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Whether your game is Leauge of Legends or DOTA, you need quality equipment if you’re going to be at the top of your game. This means that you’re always on the prowl for the best microphones and laptops. And, of course, the best gaming mice on the market. Some of those mice, however, are a tad bit expensive for you. As a result, you’re specifically looking for the best budget gaming mouse.

Fortunately, several tech companies have already heard your cry and answered it. Their mice are not only cheap, but they’re also arguably high-quality for the prices buyers pay.

Curious about these budget mice? Keep reading to find out more about 10 of the best economical mice on the market.

10 Best Budget Gaming Mouse

Rank ProductEditor's RatingPrice
1Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime
3SteelSeries Rival 100
4Razer Orochi
5E-Blue Mazer II
6Corsair M65 Pro RGB
7TeckNet Ultimate Professional
8Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum
9SteelSeries Rival 500
10Havit Gaming Mouse

1. Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime MOBA Gaming Mouse

Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime MOBA Gaming Mouse

Logitech has had a nice reputation for a while now. From “air mice” to gaming mice, Logitech puts out pretty solid products.

Given the company’s reputation, it’s no surprise that the Logitech G302 might be the best budget gaming mouse. Like the Corsair, it has six buttons that can be programmed to fit your gaming needs. It also has a “1-millisecond report.”

None of which is surprising when you consider the fact that professional gamers helped develop the mouse.


2. Corsair Harpoon

Corsair Harpoon

The Corsair Harpoon has a simple design which provides a nice amount of functionality. It has an “optical gaming sensor with advanced tracking” and rubber side grips.

The mouse also has six buttons. These buttons can be programmed as the user sees fit. This allows for customized gameplay and ideal for playing in monitors.

As we said, the mouse itself is simple in design. There also isn’t much room for aesthetic customization. That said, the mouse is cheap ($$ bucks), so we can’t really complain.


3. SteelSeries Rival 100


SteelSeries Rival 100

The SteelSeries Rival 100 is quite the looker. Its luminescence impresses, and it has the functionality to back up all of that visual swag.

It has “30 million click switches,” a “best in class sensor,” and “six programmable buttons.” Furthermore, it comes in more colors than you could ever want. From “Alchemy Gold” to “Hyper Beast,” the designs are flashy.

There’s a $$ dollar price tag attached to this one, which makes it the priciest option the list yet.

But who could care? It’s arguably the best budget gaming mouse for people who like to play in style and add speed to their PC gaming.


4. Razer Orochi

Razer Orochi

Style isn’t the Razer Orochi’s strong point, but it makes it up for its lack of style in other areas. It has both wired and wireless Bluetooth connectivity and extended battery life.

A brand new Razer Orochi is going to run you about $$ bucks. Its price makes it more expensive than a lot of the mice on this list, but $$ dollars is a steal for a nice gaming mouse.


5. E-Blue Mazer II 2500

E-Blue Mazer II 2500

The E-Blue Mazer looks like it walked straight out of Tron. Legacy. It features an “LED illuminated rubberized scroll wheel” and comes in three different colors. It uses wireless transmission technology, and its Micro switch gives it a lifespan of “up to 5 million button clicks.”

While the mouse looks expensive, it’s one of the cheaper products on this list. It costs about $$ dollars. You’ll pay more, however, for the “Gunmetal Gray” design, which costs twice as much.


6. Corsair Vengeance M65


Corsair Vengeance M65

Unlike the other Corsair mouse on our list, this one has a slightly complex look. Its mechanical makes its a pretty retro mouse, as do its mechanics.

The mouse is lightweight and has maximum precision. It’s also designed for extended gaming sessions, which means that it’ll hold up well if you regularly play for hours on end.

It’s a bit pricier than the Corsair Harpoon.


7. Tecknet Ultimate Professional Wired Optical PC Gaming Mouse

Tecknet Ultimate Professional Wired Optical PC Gaming Mouse

The Corsair and the Tecknet have similar appearances, but they’re in completely different price ranges. The Tecknet is amazingly cheap, ringing up at $$ dollars.

Not all of its designs, however, are this cheap. The bronze design, for instance, costs $$ dollars. They don’t get much more expensive than that, though.

You get a nice optical sensor and grip for the low cost, so this is definitely the best budget gaming mouse for people who are looking to go as low as possible.


8. Logitech C900 Chaos Spectrum

Logitech C900 Chaos Spectrum

Though the Logitech C900 is a budget mouse, its cost is admittedly on the high end for this list. Online price list is $$$ dollars, so you know the list price is probably a bit insane.

As expected, though, you pay for quality with Logitech. The mouse is wireless and rechargeable, allows you to adjust RGB lighting to your style, and boasts a “lag-free connection.”

Its design is nothing to rave about, and it doesn’t come in a variety of colors. Given its quality, though, we’re sure you can live with that.


9. SteelSeries Rival 500

 SteelSeries Rival 500

The SteelSeries Rival 500 is basically the SteelSeries Rival 100 on steroids. It has 15 programmable buttons, over twice as many as the 100. It also has “tactile alerts” which let you “feel in-game events.”

There really isn’t much to say about the 500 because it’s just so darn great. It even comes in at a lower price than the Logitech C900 ($$ bucks), which just adds to its overall appeal.


10. Havit HV-MS735


This is the HAVIT’s first (and only) appearance on this list, and it deserves its spot. Believe it or not, the HAVIT has 19 programmable buttons and is a universal mouse that apparently works with all operating systems. It also has a “top gaming optical sensor” and high-speed motion detection.

For $$ dollars, it sure does do a lot. The only thing it’s missing is snazzy design options, which have a lot more to do with gamers’ vanity than practicality.


Selecting the Best Budget Gaming Mouse


The mouse might well be facing extinction, but it’ll be here a while longer. While it’s here, you’re going to need a good one.

And if you can wreck a Yasuo on your lane or dominate as Drow Ranger on a budget, why not?

All things considered, the budget gaming mice on this list are rock solid. They provide a nice gaming experience at reasonable prices, and they leave to be desired.

Well, at least not until you decide that you need a new gaming laptop or a set of earbuds to accompany your mouse. Go figure.

In any case, if you’ve tried any of these mice and enjoyed them, please share your experiences with us in the comments below. We’re interested in hearing your evaluations of the products in our top ten list.

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