this one of the quietest air compressors we’ve come across
  • You get at least 3,000 hours’ worth of use from the dual action piston pumps
  • An aluminium tank protects against rust for easy maintenance
  • Awesome wheel kit for hassle-free transportation
  • Empty to full tank in just 165 seconds
  • Prone to overheating
  • Valve hose may become flimsy


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Are you looking for a quiet and durable air compressor? If so, the California Air Compressor would be the ideal choice. It has a great oil-free dual piston pump that will last you a minimum of 3,000 hours and is made of extremely strong materials. The motor design is what lets it operate so effectively and quietly at the same time.

2. Central Pneumatic Vertical Air Compressor – Best For High-Quality Air Delivery

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The Central Pneumatic Vertical Air Compressor is made of heavy-duty materials that are built to last.

The motor is powerful and helps you to achieve great rates of air delivery. These ranges include 40 PSI for 5.8 CFM and 90 PSI for 4.7 CFM.

We loved how there are rubber foot stabilizers which work to decrease the vibration while in use. You can effortlessly attach an air hose by using the built-in coupler too.

There’s a great oil level indicator window that makes it super easy to see when you need to fill up on oil.

The motor used provides you with an incredible 2.5 horse powered air compressor. So, it’s awesome for inflating tyres or giving your tools tons of power.

Lastly, the company has attached two 6” wheels to this air compressor which makes it easily transportable.

What We Liked About This

  • The strong materials used mean this air compressor will last you for a long time
  • A 2.5 horsepower motor provides you with an incredible amount of energy that’s suitable for all your uses
  • Rubber foot stabilizers help you to control the vibrational effects emitted
  • The oil level indicator window enables you to easily see when the oil needs filling up
  • Takes longer to build up the pressure
  • Runs louder than you may like



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The Central Pneumatic Air Compressor provides you with great airflow delivery and is incredibly easy to transport. It can work great for those needing to be on the go to power up tools or inflate tires with ease.

3. Campbell Hausfeld DC080500 Air Compressor – Best For Easy Transportation

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The Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor is far quieter than many air compressors in the industry. It produces just 68 decibels of sound

However, just because it’s low in noise doesn’t make it any less powerful. You receive 1.0 horsepower worth of energy to produce more air.

The dual piston pump operates without oil which makes them last longer and much easier to maintain.

This machine provides you with a maximum of 125 PSI. Therefore, you can use it for a variety of jobs that could include inflating, stapling, bolting, nailing…. and the list goes on.

We noticed how this air compressor includes numerous features that make for easy transportation. These include sturdy and large wheels as well as steel handles that are covered in rubber.

There’s a horizontal tank that can also be easily carried around. It takes up to eight gallons in total.

What We Liked About This

  • The durable, large wheels and rubber encased steel handles make transportation easier than ever
  • You can easily maintain this air compressor due to the pumps being completely free of oil
  • It’s far quieter than many of the air compressors available
  • 1.0 horse powered motor helps to produce tons of air to make your jobs run smoothly
  • Overheating issues reported
  • Takes a while to fill up
  • Doesn’t work so well in cold weather



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The big, strong wheels combined with the rubber-encased steel handles make this air compressor very easy to transport. We also appreciated how it provides a lot of air without making a ton of noise.

4.  Makita MAC2400 Air Compressor – Best For Heavy Duty Use On Extreme Job sites

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The Makita MAC2400 air compressor comes with a solid cast iron pump and a Big Bore cylinder.

The piston has been designed to boost recovery time to help the air compressor function at its highest level more consistently.

There are twin tanks that can take 4.2 gallons and withstand pressures of 130 PSI max.

A 2.5 horse powered motor delivers 40 PSI for 4.8 CFM and 90 PSI for 4.2 CFM. This results in industrial grade power output that’s perfect for use on a variety of job sites.

A unique roll-cage construction means this air compressor is completely protected. We found this feature to be awesome for jobs that are being done in extreme environments.

