Best Bike Tires – Guide & Reviews

During the course of this research, we shall look at best tires, factors to consider before buying the best bike tires, and our top 10 recommended product review. These top 10 products have been selected because they are long lasting, affordable, offer incredible traction and acceleration, and they are also easy to install. Let’s take a look;

Best Bike Tires

Why invest in a pair of new tires when you can just use the ones that come with your bike; you might be wondering. The reason why it is important to invest in bike tires is because once you have correct tires for your bike, you will notice great improvement in your overall riding experience; you have access to greater speeds, greater balance, incredible maneuverability, and incredible traction. However, there is an art that goes into purchasing proper wheels for your bicycle. With countless models available on the market every other day, narrowing down to one specific model might be downright overwhelming. That is why we have compiled a list for you to help guide you during these confusing times;

Factors to Consider Before Buying Best Bike Tires


First thing you want to do is decide just how thick you want your item to be. Thickness adds to overall bike sturdiness and balance. However, thicker tires do not offer greater speeds. Some models also tend to be a bit heavier. However, thicker tires are less prone to punctures and they can ride over just about any type of terrain regardless of how rough, dry, or wet a surface is. If your main goal is speed, then we suggest you go for thinner tires. However, if you want durable and versatile tires, look for models with thicker tires.


Where do you plan to ride your bicycle on? What sort of riding do you do? For example, do you want tires that are best suited for a mountain bike or ones that are best for cruiser bicycles? How often do you ride your bicycle per week? There are many models out there and some are best suited for mountain bicycles, others for beach cruisers, road bikes, etc. What type of riding you do matters a lot as it is a determining factor when it comes to making a purchase.


Some people prefer models with a simple design while others prefer eye catching designs. This is really all up to you. Some tires come with incredibly vibrant colors while others come in simple black colors. This is really a buyer’s preference but one to consider before making a purchase.


What is your budget? How much are you willing to spend for new set of wheels? Money is always a determent factor in every sale. You should never go above your budget. If you find a model that is better than what you first wanted to purchase, it would be wise to pause your purchasing process and resume once you have enough money set aside. Also, keep in mind that cheap is sometimes expensive. Pricy models are hard to puncture, meaning that they are long lasting. Regardless, keep to your budget.

Other Considerations:

  • What key features matter more to you – speed? Durability? Stability?
  • What are you more interested in – price or quality?

Recommended Bike Tires Reviews

1. Continental ShieldWall Mountain Bike Tire - All Terrain Replacement MTB Tire

Brand: Continential

These tires are designed to ride even in snow and icy areas. They perform flawlessly with no sign of slipping and instability. If you have used other wheels, you will realize that this model has a higher rolling resistance at first. However, rolling resistance does improve over time. These tires have studs on the sides of tires – this is because you do not need studs when you are riding straight. These studs come into play when cornering since you need the traction. Overall, you will enjoy riding your bicycle in snow once you arm yourself with Continental ShieldWall Mountain Bike Tire - All Terrain Replacement MTB Tire. This comes in 26'', 27.5'' and 29''.

2. Schwinn Replacement Bike Tire

Brand: Schwinn

This product is very easy to install – it goes on the wheel easier than other stock tires. They will provide you with exceptional traction and very low resistance. They come with a white strip around inner wall of your tyre – this tends to act as a reflector making your riding experience even safer, especially at night. You will be happy with their overall performance. This item is also puncture resistant and will last for a very long time.

3. Serfas Reflective Drifter Tire with FPS

Brand: Serfas

This product is good for anyone looking for affordable tires to use for commuting purposes. They are incredibly fast and highly durable. They are stable and will not slip even in wet conditions. They have a reflective strip that works great especially if you ride at night – other people will be able to see you at night, meaning that you will be safer even if you ride on the roads at night. All in all, it is another good option for anyone searching for quality commuting tires.

4. Maxxis Aggressor EXO/TR Tire

Brand: Maxxis

Maxxis Aggressor EXO/TR Tires are very easy to install and use. This is a very slick tire and it provides a good amount of grip when used on street pavements or even at a skate park. This item is good for anyone with young adults or teenagers. It is very dependable and is made from quality materials. You will be able to ride over rough and wet surfaces without any worries. From gravel or grass, this item performs beautifully. Did we mention that it has a super modern, young, and sleek finish?

5. Maxxis Minion DHR II EXO TR Tire

Brand: Maxxis

If you want a model that you can use on all sorts of surfaces, then Maxxis EXO 60A Minion DHF Folding Tire is just what you need. They ride well on wet, muddy, and even dry conditions. They also work well on rough terrains such as gravel. They have a fast rolling response – meaning that easy and simple pedaling offers less rolling resistance. They do not get punctures easily as well, this means that they are long lasting and when taken care of, cal last for years to come. Click on provided link to learn more about this specific model.

6. Maxxis Minion DHF Single Ply 26 x 2.35 Black Steel

Brand: Maxxis

You can really depend on these tires when riding. You can be able to lean into your bike in a corner and it will hold well. This tire is thick and will roll over almost anything. It’s fast rolling so pedaling offers less rolling resistance. This model has an impeccably constructed and visibly strong sidewall. Also, it has a fantastic finish that is eye catching.

7. Schwalbe Nobby Nic TL Ready Snakeskin Tire – 26in

Brand: Schwalbe

Schwalbe Nobby Nic TL Ready Snakeskin Tires are some of the best tires on the current market. They are highly durable and comprise many great features such as durable materials, 26’’ thickness, and a sleek design. They have great traction and handles really well on all terrains regardless of how rough it is. You can ride over just about any terrain without worrying about your stability. This product gives a rider a secure feeling when riding around corners, on rough surfaces, and even makes climbing a rock ridge an easy task. Keep in mind that they do not speed up much sue to their width but overall, you will have good enough speed. They are not cheap but they are well worth every penny spent.

8. Panaracer Neo-Moto Aramid Bead Mountain Bicycle Tire

Brand: Panaracer

If you live in places that have unpredictable weather, then you should definitely give these bad boys a shot. They are great for use in just about any weather condition – be it hot and dry places where roads get unbelievably hot or in cold and wet areas where roads get slippery and wet. They will provide you with awesome grip and traction in various weather conditions. They are also easy to hook up easily. To learn more, click on provided link.

9. Continental Contact Plus Bike Tire

Brand: Continental

If you want tires that are not too thick or heavy, then this is it. This product is just what you need if you want a model that not only delivers fantastic performance but is also durable and affordable. This model has great traction and performance. You will be able to accelerate to greater speed without having to worry about your wheels becoming unstable. They are strong and will provide you with needed balance for cruiser riding around the block.

10. Continental Gatorskin Bike Tire

Brand: Continental

These tires provide good traction and acceleration. They have a beautiful finish and are highly durable. There is nothing worse than having the wrong set of tires for your bike as it not only reduces your overall bicycle performance but it also ends up being more expensive in the long run. Bad tires are made from bad materials that are not durable – this means that your tires will be prone to punctures and you will end up spending more money trying to repair them than it would have cost you if you had simply invested in a good pair of tires such as VREDESTEIN Volante SE Road Tire.

Final Words

Finding perfect tires for your bicycle can be a daunting task. That is why we have done the hard part for you. After countless research, we have found that these mentioned products are the best on the current market. They are all highly durable, offer incredible traction and acceleration, and they are affordable. We would love to know which model you picked, why, and how it’s holding up. Do comment below and let’s help any beginner who hasn’t the foggiest about where or how to start tire hunting.

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