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Babies are new comers to the world. As new they have less power to defend the diseases and more likely to attacked by germs and bacteria. They will be attacked by various diseases if they will not be well protected. Dirt, bacteria and germs are the main enemies of the babies. And this is a headache of the parents. To get rid of this stress, bathing is the main solvency.

A daily bath helps the baby to prevent all kinds of bodily diseases. Moreover, a proper bathe gives a fresh look to the baby. But baby bathing isn’t an easy task. As the body of the baby is very soft and tender, it is unsafe for the baby to place on a hard surface while bathing. The body of the baby gets slippery when it gets wet and causes difficulty to hold on. That’s why a safe and soft place is needed for baby bathing. Check out our recommendation for mattress for kids.

A best baby bath tub considered to be safest for this purpose. Most important thing is babies enjoy bathing in these bath tubs. As your baby is the dearest thing in the world for you, you must choose the best baby bath tub for your baby.


This 3 our top picking best baby bath tub-

Editor's Rank ProductPrice
1PRIMO EuroBath
2The First Years Sure Comfort
3Munchkin White Hot


Here there are some best bathtub for baby in the market.



  • Dual positioning
  • Quick and easy draining
  • Unique shape
  • Large space
  • Slip proof
  • Strong support

Pros & Cons: A unique bath tub for newborn to 24 months aged babies which have dual positioning in it. Babies enjoy their bath in it as it enables free movement of both infants and toddlers. Babies can get a comfortable bath as in its large space. And with its large size it is perfect for the transitional ages of the babies. It includes an easy draining and it is also very easy to clean when it gets dirty. Its forearm and legs give more support and grip to the ground. This bath tub prevents all kinds of slip of the baby as its bottom is slip proof. With having a low weight, it can be easily carried and stored.


Sure Comfort Deluxe Bath Tub

  • Recommended by the doctors
  • Drain plug
  • Safe and supportive
  • Slip and mildew resistant
  • Fits in the sink

Pros & Cons: A bath tub for the newborn which is favorite to the Moms. Its single piece design makes it perfect for transitional ages of the babies. For safety and security, this bath tub has adjustable sling. With a convenient size this tub easily fits in any sink. For quick draining this bath tub has a drain plug. Being slip and mildew proof, this bath tub is very much comfortable for your baby to take a bath. Referred by the doctors this tub supports the weight of 25 lbs. By maintaining a high quality, this tub has a small size which is ideal for storing in a small place.


Naked Collapsible Baby Bathtub

  • Perfect for newborn to toddler
  • Strong support on the surface
  • Upgraded positioning for the baby
  • Draining with ease
  • Eye catching design

Pros & Cons: This baby bath tub provides some extraordinary facilities to give a proper bath to your baby. With its two support positions it stands firm on the floor with no chance to fall down or slipping by the movement of the baby. This bath tub can be collapsed for easy storing and its hook enables it hanging on the wall. The smart water plug removes all the water completely with zero chance to remain any dirty water in it. It has enough space to give a happy bath to your baby. Its simple design makes it perfect to use all the transitional ages of your baby. With a nice design, this baby bath tub is suitable for the newborn babies and for the toddlers too.


4Moms Infant Tub

  • Eye catching design
  • Temperature display
  • Fits into a sink
  • Easy draining
  • Rinse cup holder

Pros & Cons: Bath tubs are used for their usefulness than to their design. But this one has both effectiveness and nice design enriching the beauty of your bath room. With some great facility provided this one is one of the best bath tubs for infant. It has side drains which make the dirty water out and at the same time allow the clean water come in. As water temperature is very much crucial for baby, you can see the actual temperature of the water by using its color coded temperature display which is attached with the built-in digital thermometer. With its precious size it easily fits in any single or double sinks. For rinsing, this bath tub has a nice rinse cup which can be kept in its built in rinse cup holder. The problem is, this bath tub is quite small for a baby seat up and to splash while bathing.


Bath ‘N Bumper Blue Fish

  • Attractive design
  • Easy storing
  • Slip resistant
  • Fits in a tub or sink
  • Transition tub

Pros & Cons: Have an adult bath tub already? This soft and tender bath tub is for you as it easily fit into a general tub. It also fits in any kind of sinks too. It has bumper which is cushioned and it gives support to the baby and with this bumper it creates a tub in the tub. It is dissimilar than other plastic baby bath tubs as this can resist any kind of slip by the baby because of its bottom is slip proof. It ensures more safety than the other bath tubs. With a very light weight, this bath tub is also portable to any place. Its sturdy hanger enables an easy storing along with quick drying of the tub. Only problem is, it can’t drain on its own.


Blooming Bath Baby Bath

  • Soft and comfortable
  • Perfect for newborn
  • Perfect alternative tub
  • Compatible with sinks
  • Colorful and great design

Pros & Cons: A baby bath tub with highest quality maintained. It is perfect for your baby as it is made super soft and your baby will enjoy its time in it. Providing extra comfort this is considered to be a great alternative to general baby bath tub. With a colorful and attractive design it is one of the best bath tubs for baby which gives the better bathing experience to your baby. From new born to 6 month baby, it suits all of them very perfectly. A baby can sit upright and splash with joy in it. Most significant thing is, it easily fits into any kind of sinks. But the water draining system is quite hard and more time consuming.


