Best Combination Padlocks to Pick

Are you sick of having to use keys to lock and unlock your items?

In that case, combination padlocks are what you need, and we’ve compiled a review list of the top six available. These locks can be used for a variety of different purposes. Either you need one for securing a bike or to take it with you on camping, you will find these a great things to have.

Take a look at what features they have to offer. They could secure your belongings better and easier than ever before.

Top Combination Locks to pick

1. Masterlock Padlock, ProSeries 1177D – Best for Indoor & Outdoor Use

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These padlocks are fantastic options to consider if you want to use them outdoors or indoors. However, they are highly recommended for industrial environments, construction sites, and equipment storage.

We found the Masterlock Padlocks incredibly easy to use. You get a 4-dial combination which means you can set, and reset, the lock without needing any keys. The dial combination gives you up to an impressive 10,000 difference combination codes. When it comes to resetting, you also don’t need a tool. We liked how the dials are large as it makes them very easy to use while wearing gloves. Furthermore, they’re highly visible in dark environments too.

The design of these locks is very durable too. The exterior is constructed with a robust brass material that is effective at resisting erosion. There’s also a boron-alloy shackle that comes with a seal to keep the inside of the lock guarded. You can also have an extra peace of mind in knowing that these locked are equipped with a deadlocking system. It works to prevent people prying and picking the lock.


  • The highly durable materials make this perfect for indoor and outdoor use to safeguard against lockpicking
  • With large dials, you’re able to easily operate them in the dark and while wearing gloes
  • You’re able to set the lock to 10,000 different combination codes for increased security
  • Some find the locking mechanism is prone to getting stuck too easily
  • Others feel like the lock is too big and bulky for their needs

2. Masterlock Padlock 653D – Best for Easy Combination Features

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We found the 653D Masterlock to be made of incredibly durable materials. The body is constructed out of metal materials, which are fantastic at withstanding all kinds of damage. There is a total of four dials, which are plated in chrome. They allow you to set your own combinations are equipped with side grips, as well as a soft bottom. This makes it very easy to use and find.

These locks are 2” wide and have a ¾ “shackle, meaning it’s an excellent size for fitting onto most lockers. The cut-resistance is also improved due to the 1” of steel over the shackle. As a result, you can feel good in knowing your items will remain safe.

The Quick Read Combo window, located on the side, means you can easily see in. Furthermore, all the numbers are very colorful, which makes them even easier to see. You can set your own combinations at your convenience too.


  • The metal and steel construction makes these locks incredibly resistant to being cut and damaged to ensure your belongings remain safe
  • We liked how the size of the lock makes it awesome to use with most lockers
  • The Quick Read Combo window and colourful features lets you easily view the numbers of your padlock and set them with no hassle
  • Some find the outside of this Masterlock is prone to rusting over time
  • Other customers aren’t so happy about the colour of the lock delivered as they didn’t get to choose

3. Mini Masterlock Padlock 1533TRI – Best for Small Lockers

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The 1533TRI model of Masterlock’s Padlocks has been designed to be used for indoor circumstances. Therefore, you’ll be better off using it for bags and lockers.

We found this lock was very easy to use. There is a 3-digit combination lock which is fixed and lets you use the lock without having to use keys. Customers have appreciated how brightly colored the locks are too.

It means that they can easily find their locker if they’ve forgotten where it is. This particular model lock is popular amoung gym lockers.

The overall design of these padlocks is very durable. Anodized aluminum materials are used for the covers, the shackle is made from steel, and the body is constructed of metal. As a result, you’re left with an incredibly strong lock that works to keep your items secure.


