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Are you looking for a fishing rod carrier for your next adventure?

Fishing Rods Carrier Is Important:

Fishing has been a hobby of mine since I was a kid. When I was small I used to go fishing with my dad and I learned a lot about fishing and fishing gear when I was only a boy. One thing I always saw my dad do was that he used to keep his fishing rods in fishing rods carrier. He spent a huge deal on his fishing gear and took care of them pretty well too.

When I grew up I started taking fishing more seriously and I don’t know if it was an addiction of mine but I started buying and collecting lots of fishing rods. And trust me these fishing rods and other gear was really expensive. So as I learned from my dad to take care of fishing rods I bought and used a lot of carrier. Not only did they keep my fishing rods safe and secure but they also helped me to carry them while traveling. However,that does not mean that all the fishing rods carrier that I used were top quality. Most of them had many problems associated with them and didn’t give me such a good experience.

Care For Your Gear:

There is a weird thing that I notice nowadays. Most young people fishing today don’t take care of their fishing rods or fishing gear. This really surprises me. No matter how expensive or inexpensive your fishing rods are you should care for them. I always had a special kind of relationship with my fishing rods. Which is why I used the best fishing rod carriers to keep them safe and scratch free.

The Best In The Market:

I have been fishing more than ten years now. And throughout these ten years, I have learned a lot. Especially about fishing and fishing gear. So I decided to share my knowledge with everyone else out there. If you are reading this article chances are that you are someone who is interested in fishing. And you are looking for the best fishing rods carrier out there.

Well,buying the best one can be a bit confusing of a task. Because there are so many brands and types of fishing rods carrier out there it may be a bit of a hassle. But don’t worry. With the knowledge and experience that I have, I will do my best to let you know about the two best fishing rod cases out there.I have used these carriers myself and can ensure you that they are the best in the market. Over this article I will be talking to you about these products and why they are the best in the market. So without further delay. Let’s get into it.

Top Rated Fishing Rods Carrier

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1. Plano Airliner Telescoping Rod Case – Best for Portability

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Don’t get confused by the name. This is no equipement for aeroplanes or anything. The Airliner Telescoping Rod Case is made in the USA and has unique three-tier design. The design extends up to 88″ and collapses to 47″. It is 5″ in diameter and easily stores up to 8 seven-foot rods. Collapsed down it extends out to 88 inches, which makes it long enough to safely secure 7′ fishing poles. The 5 inch diameter is wide enough to neatly stuff in about 8 fishing rods. The build of the fishing rod case is amazing. It is very durable and feels rigid and strong.

It also does a great job storing the rod cases. They are also a delight to travel with. The first time I travelled with these I was a bit skeptical. I wasn’t sure if my rods were going to survive the plane trip. When I got to my destination and opened the case right there in the airport. I was relieved to see my rods were fine. The case protected the rods and no damage to the case. The locks that come with the case worked very well also.

Overall I would say this is a great fishing rod carrier and probably one of the best fishing rod carriers out there. However,there are some pros and cons that you need to know before you go for your purchase.


  • Comes with padding on both ends.
  • Superb build quality.
  • Provides great rod protection.
  • Can hold up to 6 rods.
  • Value for money product.
  • The rotating handle has very sharp edges which can cut your fingers.
  • The locking mechanism is very difficult to use.
  • May seem to be a bit bulky for some people.

2. Maxcatch Carbon Fiber Rod Tube(Case)– Best for Build Quality

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Growing up my father always taught me one thing. And that was to be old school. He told me that sticking to your roots and staying classic throughout your life is the ultimate goal. And as I grew up I tried to follow that in my life. I always loved things that looked old school and classy.

And if you are also someone like me who likes classy and simple things you are gonna love the Maxcatch Carbon Fiber Rod Tube(Case). This fishing rods carrier is so elegant and nice looking that it is very hard to resist.

This fishing rods carrier is made of carbon fiber rod tubes and does a great job in keeping your rods safe and secure. If you are always worrying about your rod carrier getting lost then don’t be. The oversized, anodized aluminum cap features a custom ID area for the angler’s contact information and rod type so that you can write your name. This rod case is perfect for a 9′ 4-piece fly rod or shorter. Measure the longest section of your fly rod to make sure it does not exceed 29 1/3″. The one thing that I like the most about this is the carry strap attached to it. It really makes it easy to hold your case.


  • Super lightweight.
  • Made of high-quality carbon.
  • The size may be too small for some people.
  • Build quality is not as rigid as the Plano Airliner.

3. Sougayilang Portable Waterproof Double-layer Camo Fishing Rod Bag Carrier – Best for Professionals

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We all love things that come in camo colors. Especially if you are a traveler or fisherman. Because the color of your gear surely plays a very crucial role. Nonetheless, if you are willing to get a fishing rods carrier and want something that is a bit more aesthetic and appealing then the Sougayilang Portable Waterproof Double-layer Camo Fishing Rod Bag Carrier can be your perfect choice.

Starting off, the bag is made of a very high-quality canvas material. It is waterproof, which is really essential because it will make sure that your rods and reels are always safe and secured. The material that is used to make the shoe is made of two layers. Giving you extra durability. The Desert Camouflage looks really nice and suits the overall bag. The main compartment of this bag is pretty huge. Measuring approximately at 120 * 15cm / 47.25* 6inches. Which is more than you will ever need for your fishing gear. In addition, the front compartment is approx. 60 * 11cm / 23.6 * 4.3in; 30 * 11cm / 11.8 * 4.3in. So you sure will be getting good space for your reels and other gear as well.

Overall, this is an excellent fishing rod carrier. You really cannot go wrong with this. It is durable, has lots of space and looks good. What else could you possibly want from a fishing rod carrier?


  • Very well made.
  • Waterproof.
  • Looks and feels good in hand.
  • Can be also used as a multi-purpose bag.
  • Has loads of space.
  • The zippers are a bit flimsy.

4. Berkley Vertical Rod Rack  – Best for Value

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If you are in the market for a budget rod case then the Berkley Vertical Rod Rack would be the one to go for. However, do not think that because it is priced low, the overall quality is not good. Because it is very well made. With the the Berkley Vertical Rod Rack you can keep it in your storeroom for a long time and when you take it out it will perform like new. A unique thing about the Berkley Vertical Rod Rack is that it comes in a vertical version, as well as a horizontal version. Making way to suit your needs accordingly.

The Berkley Vertical Rod Rack has the capability to store up to 6 rods at once. Making it the ideal solution for trips and tours. Your rods will stay safe and secure at all times thanks to the grip pads. Despite having so much good grip, this case is immensely lightweight. Because of its plastic build. You will be able to get out a lot from these, as it is Corrosion proof. Providing long-lasting use.


  • Value for money.
  • Lightweight,
  • Minimal.
  • Can hold up to 6 rods.
  • Made of sturdy plastic.
  • The foam component isn’t very durable.


To wrap things up these are the most quality made  best fishing rods carrier out there. With a value for money price tag and a great build you can’t find many alternative for these. Hope you enjoy your next fishing trip.

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