Inflatable Safety Tub and Ducky Set

  • Nice and attractive ducky design
  • Temperature indicator
  • Inflatable and portable
  • Large space
  • Kids favorite

Pros & Cons: Considered one of the best baby bath tubs, this one is a beauty. Loved and favorite to the kids this bath tub includes a bath ducky which gives fun to the babies while bathing in it. For the safety of the baby it has a temperature indicator. The yellow color of it very eye catching to baby and its ducky shape is ideal for the babies. This bath tub is inflatable and can be deflated. It is easily portable and perfect for travelling when it is deflated. This bath tub has precious space for baby bathing where a baby can comfortably sit upright and splash. Most important thing is it is slip proof where a baby can be bathed safely. Suitable for the babies from 6 months to less than 3 years, this bath tub is your ultimate choice. But some users say that the temperature indicator sometime doesn’t work well.


Prince Lionheart wash POD

  • Easy bathing
  • Perfect for the infants
  • Comfortable
  • Safe and transparent
  • Preferred by doctors

Pros & Cons: A perfect bath tub for the infants preferred by the doctors. For the new born to 4 months babies this suits most. You can give an easy bath to your baby as in this tub your baby can sit upright. And with its round shape, it creates a safe and secured environment for the baby. Baby feels comfortable and relaxed in it. Baby remains warm in it and enjoy its bath. As the tub is transparent, you can see the amount of water in it and which amount of water is needed to fill it. With its small size and light weight, this tub can be stored and transported easily. Problem of the bucket is, no water draining system and it spread chemical smell.


There are many baby bath tubs in the market. They vary in sizes, materials and the different ages of the babies. Of them some bath tubs are more popular than the other bath tubs. Of them plastic bath tubs are largely used as plastic tubs are very simple but small, leak proof, durable and effective for both babies and kids.

Convertible bath tubs are one of the best bath tub for infants. Infants easily fit into these bath tubs and get the best experience of bathing and these baby bath tubs are cheap in price.


Inflatable bath tubs are perfect kid bath tub. These bath tubs need to inflate by air and the air last for a long time. These bath tubs provide enough space for kid’s splashing and for bathing but take less space in places like bathrooms. Main thing is, these bath tubs are durable and portable.


Cushion bath tubs are not actually bath tub. They are to be put on your regular bath tub which make a enough space in the bath tub for your baby and protect the kid from any collision with bath tub.


Fold up baby bath tubs are one of the best bath tub for new born as they are very unique and different than the others. These bath tubs can be folded after the bathing. These are very handy to store and for easy transportation.

There are always some babies who don’t like to bath. It is very toilsome task for the parents to give a bath to these kinds of babies in a traditional bath tub. In that cases, bucket bath tubs are very convenient. These are transparent so that you can see the quantity of water in it and these buckets make the babies calm and sit upright with their shape to give a bath to them.



To compare baby tubs with others you must be careful to certain issues.

Size: First important thing is the size which gives the baby to move freely and enjoy the bath. Bigger sized bath tubs are also contain large amount of water which is also equally important.

Draining: Easy draining of water is a must for a bath tub. Most of the bath tubs have easy draining system with a plug in the base or on the wall of the bath tub.

Temperature Indicator: The temperature of the water is very much important as wrong temperature of water is harmful for baby. Now a days bath tubs include temperature indicators with them. Of them Digital indicators which are capable to tell the exact temperature are comparatively better as the Sticker Strip indicators are slow to react.

Fit to Place: Look for the bath tubs which fit on the general bath tubs to give available water supply and to ensure a bigger place to place it.

Surface: The surface of the bath tub must be non slippery. Slippery surface is risky for the baby. Many bath tubs provide non slip surface.

Safety: Best baby bath tubs have a smooth rim for the safety of the baby and the rim can be used to hang the bath tub on the wall.

Dry: The baby bath tubs must be dried with in a quick period of time as they are used more frequently and there is hardly warmth during wet and cold condition.

Storage: The storage is also important. Most of the baby bath tubs are small in size and easily fits for storage. But there are folded bath tubs which are very convenient to use both for household use and for travelling.


Bath tubs are the best and safest for baby bath. But you must be careful about some safety issues.

  • Never forget to place the bath tub on a plain surface.
  • Don’t pour too hot water on the bath tub. It will be harmful for the bath tub.
  • Never pick the bath tub while your baby is in the bath tub.
  • Keep an eye on the baby so that the baby can’t get any collision with the rim of the bath tub.
  • To dry your baby, you must use wash clothes because they are safe and friendly for the babies. Avoid using sponge as it creates bacteria and germs in it when it is dry.
  • Always clean the bath tub so that germs and bacteria can’t get a chance to form here.
  • And most importantly, take all the necessary materials before giving a bath to the baby because it is very risky to leave the baby for bringing some bathing materials.


If you don’t like baby bath tubs or don’t find any benefit of them or you found they are costly for you, there are many alternatives for a baby bath.

  1. You can give a bath to your baby if you have a large bucket. A bucket is perfect for baby bath as they decrease too much baby movement and convenient for washing the baby as the sits upright in the bucket.
  2. If your shower runs both hot and cold water, you can take your baby to the shower. The baby will enjoy the mild hot water while bathing.
  3. Laundry baskets are also very much suitable for baby bathing as they have a large space for a baby. These laundry baskets contain enough water for a bath.
  4. Sink is generally used for washing cooking utensils. But it can be used as a perfect place for baby bathing because a sink gets very easy water supply and has quick water draining.
  5. Every house has a bowl and they are also handful equipments for baby bathing. Usually bowls are large in size with no chance to tip over and give enough space for a comfortable baby bath.
  6. General bath tub is the best alternative baby bath tub though it is used for the adults. But you can use it for your baby managing the right amount of water in it.

As these alternatives are used mostly for other purposes, you must wash them completely before giving a bath to your baby in them.

This best baby bath tub review will surely help you if you are stressed to give a good bath to your kid. Follow the information written here and you will get the best solvency to your problem.

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