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What’s a dress form? In answer, I’ll say it’s a representation of the human body, made of strong material and foam material as external.  Normally, using a soft material as the exterior is to make it easy to pin garments.

Usually, these three-dimensional models are used for fitting clothing and sewing. Sometimes, it is also used for displaying dress. When making a dress, you can put the dress on the dress form and can observe the fit and drape of the garment.

Types of Dress Form

Basically, there are two types of dress forms; one is adjustable dress forms which is very effective for sewing. These dress forms provide adjusting option for height, neck, bust, back waist length, waist, and hips etc. Adjustable wheels and auto-set dials help to adjust and make measurements for your dress.

And the other one is used for display. These types of dress form are stylized and fabricated versions of the real human form very helpful for displaying clothes. Typically, they attract shoppers’ eyes and compelled to imagine them how the dress would look like in real and can’t help trying it.

Today, you will be introduced to one of the best adjustable and display dress forms.

1. Dritz Sew You Dress Form – Best for  Sewing Dress

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As an adjustable dress form, this mannequin has achieved a great standard, not only for its well-design but also for adaptability. Though it is good for small dresses, provides you the option to personalize the form to match your body measurements. So, make your measurements and get a perfect dress.

Personalize It in Your Own Way

A perfect dress making somewhat depends on a perfect measuring.  For this reason, this dress form offers you 9 smooth adjustment wheels to increase or decrease the size of wheels the neck, bust, back waist length, waist, and hips. Withal, 2 auto-set dials (at bust and waist) are very useful to line up the measurement.

Moreover, using the adjustable neck with pin cushion, you can practically fit the dress on the mannequin and can get the perfect size of the neck. Its height adjusting option is very helpful for matching up the dress with the height.

Besides that, Dritz provides a pin hem marker, help you to sew the border and give your dress a perfect finishing. Using nylon cover as exterior helps much for pinning and marking. And, as interior opal green foam give the mannequin body a realistic form.


  • Very easy to assemble
  • Lightweight design
  • Ahem guide
  • Low-priced


  • Hard to pin
  • Thin padding

Price and More Details

2. Giantex Female Mannequin Torso Dress Form Display W/ Black Tripod Stand – Best for Display

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Giantex mannequins are very renowned for displaying clothes in a cute and classy manner. Especially, this high-quality and beautiful black female torso mannequin is great for display. Although it is best for display, you can use it for your designing as well.

Durable & Easy To Carry

This mannequin is made of Styrofoam which is reliable enough for displaying your dresses. There is a stand can be attached to the bottom tripod base, made of painted pine wood and very durable provides a good lifespan to the dress form. The stand helps to support the whole mannequin and tripod base keeps the mannequin steady. Moreover, there is a knob on the stand which can be used for adjusting height.

Following the hardware and assembly instruction, you can easily attach the mannequin torso to the tripod stand and set up. You may think that the mannequin is heavy as it is a solid construction. But the surprising fact is, it is very much lightweight and convenient for you to move it.

As a result, you can place the dress form in anywhere such as by a window or door and on a counter or tiered display shelf. Besides, these mannequins have come with different beautiful patterns help to gather attraction of customers’ eye on your display costume.


  • Easy to Move
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Easy To Keep It Clean & Tidy
  • Excellent Quality
  • Excellent price


  • Stand Is Uneven & Wobbles

Price and More Details

3. Only Mannequins Female Dress Form – Best for Display

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Just like before, this dress form presented by Only Mannequins is another excellent choice for you as a display model. This white dress mannequin has got an elegant look with standard torso height and also helpful to work for basic sewing.

Excellent For Displaying

The actual torso is made of fiberglass and is covered with material and foam. The thin foam layer is very helpful for pinning into the material around the form. This mannequin is really praiseworthy for its design, usefulness, and stability.

Furthermore, you can adjust the height very and will perfectly fit with your dress. Adjustable Tripod with Stand made of black wooden gives the support to the mannequin. Moreover, you have the option to display slacks with the added technique underneath the torso by screwing the stand to the side. You can also screw it in the middle for skirts.

Moreover, this white female dress form is very light to carry and you can easily move this around. This convenient dress form will also help you plan your outfits for the day. As can be seen, for adjusting your dress, this dress form will finely suit with your tops, shirts, and skirts.


  • Easy to Assemble
  • Lovely Display
  • High Quality
  • Reasonable Price


  • Complaints of Smell
  • Wooden Base is Less-Durable

Price and More Details

4. Fabulous Dress Form System – Best for  Sewing Torso

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It is a great fact that all your dress will perfectly fit with this fabulous dress form system. You can easily adjust your dress and make it ready for sewing.

Make It Ready for Sewing

The interchangeable realistic contoured pads and 2 stretch covers (with princess lines) are very adjustable with women of all shapes and sizes. As a result, you can measure each area of the bust line, waistline, hips, and thighs on the dress form and get any dress form.

With the help of interchanging the foam pads, you can copy any measurements and shape possible by matching each area of body. And another excellent matter is the soft pads giving a Life-Like touch and you can also stretch it to adapt to any dress form.

Moreover, this dress form provides 100% pinnable pads make your dress form adjustable. For this reason, this mannequin is a practical solution for making patterns and sewing clothes. So, choose this fabulous dress form system, get the perfect size and make an excellent dress.


  • Awesome For Sewing
  • Very Adjustable
  • Good Price


  • Not Very Durable

Price and More Details

5. SINGER DF251 Adjustable Dress Form – Best for Professional Dressmaker

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As a dressmaker, this fully adjustable dress form by Singer will become your sewing companion. It is perfect for pattern adjustments and gives you an opportunity to do creative work with fabrics.

A  Sewing Companion

13 key adjustments & twelve dials give you dress a precise fit as well as help you measure the dress form’s body. The option of change settings at the neck for smooth collars and necklines is very helpful. There is an adjustable height can be easily customized to your desired heights.

Moreover, a pin cushion with a key holder is given to store and retrieve your pins. Providing a piece’s adjustable allows you to use it on a wide variety of fastener sizes. There is also a removable 360-degree hem guide helps to mark hems with pins.

As the mannequin’s exterior, a foam-backed fabric has been used for easy pinning with a four-leg stable metal base. This dress form is well-made, very easy to work and can spin it around.

Altogether, this sewing mannequin will improve and advance your sewing skills and makes you a professional dressmaker. So make your adjustments before cutting, then alternate and then again adjust and get the best fittings for your dress.


  • Easy To Assemble & Use
  • Very Effective for Sewing
  • Durable Enough


  • Dials Are Hard To Turn

Price and More Details

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The presence of a dress form in a sewing room is very necessary for a dressmaker. In fact, it’s a must for any professional dressmaker. Owing one makes it easy for one to perfectly fit their designed clothing onto a human form.

Furthermore, a dress form is very useful not only for displaying clothes but also for sewing dress. The best part of the dress forms is that you can examine and modify the body dimensions and get the perfect work. These dress forms are durable and easy to assemble and carry. Besides that, they are made in such a nice way that they look very appealing when displaying dress.

With this in mind, you can pursue a dress form from any of them and make a nice perfect dress.

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