Best Chopping Board for Kitchen Reviews

The year is here with us and apart from the great plans you have, changing what you have in your kitchen is one of the central attention of priority. While the chopping boards are some of the kitchen appliances one would wish to replace, you need to choose the best chopping board around. The variety of kitchen appliances and the difference on the chopping boards make the choice to be as difficult as any other item. 

Buying a chopping board then becomes a challenge that requires time and resources. Taking time to shop around for high-quality cutting boards, especially with so many options makes the whole process difficult for many shoppers. While the online stores could have outstanding deals to opt for, there is a need for a rush. There are some unique features that any best chopping board needs to have.

Such would only work best if you got the opinions of the former users of such chopping boards. The reasons people give for purchasing any particular board varies from person to person. Likewise, the different cutting boards reviews on most of the online points of sale can help one decide what to buy instead of word of mouth, common among most kitchen practitioners .we have selected some 5 best chopping boards that we consider best for your use.

Where should you buy chopping boards from?

The market is open with several points of purchase. Deli stores along the streets could just be the right place if you need the boards instantly. The best thing about these deli stores is that you get to feel the boards before buying.

However, the online stores are also available with a lot more to choose. With the two primary online stores of Amazon and eBay making the best points of purchase, you cannot miss looking at them. The discounts, the excellent shipping rates and the service range they have, makes the online stores your number one buying place.

1. Heim Concept Premium Organic Bamboo, Extra Large Cutting Board

Highlighted Features:

  • Made from bamboo wood.
  • Considered a soft board that works well with knives.
  • It is scar proof unlike its plastic counterparts.
  • It is an extra large chopping board and has enough surfaces to use as you chop.
  • It weighs 1 pound, light for kitchen use.
  • The board has a well-furnished surface, stylish and comfortable to use.
  • The chopping board is versatile, strong and durable.
  • It has no use of paints, dyes or anything that can contaminate food..

Though several wooden chopping boards abound in the market, the unique areas that you will note about the board are as follows;


  • Because it is made purely from bamboo, it is best for serving food as well as the other acts of chopping.
  • Among many bamboo cutting boards in the market, it is safe to use as it leaves no particles on the food.
  • It is eco-friendly as the board arose from natural material.
  • The versatile nature of the board makes it last longer.
  • The board is cost efficient and gives value for money.
  • The chopping dimensions are just perfect for overall use as it has a large surface.
  • The board is accessory friendly as it does not tamper with the knives..


  • The warps and the bends which form on the board can be quite disheartening.

2. OXO Good Grips Utility Cutting Board

Highlighted Features:

  • Uses a nonporous plastic as its main component.
  • The chopping board is nonporous.
  • It has soft handles with a sturdy feel.
  • It is made in different sizes allows for ease in times of use.
  • The cutting dimension is large enough.
  • It has a good design with black edges.
  • The Multicolored nature sets it up for ease of selection and tasking.
  • It is nonporous and odor resistant.
  • The surface is smooth and durable that resists scratches.
  • The board is small and fits in the dishwasher without any problems.
  • One of its primary features is the juice grooves that allow for ease of separation of liquids.

As one of the many plastic cutting boards in the market, the board earned its place among the top best chopping board for the year 2020 because of some of the reasons users have cited during its use.


  • The quality nature and the smooth surface make using it fun while cooking.
  • The sizes fit as you can choose which one you prefer.
  • It is easy to clean after use as it only needs a little lime.
  • The material is high quality and lasts for longer periods even in continuous use.
  • The firm nature of the board makes it stay in place as anticipated.
  • It offers enough cutting surface for kitchen work.
  • The chopping board is pocket-friendly..


  • You may not maintain a chopping rhythm if you are using the chopping board.
  • The board bounces and lets the food items spill.
  • The board has thin spaces that may let the food spill as well.
  • The plastic gets eaten away as you proceed with the chopping on the board.

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3. Marvel Avengers Captain America Round Tempered Glass Cutting Board

Highlighted Features:

  • It Features a sturdy tempered glass as its surface.
  • It weighs 2.pounds, just light enough for regular kitchen duties.
  • The board comes in a Shield shape, with a great design just to impress.
  • The glass is heavy duty.

Most people love the style, and that is all we have here. The Marvel Avengers Captain America has features as one of the best cutting board America’s best kitchen would need. Its universal use is however not in doubt as some of the areas worth noting about it may include the following.


