Best Curved LED Monitor for Gaming

While it might seem like a curved LED monitor is just another unnecessary item you need in your life, that couldn’t be further from the truth. As technology advances, we learn about new things which can enhance our user experience and benefit our bodies. A curved LED monitor is one of those items. It improves how you work on a daily basis, how you play games, and even how you watch videos. What’s more, it’s a more natural experience than ever before.

While a standard monitor does the job, a curved LED monitor does it better. The curving of the screen can complement the curvature of your eyeballs so what it’s viewing is far more natural.

When you see a curved LED monitor for sale, you will notice there are numbers on the screen to define the screen – normally 1500Rm 1800R, or 2300R. The number would relate to the radius if it were to bend around to form a full circle. In most cases, people tend to prefer 1800R.

However, regardless of the most preferred curved LED monitor, it’s important to find one that’s suitable for your unique requirements. Choose from these nine options below.

Best Curved LED Monitor for Gaming


Product Name




Comes in 3 Sizes and 6 Different Models

Built In Speakers and Blue Light Shift 

Affordable and Glossy White Finish

35 Inches Screen and 2x9w Speakers

144Hz Display and Free Sync Compatible

Affordable 144Hz Display and Fully Adjustable

Comes in 4 Sizes and AMD Free Sync Compatible


  • Refresh rate: 165Hz
  • Response time: 1ms
  • R1800
  • NTSC 85 percent
  • sRGB 110 percent
  • Gaming VGA

If you want the most immersive and beautiful gaming experience possible, then set your sights on this curved LED monitor from MSI. Rather than put up with regular gameplay that everyone else has, you can take your experience to an entirely new level. Whether you’re gunning down bad guys in PVP or you’re merely surviving in an immersive apocalyptic world, you will enjoy how real this curved LED monitor makes the experience.

The refresh rate of 165Hz removes the after-image problem some people have, while the 1ms response time will obliterate terrible frame rates. Rather than risk dying in battle because you experienced lag, you can benefit from being ahead of the game at all times.

What’s more, it features VGA optimization from MSI, has a true color profile of 85 percent NTSC and 110 percent sRGB, and has the R1800-rated curve for the most natural eye shape. Everything about this curved gaming monitor is set to impress.


  • Response time: 5ms
  • 1800R
  • Wide OS compatibility
  • Comes with VGA ports, Display port, and HDMI
  • Wall-mountable

For a truly immersive experience without eyestrain, compatibility problems, or a high price tag, you may find this Sceptre curved LED monitor ticks all the boxes. As a desirable 1800R curved LED monitor, it’s a firm favorite on the market without being out of the price range of most gamers.

You can connect it to a wide range of operating systems of both Windows and Mac, and even benefit from being about to mount it to the wall. As a result, you can stand, sit, lie down, any way you want to play your games.

When you buy this monitor, you will benefit from so many features. It comes with VGA ports, HDMI ports, and a display port while offering a 5ms response time as well. Even in the midst of heavy gunfire, you won’t get enraged by a reduced frame rate. You will love everything this affordable, yet high-quality curved LED monitor has to offer.


  • 32 inches
  • Full HD
  • 1920 x 1080
  • 4ms response time
  • HDMI
  • Display port
  • Input for headphones
  • Striking white design
  • Ultra-slim contour design

There is a variety of curved LED monitor options, but not all are going to be suitable for your requirements. Some are suitable for gaming, while others you can use in the office. What if you want to use them for both? Often, their unique features make them suitable for one or the other, not both. Samsung bucks the trend with this curved LED monitor with full HD capabilities.

The impressive 1920 x 1080 resolution will see you benefit from immersive gameplay, while the stunning white design and 32-inch screen size will help it to tie into most office environments. What’s more, given its response time of 4ms, it will remove that alarming frame rate during the heat of battle in a game.

When the time comes to upgrade your monitor to something even better than ever before, you don’t want to look past this curved LED monitor from Samsung.


  • HDMI port
  • Display port
  • 35 inches
  • Ultra-wide curved screen
  • 4ms response time
  • Suitable for immersive gameplay
  • Wrap-around screen
  • 1800R view
  • 0.32-pixel pitch
  • 3440 x 1440 ultra-wide display

If you thought the regular high display was amazing, then it might be time to take a closer look at this curved LED monitor from Acer. Taking immersive gameplay to an entirely new level, it meets the mark for your current needs and any needs you’ll have in the future. Step aside 1920 x 1080, for 3440 x 1440 is now in town.

