Best Earbuds for Motorcycle

Sometimes it becomes impossible for you to keep in touch with others while riding. For a bike rider, it is very hard to answer and reject call during a ride. Moreover, this can be dangerous. For these reasons, bikers are introduced with the best earbuds on the market. These earbuds remove the problem of mobile communication. Moreover, these earbuds gifts us some fantastic additional features such as

  • Music System
  • Bluetooth System
  • Motorcycle Intercom
  • Hands-Free Function
  • Waterproof and Dustproof
  • Multitasking Technology
  • FM Radio Function
  • GPS Directions

>> These features make riding safer for bike riders as well as maintain an easy communication. Furthermore, music lovers can have great experience of music while driving. It also allows you to ride with a group of companions. Bluetooth system gives you the ability to share music and also gives you GPS direction which saves much of your time.

Overall, it can be said these earbuds helmets is very helpful for users and users can enjoy a pleasant ride.

#1 Freedconn Motorcycle Helmet Communication Systems Bluetooth Headset

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(Best for Music and Swift Communication)

Travel without music can’t be flawless.Therefore, for you as a music lover, it wouldn’t be illogical to choose FreedConn T-COMVB Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset.Moreover, its AUDIO MULTITASKING TECHNOLOGY gives you automatic switching between music and calls and provides easier navigation.Like other motorcycle earbuds, it presents a hands-free system and speedy installation and operation.


DPS echo cancellation improves voice quality and noise suppression removes background noise.As a result, you can have a clear communication despite having heavy traffic.Likewise, for a better music experience HiFi speaker (HSP: Headset Profile) will do the rest through its Crystal Clear audio technology.

Furthermore, this technology gives you not only a crystal clear sound but also giving you a stereo music while driving at a high speed.


Tired of receiving calls during riding, reduces lots because of the Audio Multitasking technology it owns which saves time by allowing you to listen to music and answering calls or the voice prompt of GPS navigations at the same time. Besides, Automatic Switching among mobile phone call, intercom and stereo music gives you an easygoing riding.

Some Attractive Features

  • Supports a good intercom distance(maximum 800m) and works at high speed(up to 120km/h).As a result, you can have an enjoyable team ride pairing with your other two buddies and also intercom between two.
  • The FM Radio function is a nice extra, as you can have stereo music, news, and traffic information while riding.
  • Hands-Free function (HFP: Hands-Free Profile) gives you a steady and secure driving.
  • Its Waterproof system permits you driving in a showery weather.
  • It gives you an easy installation as well as easy operation and you can connect with Bluetooth Mobile phone/Interphone/GPS/ MPS by Wireless Bluetooth system.

Overall, it will be not a mistake to purchase this product as not only for its attractive features but also reasonable for buying. It offers one of best motorcycle earbuds for music-lover.

Weight and Dimension

This item weight is 10.4 ounces and the dimensions are 3.2 x 1.2 x 1 inches.


Please contact the seller directly for warranty information. You may also find information about the warranty on manufacturer’s website.

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#2 Sena SMH10D-11 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset / Intercom with Universal Microphone

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(Best for Group Riding)

Want to have a group riding with your buddies, Sena SMH10D-11 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset will be a good choice.Firstly, Sharing Music, and Conversation facility helps to keep in touch with your riders.Secondly, Bluetooth 3.0 technology creates a coordinate intercom conversation in four-way and can arrange conference phone call with your buddies.


The purpose of releasing The SMH10 Motorcycle Intercom and Headset was to keep riders connected to companions over longer ranges (up to 900m).As a result, you can keep a good communication with your buddies.


Advanced Noise Control technology cancels out surface noise for both incoming and outgoing audio.The SMH10 handovers crystal-clear, natural sound, done with the Stereo Bluetooth 3.0 headset which gives you an improved sound quality in noisy environments.

Some Fascinating Features

  • Universal Microphone Kits make it easy for you to record audio vocals as well as grants you pairing with other brands of Bluetooth headsets.
  • You can catch some moment by using Ultra HD Voice Recording compatible with the Sena GP10 Bluetooth Back for GoPro and Sena Prism Bluetooth Action Camera.
  • Besides, you can have a clear conversation audio with the help of the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) which maintains a good transfer of audio signals between the devices. Furthermore, Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) gives you a total control on media playback.
  • SMH10 battery is made of Lithium polymer battery. Consequently, you can expect a good battery life with a couple of hours talk time (Up to 12 hours) and 10 days of standby time on a single charge. Besides, you can use it while charging on road trips
  • You can separately increase or decrease the volume of voice, music, and intercom through the Jog Dial feature. You can make some personal profiles can listen to by saving different volume levels.
  • All in all, you can thank Sena SMH10D, easy-to-access and simple button operations, superb Bluetooth headset with a reliable hands-free technology makes the SMH10 a perfect companion for motorcycles.

Overall, the Sena SMH10D-11 motorcycle intercom is so far one of the best and surprisingly reasonably priced devices of the Sena company. Motorist mates who demand a splendid Bluetooth headset with a reliable hands-free technology can be suggested this device.

Weight and Dimension

This item weight is 2 pounds and the dimensions are 11.4 x 6.9 x 3.7 inches.


The SMH10D-11 offers peace of mind in your purchase with a 2-year warranty against workmanship defects. See the warranty card in your product packaging for full details.

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#3 Sena 20S-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth 4.1 Communication System

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(Best for Group Riding)

Overworked, feeling exhausted, a bike tour with your buddies helps you a lot, especially, when you have Sena 20S.It gives you the chance of riding with your buddies with a total of eight bikers.


