Best Anti Vibration Gloves

Are you looking for gloves that reduce the vibrational effects caused by using tools?

We’ve put together an extensive review of the top six most highly-rated anti-vibration gloves for you. There are so many available that trying to pick the right one for your needs can be difficult.

Well, that’s why we have done all the hard work for you. All you need to do is take a look below to discover the best gloves for your needs.

Using these gloves can not only make your jobs easier, but they also work to prevent serious damage to your hands and wrists. People underestimate the damage that vibrational tools can cause. After years of using high-impact tools with no real protection, people end up with severely damaged arms, hands, and wrists.

If you’re interested in preventing any of these issues, simply take a look below.

Top Rated Anti-Vibration Gloves

1. ProFlex 9000 Certified Lightweight Anti-Vibration Gloves – Best for Comfort

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The ProFlex 9000 Anti-Vibration Gloves are made using one-of-a-kind chloroprene rubber materials. It combines this material with a very breathable nylon and cotton knit to provide maximum circulation. To be more specific, the cotton and nylon seams are knitted in a 7-gauge design. As a result, the gloves remain incredibly lightweight too.

You can also feel confident in knowing that these anti-vibration gloves will be very comfortable to wear. This is due to the design that is pre-curved. Furthermore, the elastic cuff provides you with a lot of flexibility too.

All in all, these gloves are comfortable, flexible, and durable to help you get jobs done better.


  • Chloroprene materials on the palm provide maximum grip
  • Nylon/cotton knit are extremely breathable
  • Pre-curved design and elastic cuff allow for superior comfort
  • Foam materials on fingers are prone to wearing down easier
  • Too bulky for some

2. Superior VIBGHFV Anti-Vibration Gloves – Best for Easy Access to Tools

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We loved how these anti-vibration gloves are made using goatskin leather as it provides you with a sense of durability. The back of the gloves are created using a nylon mesh that is surprisingly stretchable. We found this provides a lot of extra comforts while working.

The anti-vibration abilities of these gloves are fantastic. This is a result of the padded layer of polymer. The polymer weighs an incredible 60 grams, meaning you can be assured it will soak up any of the vibrations from using various tools. Regardless of whether you’re in construction, using sanding equipment, or vibrating tools, these gloves will minimize the vibration you feel.

People who do regular repetitive impact work using various vibrating tools will benefit from these gloves the most. The material also doesn’t take up your entire finger. Therefore, you can still operate machinery without the materials getting in the way.


  • Goatskin leather for extra durability
  • Nylon mesh for stretchy and comfortable feeling
  • Padded polymer layer to reduce vibration
  • Half-finger gloves to allow for easy operation of tools
  • Smallest size isn’t small enough for some
  • May be too thick for others

3. Youngstown 03-3200-78-L Anti-Vibe Gloves – Best for Work In Dirty Environments

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We were impressed by how durable these Youngstown anti-vibration gloves are. If you’re regularly involved in work using repetitive vibrating equipment, you’re at a higher risk of damaging your wrists and hands. However, the heavy-duty design behind these gloves works well to keep you protected, no matter what tools you’re using.

There’s a 5mm thick layer of EVA foam on the thumb and palm. This helps to reduce the vibrational effects from tools and minimize the potential damage to your hand. You get a wrist wrap that allows you to completely secure your hand and wrist while gripping tools. As a result, there’s a lot less force being used by the rest of your body.

Customers are loving the how the thumb on these gloves is equipped with a terry cloth. What’s the significance of this? Well, it simply lets you wipe dirt and sweat from your face while working.

Anyone who is using impact tools, pneumatic equipment, and pretty much anything that takes a beating on your hands and wrists would love these gloves. They are an awesome way to prevent damage being done to your hands in the long-run.


  • Dense EVA foam to absorb vibration
  • Wrist wrap provides extra secure feeling
  • Terry cloth for wiping dirt and sweat easily
  • Not as much grip as some would prefer
  • Fit may be tighter than expected

4. DeWalt DPG250XL Anti-Vibration Padded Gloves – Best for Long-Term Use

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These DeWalt anti-vibration gloves are made using polyester, cotton, and spandex materials. We liked how there’s memory foam padding on the palms of the gloves. Your palms are the area that takes the brunt of the vibration from using tools, so having some extra padding there prevents long-term damage. Customers find this padding provides them with a better ability to control their tools with less effort.

Not only are there memory foam materials inside, but you also get an extremely strong layer of leather over the top too. So you can be sure these gloves can take a lot of wear and tear.

They have been built to withstand all kinds of gritty work as they’re resistant to water and oil. The stretch nylon gusset materials provide an extra element of protection from debris. Not to mention, the overlay reinforced saddle fabrics and finger guards. These features take the durability of the gloves to new heights.

People are loving how comfortable the DeWalt DPG250XL gloves are. This is a direct result of the extended ulna lock TPR wrist wrap. It provides a very secure and comfortable fit, which is exactly what you need while operating different tools.


  • Extremely durable materials for long-term use
  • Wrist wrap provides incredible comfort and support
  • Extra padding on palms for vibration minimising effects
  • Colours fade faster than expected
  • Some would prefer more padding

5. Superior S10VIB Anti-Vibration Gloves – Best for Minimising Vibration

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The S10VB gloves are constructed using polymer materials within the padding. We found this layer to be effective at absorbing a lot of the vibration from using tools.

However, where these gloves truly shine is their ability to reduce vibration by a significant amount while using repetitive and pneumatic vibrating equipment. This is due to the materials used to line the gloves. Chloroprene has been used as the coating around the lining.

Furthermore, these gloves feel very comfortable to wear. This is a result of the purposefully ergonomic design. There are elastic materials around the wrist to ensure the gloves fit well and feel as secure as possible. This adds to the overall flexibility features. Although, they still manage to meet the standards set by EN ISO/ANSI for being effective at minimizing vibration.


  • Polymer padding for absorbing vibration
  • Elastic wrist support is super comfy and provides extra stability
  • Thick, durable materials for longevity
  • Not as many dexterity features for more delicate work
  • Thickness could make gripping tools harder

6. Superior Glove Endura OilblocTM Anti-Impact Gloves – Best for Lightweight Feel

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These Endura OilblockTM anti-vibration gloves have padded palms which work well to minimize the vibration from using tools. We liked how there is an anti-impact backing known as TPR. This is especially useful when dealing with high-impact tools as it takes a lot of the stress out.

The TPR materials are found on the back of the fingers and hand. However, it does more than just safeguard your hands against impact tools – it also adds an aspect of comfort. People are noticing the gloves still feel incredibly flexible, while also highly-durable at the same time.

Endura has put a lot of thought into how they tailor these gloves. As a result, you get a very well-balanced pair of gloves. They bring durability and flexibility together seamlessly.

Customers are liking the goatskin materials that have been used to. They provide the gloves with an incredible amount of resistance to abrasive damage. Furthermore, the materials are resistant to being damaged by oil and water too.


  • TPR anti-impact backing for reduced stress with tools
  • Gloves feel flexible to easier operation of equipment
  • Goatskin materials make them extremely durable
  • Not so good at retaining heat in cold conditions


Since those were six of the top rated anti-vibration gloves available, it gives you a good idea of what you can expect from the best ones. Before making a purchase, be sure to take a few things into consideration.

One of the main ones being why you’re going to use these gloves. Those dealing with more delicate situations would be best picking fingerless gloves for easier operation. On the other hand, those who are using heavy-duty tools could use the added thickness all around to minimize the extreme vibrations.

If you were a little confused on which anti-vibration gloves to use, we hope our detailed review has helped you. Make sure to pick the one with features that suit your specific needs best!


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