Best Dog Ramps

Do you struggle to get your pets into your car, or up onto higher surfaces?

This can be a very frustrating experience, especially for those of you dealing with multiple pets. Getting them all into the trunk of the car can be such a daunting task.

Well, we’re about to give you a huge helping hand.

We’ve delved deep into what makes the best kind of ramp for your dogs (or any other pets including cats) and compiled a top five list below. They include some awesome features that will make your life a lot easier.

All you have to do is decide which one fits your specific needs the best.

Top 5 Best Dog Ramps

1. PetSafe Solvit UltraLite Bi-Fold Pet Ramp – Best For Dogs With Mobility Issues

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The PetSTEP is made to be extremely light at just 10 lbs. However, don’t let its lightweight features fool you… This ramp has a maximum capacity of 150 lb!

This Bi-fold pet ramp is super easy to store and carry around by using its folding feature.
The surfaced is textured with a high-traction material to make it anti-slip. We found this to be awesome for older pets or ones with mobility problems. They don’t have to struggle climbing up the ramp.

Easy-to-use handle makes for convenient carrying. If you’re concerned about the handle suddenly opening, don’t be. There’s a safety release latch that prevents this from happening.
This ramp is fantastic for moving older pets into cars hassle-free.


What We Liked About This

  • The ramp is very light at just 10 lbs which makes it easy to transport
  • It’s very easy to store due to the folding feature
  • High-traction material ensures pets remain stable
  • Maybe a little steep for some pets
  • Traction surface easily damaged by larger pets
  • On the narrow side for some users



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All in all, this is an excellent choice for owners with larger, heavier pets. The ramp can support up to 150 lbs and the high-traction surface means your pet can safely make its way up and down the ramp.

2. PetSafe Solvit Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp – Best For Keeping Dogs Secure

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PetSafe have constructed a very lightweight ramp that only weighs 13 lbs. The light weight construction makes it a great choice for easy transportation.

Despite how light this ramp is, it has a surprisingly impressive maximum weight capacity of over 400 lbs! So, regardless of how big your pet is, you can be assured it will be secure while walking up the ramp.

On the surface, there’s high-traction material. Users have mentioned how this works effectively to ensure your pets don’t slip down the ramp.

To boost the security even more, PetSafe have included raised rails on either side of the ramp. They are high enough to help your pet feel confident in walking up.

You can also adjust the ramp with ease. It can extent from 39”-72” long, making it great for different situations.


What We Liked About This

  • The ramp is easily transportable due to its light weight design
  • Pets of any weight will be secure as the ramp’s maximum capacity is over 400 lbs
  • Raised ramps for increased security
  • Adjustable features
  • Material scratches easily
  • Too narrow for some
  • Not as stable as some would prefer



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People who have heavier pets will appreciate how well this ramp can support them. The anti-slip material is great along with the raised rails that ensure your pet feels safe walking up it.

3. Gen7Pets Natural Step Ramp for Pets – Best For Older & Young Dogs

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The Gen7Pets ramp is the perfect fit for aging pets.

They’ve implemented poly-grass material in the construction of the steps. This allows your dogs to dig their nails in for more grip, without worrying about any damage.

As a result, they feel more secure in their ability to climb the ramp. Furthermore, the fabrics used are all soft, so their paws don’t get scuffed.

The ramp is very lightweight and simple to open and fold back up. So, if you need to be on the move or need to store the ramp away in a small space when it’s not being used, Gen7Pets have you covered.

An automatic latch system ensures the ramp remains closed for no surprise openings. There’s also a handle with a rubber grip to let you carry the ramp around with comfort.

The ramp is 72” long and extremely wide so that pets of all sizes can use it securely.


What We Liked About This

  • Poly-grass material lets pets dig their nails in for easier climbing
  • The lightweight design makes this ramp easy to carry around
  • Rubber grip on the handle makes for superior comfort
  • Excellent long ramp for all kinds of pets at 72”
  • Plastic on frame can become flimsy
  • May be too steep for some pets



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People struggling to find a way to get their pets to go up ramps may have better luck with this one. The poly-grass material allows them to latch on and climb up easier than many other ramps. You can also transport it around with the hassle-free folding system.

4.  Internet’s Best Small Adjustable Pet Ramp – Best For Adjusting To Different Situations

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Pets who need extra support to climb up, either into a car or onto the couch, will love the features of this ramp. And so will you, the owners!

The carpeted material is extra soft for your pet’s paws. It has been specifically designed to prevent animals from slipping while climbing up the ramp. If they slip too often, it knocks their confidence and you’ll have a hard time convincing them to try again.

This pet ramp has been simply constructed, yet it’s strong enough to take a capacity of 175 lbs.

We also loved the adjustable features. You get the options alter it for a total of three different heights. These include 10”, 13”, and 16”

You can fold the ramp all the way down to a compact 2” so that you can easily store it away when it’s not being used



What We Liked About This

  • Your pets will appreciate how soft the material is on their paws
  • The ramp uses anti-slip features, so pets can climb up easily
  • Adjusting the ramp from 10”-16” is great to accommodate different things for your pet to climb on
  • You can fold the ramp all the way down to 2” for effortless storage and transport
  • Steeper than some would prefer
  • Doesn’t reach as high as you may hope for
  • Only suitable for smaller pets with capacity of 175 lbs



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If you have smaller pets who are struggling to climb up ramps, the soft and supportive materials on this one may assure them it’s safe to climb. You can also use this ramp for a variety of heights as the company know that one sized ramp doesn’t fit all situations.

5. Pet Gear Free Standing Ramp for Cats and Dogs – Best For Superior Climbing Support

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Pet Gear’s Free-Standing Ramp incorporates fantastically designed grips that active with pressure. these give pets the chance to properly grip the mat to make for a stable ascension up the ramp.

The supertraX mat used on this ramp helps to protect your pet’s paws from being damaged. You will also be glad to know that it can also easily be removed for washing.

This ramp is very unique in the sense that it has been engineered to stand on it own. It doesn’t need support from a car or furniture like many other pet ramps do.

We noticed there are additional raised legs which work to stabilise the ramp further to prevent slippage.

Even though it supports itself completely, it still somehow managed to take a maximum weight capacity of 200 lbs.

You can take advantage of a simple folding system too. So, you can store it away in its compact size or carry it around.


What We Liked About This

  • The pressure activated grips work great for secure climbing
  • You can keep your pet’s paws intact with the soft supertraX material on top
  • It doesn’t need additional support from furniture or a car to work
  • Easy folding feature that makes for better storage and transport
  • Steeper than some may be expecting
  • Cover may be too slippery for some pets
  • Not stable enough to support large, heavy pets


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If your pet is refusing to walk up other ramps because of the texture, this one may be the ideal choice for you. The soft supertraX material is welcoming. Furthermore, the pressure activated grips are more supportive and give your pet the reassurance that it can climb to the top.


We know how difficult it can be looking after dogs, but these ramps are all designed to help you out and prevent any more stress.

So, now that you know a little more about what features some of the top dog ramps include, you can start to form the best decision on which one to pick for your pets.

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