When you buy this Predator version of the Acer curved LED monitor, the number of features will impress you. Firstly, the ultra-wide wrap-around screen will mean that your gameplay looks more real than ever before. What’s more, it’s the more preferred 1800R display, as opposed to 2300 or 1600. At 35 inches wide, it’s also more than suitable for use in your gaming lounge, next to your TV screen.

This curved LED monitor also has a lightning fast response time of 4ms to prevent a drop in frame rate, all the while offering a display port, an HDMI port, and an exceptional pixel pitch of 0.32. Any gamer will know that when you’re in the market for a new monitor, this curved LED monitor from Acer is the crème de la crème.


  • 27 inches
  • 1920 x 1080 full HD display
  • 1800R monitor
  • 144Hz
  • Immersive gameplay
  • Display port
  • HDMI
  • DVI connectivity
  • VESA mount for wall mounting
  • Suitable for Mac as well as Windows
  • Flicker-free backlighting
  • Eye care technology from ASUS
  • Blue light filtering
  • Color enhancement

If you want a curved LED monitor with endless exciting features and possibilities, this one from Asus will tick all the boxes. Even though it’s only a monitor and doesn’t look like a lot at first glance, it’s what underneath it that will blow you away.

This 27-inch monitor, suitable for Windows and Mac, offers 1920 x 1080 high definition for the optimal gaming experience, as well as smooth and immersive gameplay. What’s more, it comes with a port for DVI, display, and HDMI, as well as a VESA mount if you wish to put it on the wall. However, the benefits don’t end there.

Even though the curved screen combats eye strain and creates a more natural visual, ASUS take it one step further with eye care technology. You benefit from reduced eye fatigue, blue light filters for playing at night, backlighting that won’t flicker, and an overall more beneficial experience. Your eyes are important, and ASUS like to provide you with a gaming experience that won’t impact them.

Sealing the deal is the color enhancements on offer thanks to GamePlus and GameVisual. As a result, you will notice how focused and immersive gameplay is in comparison to your old screen. Don’t settle for less than the best when you can have this screen from ASUS.


  • 144Hz
  • 16:9 widescreen
  • 32 inches
  • 1800R
  • 16.7 million colors
  • DVI, HDMI, and DP connectivity
  • Reduced eye fatigue thanks to screen curve
  • Anti-glare screen
  • VESA compatibility for wall-mounting
  • Five settings – RTS, FPS, movies, study and office work

If you want a curved LED monitor that will tick all the boxes for business and pleasure, this one from Viotek is the answer. While it’s going to amaze you when it comes to an immersive gaming experience, it will also provide a perfect setting for homework, study, office work, and even watching a movie. This is all thanks to the five preset settings you can select depending on what you want to use the curved LED monitor for.

However, aside from the functionality, this monitor has a lot going for it. It’s a 32-inch widescreen with the capability of displaying 16.7 million colors, and it won’t hurt your eyes to see them either. Thanks to the 1800R screen curve and anti-glare screen, you will find Viotek have covered all bases.

It also offers a DVI, DP, and HDMI setup, as well as game-worthy performance thanks to the 144HZ response time. If you want to take your gaming experience to an entirely new level, you’ll also enjoy the LED effects on the side and the wall-mounting area. As a result, you can lie down, get comfy, and game to your heart’s content.


  • 1800R curve
  • HD 1080P resolution
  • 144Hz refresh rate
  • FreeSync technology
  • Pre-set visual modes for a range of games
  • 3-year warranty
  • Suitable for PC, laptops, and MAC
  • HDMI and VGA

The curved LED monitor revolution has begun, with more and more people seeing the benefits on offer for your eye health, not to mention the immersive gaming experience as well. When it comes to this one from ViewSonic, the benefits are no different. In fact, they may surprise you.

Firstly, it’s compatible with a wide range of devices. Whether you play games on a laptop, a PC, or a Mac, you will find this curved LED monitor is more than suitable for the task. Then, when you hook it up to your computer, the results will astound you. The 144Hz refresh rate will prove refreshing, while the FreeSync technology helps to keep that framerate smooth.

What’s more, it offers vibrant colors, 1080 high definition, and settings for various game styles such as FPS, eSports, or RTS. Sealing the deal is the three-year warranty. If you want both a high-quality curved LED monitor and peace of mind, choose this ViewSonic monitor.

If you are in the market for a curved gaming monitor, then you can pick any of this for the best features and best price. These were chosen from the most popular curved monitor in the market. 

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