  • The fixed 3-digit combination lock means you’ll be less likely to forget the combination and prevent your things being locked up
  • People are loving how colourful the locks are as it means you can easily identify which locker is yours
  • With heavy duty materials being used (such as steel, metal, and aluminium) you can feel assured your belongings will be safe
  • Some customers are struggling to unlock their padlocks after using them for a long time
  • Others notice the dials are a little difficult to use due to the small size

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4. Wordlock PL-004-BK Combination Padlock – Best for Unique Word Combinations

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The Wordlock PL-004-BK Combination Padlock lets you use a 5-dial combination system. However, there’s one very unique aspect to this lock – it doesn’t use numbers. Instead, it utilizes various word combinations which add an extra level of security to keeping your items safe.

Many people find that remembering different word combinations is easier than trying to remember number combos. You’re free to set the combination to any words and phrases you like. There are thousands and thousands of word combinations available that can also be easily reset.

Therefore, you can change the combination code whenever you like for even further security.

The body of this lock is made of cast metal, meaning the exterior is resistant to damage. The shackle is also constructed from steel, meaning it can take a real beating and still remain secure.


  • The 10,000-word combinations increase security and make it easier than ever for you to remember the combinations
  • We liked how durable the cast metal and hardened steel materials are as it means this lock can prevent thieves accessing your belongings effectively
  • You can reset the code as often as you like to enhance the security features even further
  • Many color options to choose from
  • Some customers find the letters begin to fade after being used for a duration of time
  • This lock may not be so great for outdoor use as it can get form rust and be prone to damage from the weather

5. Masterlock Padlock 643D – Best for People on the Move

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We found the 643D Masterlock Padlock to be excellent for keeping your items safe in lockers. You get to choose between four dials which operate using numbers. By using these combinations, it means you don’t have to deal with the hassle of using keys. It also means you are able to set thousands of different codes at your will for enhanced security.

People are liking how the size of this lock makes it great while on the move. Due to how small it is, you’re able to easily store it in a bag or in your pocket while out and about. This provides you with an effortless way to take belongings with you and know you can easily keep them secure.

You also get to experience a very durable padlock. It is constructed using a very robust metal construction, and an aluminum coating, as well as a nickel-plated shackle made from steel. The result is an extremely durable lock that’s awesome at being resistant to being cut open.


  • There are four easy-to-use dials that let you choose between thousands of number combinations for enhanced security over your belongings
  • The small size of the 643D means you can easily take it with you and have a peace of mind in knowing that you can secure your items at your convenience
  • With metal, aluminium, and steel materials, you can be assured this lock will be durable against thieves
  • This one’s mostly recommended for indoor use as customers have noticed that the weather can wear it down pretty quickly
  • People find that when they leave the lock in their bags, it can accidentally change the combination

6. Master Padlock 4696D – Best for People Travelling On Flights

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The Master Padlock 4696D is an excellent choice for travelers. This lock is fairly small in size and is especially useful for when people are trying to secure luggage.

One of the main reasons for this is because it’s Transportation Security Administration (TSA) approved. As a result, the screeners at TSA are able to inspect luggage and ensure the lock doesn’t become damaged.

We liked how easy this lock is to use. There is a total of four dial combinations which let you set and reset the code however many times you like. There are thousands of different combination codes you can choose to use, and you don’t need a key for any one of them.

Customers are also appreciating how durable these padlocks are. The body is assembled out of metal and the shackled is made using heavy-duty steel materials. This makes it easier to grasp onto suitcases and luggage that are equipped with specific hasps for locks.


  • The small size and TSA approval makes these locks the ideal choice for travellers
  • You get four dials to set and reset thousands of keyless combinations, however many times you like
  • The heavy-duty metal and steel construction mean this lock is incredibly durable and will keep your belongings protected
  • Some people find the shaft length of this lock is too long and moves around too much during transit
  • Others have realised they would prefer the sleeve to be deeper to shut the lock more effectively


Now that you now more about what some of the best combination padlocks have to offer, you can begin thinking about which one would be best for you.

Remember to consider your specific needs and pick out the one that’s got the features to match up to your requirements. That’ll give you the best chance at using a secure lock to protect the things important to you.

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