  • It is Great looking chopping board, ideal as a gift.
  • The board is durable as its glass is heavy duty.
  • The quality glass makes using it to be fun.
  • The chopping board comes at pocket-friendly rates as well.


  • It is not sold with the knife as described on the seller photo; you have to buy the kitchen knife Separately.
  • There is a possibility of glass breaks, which may not be safe it glass pieces on the food.

4. Seville Classics Bamboo Cutting Board with 7 Removable Cutting Mats

Highlighted Features:

  • It features a bamboo wooden material on its surface.
  • It comes with dishwasher safe mats made from thin plastic, the more reason for placing it on the thin plastic cutting board ranges in the market.
  • It comes in a great design with a patented nature to it.
  • Uses color coding on the mats for ease of use.
  • The material used is thick enough to allow for longer use.
  • It has non-slip protective feet to allow for its stability.
  • It comes at a weight of 6.8 pounds, which is considered rather cumbersome..

As one of the best wooden cutting boards in the market, this is one chopping board worth taking a look. In fact, the overall air around the chopping board will interest any would-be buyer.


  • It is easy to use as the removable mats make disinfecting not to be a daily routine.
  • The chopper is Safe for use with its anti-microbial features.
  • It has a smooth cutting surface thanks to the bamboo and the cutting mats.
  • The most time and space saving.
  • Great features with storage compartment for the mats just one great addition..


  • The mix of material in use may render it unstable.
  • The mats are not the best cutting surfaces ever.
  • The bamboo easily cracks.
  • It comes at a higher price than most of the boards in the category.
  • It may not be as resistant to bacteria as anticipated.k

5. Totally Bamboo 3 piece bamboo cutting board set

Highlighted Features:

  • It features the moso bamboo, which is strong, higher quality eco-friendly.
  • The chopping board comes in three pieces of different sizes.
  • The chopping board considered as the best end grain cutting board for its thickness and material.
  • The 1.9 pounds it weighs exudes confidence.
  • The smooth surface preserves the knife blades.
  • The board is made t easy to wash.
  • The board offers enough surfaces to chop the food.
  • It uses different designs in its making.

Apart from the other areas where users look for the convenience, design and price, the chopping board offers much more.


  • It is good looking with creative design and quality material used.
  • The strength of the MOSO bamboo used makes it longer lasting.
  • The board is easy to maintain as cleaning it requires hand washing.
  • It is nonabsorbent making it safe when dealing with different flavors.
  • It sold at affordable prices.
  • The stain-proof surface is making using them safe on food.


  • When continuously placed in the dishwasher, there is a likelihood of warping.
  • Though coming in assorted sizes, the boards would need more surfaces.


  • The material used in making a cutting board may not be the same as the next you meet in the next shop. The variations in features and design suggest that each of the chopping board manufacturers target a particular group of people.
  • For the best chopping board, this should not be the cases as they are meant to serve a broad range of clientele. Your experience in the kitchen is the ultimate goal of any cook, especially with the ushering in of the Year.
  • Among the five, the price difference could play out as the determinant as to which of them makes the cut. Though price factors may not signal quality, your pocket budget needs consideration.
  • Because of these, the 5 best chopping board reviews we have here is your chief solace as they are tested to work. In spite of the few gray areas, the boards are yours for the taking if you decide.
  • If you ask me, of the fire, choice and preference play out among the chopping boards with the Premium Organic Bamboo, Extra Large Cutting Board and Serving Tray with Drip Groove usually making it is an ideal buy.
  • Several other chopping boards would have qualified it to the list of best chopping board, the fact that you may verify on your own. As you sample the different boards in the market, looking at the areas that interest you may help in making a quick purchase.


Chopping boards are one of the most essential items of the kitchen in most homes. Many homes have worn out boards, yet the market has enough boards on offer at pocket-friendly rates. Buying a good quality chopping board for your kitchen is a must if you love to have convenience in the kitchen. Most of us suffer and end up with boards not worth their taste and class.

The reviews are a reprieve to many who would have suffered greatly in the chopping board quest. As you usher in the year, you can decide to make the ultimate change. Get down that shopping list; you have enough to spare for the festive season, get a board worth your class and taste. These best chopping board should make your cooking life a little easier.

Happy Shopping

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