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What is more helpful to enrich the imaginary power of the kids than a dollhouse? The best dollhouses for toddlers have lots of furniture and dolls, floors and stairs and vehicles in them. Besides, there are also different designs like a family house, town house or castle in the dollhouses. These features really help a kid to play by his own and to imagine.

A kid plunges into imagination by himself, if he gets a dollhouse. If you are planning to give a dollhouse to your kid, then you are giving the best gift to your kid. There is nothing to improve the imaginary power of the kids than a dollhouse.

How to Choose a Dollhouse for Kids

Your kid gets the best entertainment if he/she has a dollhouse. Choosing the best dollhouses for toddlers isn’t an easy task. It is not just going the shop and return with a dollhouse. As dollhouses vary with quality, feature, and age, you should be careful to choose one. Here are the tips to choose a dollhouse.


If you are not buying the best quality dollhouse then you are wasting your money. The best dollhouse is made with best materials. Wooden dollhouse is the best. Check the materials of the furniture and dolls too.


There are different types of dollhouses for the children of different types. The size, color and design differ from age to age. Keep in mind the age of your kid or he/she will get the pleasure that you want to give.


The features are the main elements to make the children happy. The best dollhouses for toddlers must have lots of furnitures, dolls, levels, rooms, and stairs. It should have other features like elevators and lights.


As dollhouse is given to the children to arrange an imaginary world to them, its theme must be matched with the age of the child of yours. There are dollhouses with unique themes like a family house, town house, fire house and castle.


Durability is another important feature you can’t ignore. Kids usually keep their first dollhouse for a long time as a childhood memory. That’s why you must be careful about its durability. Wooden dollhouse is the best for lasting long.

Design and color

Design and color are also very crucial as the right designed dollhouse matched with the age is favorite to the kids. Kids love bright and deep colors. So you must choose the dollhouse having bright colors like red, pink and white.


Great quality dollhouses are always costly. If you don’t have sufficient budget, you should look for the best one within your budget. You can also look for the discount or other especial offers. The last thing is, never buy a dollhouse in a hurry.

4 Best Dollhouses for Toddlers

Want to surprise your kid with the best toddler dollhouse? Yes, you can. But which is the best dollhouses for toddlers? If you are quite confused, then I am suggesting the 5 best dollhouses for your convenience.

Brand: KidKraft

Highlighted Features:

  • 17 pieces of furniture
  • 2 staircases
  • 3 level opening space
  • Windows open and close
  • Multiple children can alongside
  • Strong wooden design

KidKraft brought an amazing dollhouse only for your little boy to give the best entertainment. This adorable dollhouse has total 17 pieces of furniture to make your boy happy. Your boy can plunge into an imaginary world having this dollhouse. There are 2 plastic staircases in it, one is at the 1st floor and the other is on 2nd. 3 levels of opening space give freedom to set the furniture and dolls all by your son.

All the windows open and close so that interior can be seen easily. There is a bath-tub, dining table, a bed, and wardrobe in this dollhouse. All the furniture is movable. Its large size is enough to play with multiple children at the same time. Its wooden frame is quite strong and durable and gives a great shape.

Brand: KidKraft

Highlighted Features:

  • Perfect height and weight
  • Accommodates 12 inch dolls
  • 30 pieces of furniture
  • Large size
  • Attractive design and color
  • Elevator and swimming pool

As the name mentioned Sparkle Mansion, this dollhouse really sparkles with its color and design. This is a complete and one of best dollhouse for 5 year old. There are lots of sections in this dollhouse. 4 levels are enough to keep all 30 pieces of furniture. All the furniture is wood made. Floors are perfect to keep 12-inch dolls. To take furniture to the other floors, there is an elevator in this dollhouse.

There is also stairs on the 2nd floor connected with 3rd floor. Beside the main section, there is a bathroom with bathtub. Under it there is a storage compartment to store stuff. This large sized dollhouse is perfect for multiple children to play at once. Its wooden frame makes it a durable one. There is also a swimming pool in front of this dollhouse. The problem is it needs assembly.

Brand: KidKraft

Highlighted Features:

  • Elevator
  • Composite wood made
  • 14 pieces of furniture
  • Large size
  • Easy assembly
  • Includes a piano and plant
  • Smart design

Your boy’s dream will come true of you give him this dollhouse. Your boy can roam in the imaginary world with its stunning features like 14 pieces of handmade and colorful wooden furniture. It is one of the best wooden dollhouse as all the furniture and the frame is made with composite furniture for durability. It is 36-inch long, 14-inch wide and 47-inch height make it perfect for multiple children to play.