The pump is lubricated in oil to ensure the machine can operate at cooler temperatures. So, the common problem of overheating is never an issue.

This pump also produces just 79 decibels of sound due to its low RPM of 1730. The lower RPM will also help the pump last longer.

The company has included a thermal overload option to make sure the motor remains protected. You can also easily maintain it by using the tank drain valve with the use of a lever handle ball.

Oil requirements can be managed conveniently by peering through the sight glass.

What We Liked About This

  • The roll-cage construction makes this air compressor perfect for job sites in extreme environments
  • Oil lubricated pumps ensure maximum durability and cooler operating temperatures
  • Incredible 2.5 horse powered motor means this machine is excellent for industrial projects
  • The strong cast iron materials make for a reliable air compressor that will last you
  • Large and heavy at 81 lbs
  • Some users experience leaking
  • The tank is prone to rust



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At first glance, this air compressor looks bulky and heavy. But that’s because it has been constructed out of heavy-duty materials that are used to help this machine withstand jobsites in tough conditions. It’s a fantastic choice for big projects that need a reliable and strong air compressor.

5. DEWALT DWFP55130 Air Compressor – Best For High Power & Low Energy Drainage

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The DEWALT DWFP55130 Air Compressor comes with a 2.5-gallon tank that can provide you with a maximum of 200 PSI. However, it also manages to operate extremely quietly too.

The power output means a faster recovery time to help complete your jobs more efficiently. An oil-free pump also makes for easy maintenance.

Not to mention the low decibel sound levels emitted. This machine runs at just 71.5 decibels. Despite the powerful motor, it uses 12 amps for a simple start-up procedure.

DEWALT have also paid a lot of attention to making this machine small and lightweight. It’s 14” wide and weighs just 36 lbs. So, you can transport and store it away conveniently

You even have the option to easily drain the tank completely by using the simple ball drain valve.

What We Liked About This

  • The maximum PSI of 200 is powerful yet uses up just 12 amps of energy for better efficiency
  • This machine runs in quiet environments with minimal disturbance with a decibel levels of 71.5
  • You can easily transport this DEWALT model due to its light weight and compact size
  • A simple ball drain valve system makes for simple draining
  • May rust quicker than expected
  • Some notice the machine leaks after prolonged use
  • Prone to overheating


>> Final ThoughtsCustomer Reviews

The large gallon tank, high power output, and low amp drainage will help complete your jobs faster and more efficiently. While it’s compact and easy to transport, it’s also made of strong materials for great durability. The oil-free pump and ball drain valve system make for a user-friendly experience.

FAQ – Answer You Need To Know

Question: What is an air compressor used for?
Answer: Air compressors pump high-pressure air to fill gas cylinders, to supply divers, to help in powering pneumatic HVAC control systems, and to power pneumatic tools. They can also be used for household applications and there are special air compressors for inflating tires.
Question: Can you leave air in your compressor?
Answer: Yes, definitely drain it after each use. Need to avoid letting water pool in the tank, possibly corroding and weakening it. Release the air and open the drain valve for a while to let out any condensation. You should always drain the compressor when finished, mainly to blow out any moisture that could have built up inside.
Question: How much psi do I need to fill tires?
Answer: On newer cars, the recommended tire pressure is most commonly listed on a sticker inside the driver’s door. If there’s no sticker on the door, you can usually find the specs in the owner’s manual. Most passenger cars will recommend 32 psi to 35 psi in the tires when they’re cold.
Question: How many gallon air compressor do I need?
Answer: Air compressor tank sizes run anywhere from less than 1 gallon all the way to 60 gallons (or even more). The tank size simply determines how long air tools can run before the the motor in the compressor has to turn back on to create more compressed air.
Question: Do air compressor tanks expire?
Answer: Part of the reason your compressor doesn’t have an expiration date is that it has a drain. If drained regularly, compressor tanks can last for a long time.


The above list of air compressors is all receiving high-praise from customers. All of these should an ideal air compressor for under $300. However, be sure to make note of the individual features that are best suited for your jobs.

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