The Sena 20S Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System helps to keep up communication with up to eight of your buddies, hence gives you enjoyable ride, in crystal-clear HD audio, up to 2.0 km (1.2 miles) away.


Sometimes you become tired of pairing Bluetooth, that can be shortened to a great extent (within 20 sec Shaking) by a  draw seeker function of Sena 20S Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset, namely, Motion Sensor saves time by Bluetooth pairing facility.


  • If you are fond music, ready to be impressed, The Sena 20S sounds HD-quality audio that’s clear, proper, and satisfying in every condition. Sena’s Advanced Noise Control assure ambient noise doesn’t conflict with incoming and outgoing audio.
  • Bored doing multitasks, Sena 20S Audio Multitasking helps you to concentrate on the most important task, as a result, you can enrich your ride with interweaving audio sources.
  • The Sena 20S App (for Android or iPhone) helps you to stay linked up with your 20S Bluetooth motorcycle communication system.What is more, using this app you can configure device settings, set groups of intercom friends, and access a Quick Guide
  • Bluetooth Audio Recording gives you the facility of a wireless multi-track recording setup for HD video, along with the mic from your headset and the intercom audio.
  • In short, The 20s is the top of the range model of Sena, that is great either for short trips or weekend breakout.This is an undoubtedly rear product with great technology and very active.

Weight and Dimension

This item weight is 2.08 ounces and the dimensions are 3.7 x 1 x 1.9 inches.


Please contact the seller directly for warranty information. You may also find information about the warranty on manufacturer’s website.

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#4 Cardo scala rider Q3 Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset and Bike-to-Bike Communication System

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(Best for Group Riding)

Are you crazy about riding?Would be great if can ride with buddies, you will be delighted with the fact that Scala Rider Q3 was created to enhance group riding.Music Sharing feature provides you to listen to the same great tunes during group riding.

Bike-to-Bike Intercom

The Scala Rider Q3 is perfect for small group riding with 4-way fastening communication at a range of 1km.Q3 intercom system is furthermore upgraded by Dual Bluetooth Channels and therefore, the dual hands-free profile facility favors riders.

Music Sharing

It has Music Sharing system which permits you and your buddies listening to the same tunes and Bluetooth technology helps to connect to the device to your mobile or MP3 or GPS.

Some Tempting Facts

  • Interchangeable hybrid and corded microphones are included, which allows you record moments.
  • The Rider Q3 intercom system comes with fixed audio priorities such as navigation device, A2DP stereo Bluetooth audio, FM radio, and auxiliary or wired connection,  hence make your riding enjoyable.
  • Click-to-Link feature which is an appreciable technology of Cardo Scala that allows you being connected without pairing.
  • Self-adjusting speaker skips your work and operates according to ambient noise.
  • The Scala Rider Q3 motorcycle intercom system is waterproof and dustproof.Therefore, a perfect headset while you are on a long trip.
  • Entirely, The Scala Rider Q3 will be a good choice while you are in a hangout.Buyable for you, so you can purchase it for having a pleasant journey.

Weight and Dimension

This item weight is 2.24 ounces and the dimensions are 10 x 8 x 3.5 inches.


Please contact the seller directly for warranty information. You may also find information about the warranty on manufacturer’s website.

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#5 LEXIN LX-B2 MotoFõn BT Interphone

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(Best for Hands-Free Communications )

If you need an easily accessible communication, you can choose LEXIN LX-B2 MotoFõn BT, purchasable at a handsome price.

Hands-Free Communications

The Lexin Lx-B2 headset allows making hands-free phone calls, enjoy music, listen to wireless GPS navigation, and can communicate with other passengers.

New Interchangeable Microphone

If you prefer flip-face convertible helmets, then it gives you a Boom Microphone provides a loud, deep, resonant sound.On the contrary, if you think full-face helmets fit you then you can use a Button Microphone.

Some Draw Seeker Facts

  • It has a Waterproof design which helps you to ride in all weather conditions.
  • If you like speedy driving, you will feel satisfied with LEXIN LX-B2 MotoFõn BT as works well for a good speed (up to 120 kph).
  • Gives you a great battery, Lithium-ion battery which enlarges your talk time (up to eight hours)

Overall, this headset rocks for phone and music. Using this, you can enjoy louder music as having Good speakers with a louder sound producing headset, riding with earplugs shorten background noise.You can have without trouble making calls, and the controls are really easy to use for music while riding.Moreover, you can pair with your buddies easily and quickly. As primary use for commuting and listening to music, this will be easier for you to use.

Weight and Dimension

This item weight is 11.2 ounces and the dimensions are 8.9 x 6.1 x 2.3 inches.


Please contact the seller directly for warranty information. You may also find information about the warranty on manufacturer’s website.

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As shown above, all the products-

>> Allow you to make hands-free phone calls, communicate with others, sharing music even sometimes listening to same music while riding.

>> Support Bluetooth headsets that help you to enable music player, GPS device and can also pair with your several devices.

>> Include a noise controller that can decrease background sound, gives you a quality sound and makes listening to music more wonderful.

>> Own waterproof system which is very helpful for you to ride in a rough weather.

>> Work at a high speed and can cover an ideal distance.

>> Have a good battery life, well satisfying for you which presents you a beautiful riding experience.

These products are so comfortable for using and give some unforgettable moment for riders. Product features are attractive and appreciative and bring enthusiasm to bike riders. In future, there will be more inviting features which will enlarge the quality of the respective products.

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