The wooden construction has 2 Victorian inspired patios for durability. There is an elevator to take dolls to the floors. There are piano and a hanging plant on the 2nd and 3rd floor repeatedly. It smart design and color attract the attention of the little boys easily. This dollhouse has step by step assembly instruction for convenience & this is the best dollhouse for 3 year old kids.

Brand: KidKraft

Highlighted Features:

  • Nicely designed
  • 4 levels and staircase
  • Push light button lamp
  • Six rooms
  • 13 colorful furniture
  • Perfectly fits 12-30 inch dolls
  • Wide windows are perfect to see the dolls

KidKraft made another great dollhouse which is perfect for the little boys to play with pleasure. There are 13 different colorful handmade and hand painted furniture in this dollhouse which are movable to any levels of it. As 12-30 inch dolls easily accommodate into it, it regarded one of the best dollhouse for 18 inch dolls. Its push button light gives when it is dark.

There are 4 levels and 6 rooms in this dollhouse and all the furniture and dolls can be set up nicely in it. There is a molded plastic staircase in this dollhouse which connects the top floor with the 2nd floor. Its 4-ft height and durable body made it perfect to play with it for year after years. Windows are wide open to get a clear visibility into the dollhouse. The only drawback of this dollhouse is its 40-pound weight and 4 ft height which require an adult to assemble it.

Brand: Calico Critter

Highlighted Features:

  • Cottage design
  • Full of accessories
  • Educational play
  • Perfect size
  • Lots of furniture
  • Removable floor

A great dollhouse which has an extraordinary cottage design. This dollhouse is the perfect one for critical thinking and to build up the imaginative power of the little kids. This educational play dollhouse strengthens critical thinking power and improves mental faculty of the kids. To play with pleasure, this cozy cottage has over 15 furniture and accessories including bed, table, chairs and kitchen counter.

This red-roofed 2 storied dollhouse has a movable ladder connected with the upstairs. Its floor is movable to use it as front yard. The wooden construction of this dollhouse makes it durable to use for long and keep it year after year as a childhood memory. Its size is perfect for the kids to play with it. It has a very easy and quick assembly to play with ease. All through this best dollhouse for 2 year old baby, but the only problem is some small parts are not intended for kids below 3 years.

Best Dollhouse for Boys

Usually dollhouses are made for the girls. But if you want to give your boy a dollhouse, you can choose one of these 2.

Brand: KidKraft

Highlighted Features:

  • Strong and durable construction
  • Ambulance and helicopter
  • Firefighters and fire truck
  • 22 pieces of furniture
  • Perfect for multiple children

One of the best dollhouse for 4 year old which teaches the little boys about the fire fighting and recuing. There is a silver bell hanging from the front as a fire alarm. There is 22 furnitures like chair, table, and rack. To rescue the victims, it has 3 firefighters and fire truck. There are also a helicopter and an ambulance. The garage is for the ambulance and fire truck and the helipad is for the helicopter.

This dollhouse really helps the kids to be grown up with a dream of becoming a firefighter. Its large size helps multiple children to play with it at once. The whole dollhouse is made of sturdy wooden construction. Its colors and features will surely attract the attention of your little boy. But some users say that this dollhouse is not durable enough.

Brand: Melissa & Doug

Highlighted Features:

  • Stunning castle design
  • Wooden made
  • Great for imaginary play
  • Beautiful king and queen dolls
  • Easy to open and close
  • Drawbridge, dungeon, and handle

If you want your little boy to lose in the imaginary world of king and queen, then this dollhouse will be the most preferable. Its castle type design gives the atmosphere of old times of past. There are a king and a queen. There is a royal bed. 2 knights guard the treasure chest and defend the king and queen with 2 horses. Its wooden made construction made it durable and to keep dolls inside it, it can be opened and closed very easily.

This dollhouse is fully assembled to play by the boys with comfort and that makes it one of the best toddler dollhouse. This 2 storied castle has a dungeon, a sturdy handle for portability and a working drawbridge to make the boys entertained. There are also several rooms, windows, and staircases in this dollhouse. Having all these features, this dollhouse is the perfect one for adventurous pretend play.

Where can I buy dollhouse furniture and dolls?

There are accessories like extra dolls and furniture are available to use with the dollhouse. You can go to the market personally or you can easily buy from amazon.

Final Thoughts

Experts say that dollhouses are the first thing to help the kids imagine on their own after birth. So, if you read this review already, don’t think twice to buy the best dollhouses for toddlers for your little one.

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