Best Kitchen Knives – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Roughly one-third of Americans say they regularly cook and eat at home. Some do it because it is healthier and cheaper. Some say cooking is a passion

of theirs. What about you? Are you regularly cooking meals or unsure where to start? It can be overwhelming deciding how what utensils are really needed. One of your first steps must be searching for the best kitchen knives to meet your needs. This is because you will likely start doing a lot of chopping and dicing to prepare those yummy meals!

Ready to elevate your cooking to the next level? Read below to learn about the eight best kitchen knives to have for cooking!

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8 Best Kitchen Knives 2020

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1Classic Chef’s Knife
2Santoku Knife
3Paring Knife
4Sandwich Knife
5Carving Knife
6Bread Knife
7Boning or Fillet Knife

1. Classic Chef’s Knife

Classic Chef’s Knifechef’s knife should be one of your first purchases. You can use this knife for many tasks such as chopping vegetables and slicing meats.

Blades of these knives can range from six to twelve inches. Most common is around eight inches. Don’t shy away from the longer blades. These allow for more leverage and control.

Be sure to hold a few knives to make sure the one you buy feels comfortable in your hands. Remember this knife will be one you reach for frequently to do most of your daily cutting.



2. Santoku Knife

Santoku Knifesantoku knife is a Japanese-style knife that sometimes is used in place of a traditional chef’s knife. Santoku translates to “three uses” representing the three primary functions. slicing, dicing, and mincing.

Differing from the chef’s knife blade being curved, a santoku knife has a straight, flat cutting edge on the blade. This means it will not rock on a cutting surface as many people are used to. This change may take some time getting used to.

These knives are also usually shorter, lighter, and thinner than chef’s knives. Most of these knives with have a Granton edge, or small divots meant to prevent food from sticking to the knife during the cutting process.

As with a regular chef’s knife, a santoku knife is best suited for dealing with meat and vegetables.



3. Paring Knife

Paring KnifeWe all likely have used many paring knives during our life. These blades are usually three or four inches long. This length is perfect for cutting smaller items like strawberries.

A paring knife is also one of the best kitchen knives to use for peeling things like apples and potatoes. You can also use this knife to core items.

Paring knives are also helpful for other detail work like deveining shrimp or removing seeds from a jalapeno.

Paring knives are viewed as one of the essential knives to have in your kitchen. They are meant to serve similar purposes to a chef’s knife, but just be smaller.



4. Utility Knife or “Sandwich Knife

Utility Knife or “Sandwich Knife”People tend to reach for a chef or pairing knife before this one, but a utility knife can be helpful to have as another option.

The blade on this knife is usually about six inches and thinner than the blade found on a chef’s knife. This knife can be great for cutting fruit or slicing meat for deli sandwiches.


5. Carving Knife

Carving Knife

Carving knife blades are long, usually around fifteen inches. These knives are helpful in slicing thin pieces of meat. You likely see these most at holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.



6. Bread Knife

Bread Knife

bread knife is one of the best kitchen knives to have, especially if you love bread! These knives are usually eight or nine inches and will have a serrated edge.

This serrated edge is very helpful in cutting through thick bread crusts. And while it is called a bread knife, a serrated knife can be very helpful in cutting other food items.

Fruits and vegetables with a waxy skin like tomatoes and watermelon are easier to cut when using this type of knife. Peppers and citrus fruit like lemons and limes can also be nicely sliced using a serrated bread knife.

One thing to keep in mind about these knives is that they can be difficult to sharpen. Serrated knives typically require a special type of equipment in order to sharpen their edges.


7. Boning or Fillet Knife

Boning or Fillet Knife

boning or fillet knife can be between five and seven inches. The blades are very thin and flexible and usually come to a very sharp point.

These knives are designed to remove both skin and bone. They are mostly used with fish, poultry, and meat and can come in two different styles.

One that is more flexible is best suited for fish or chicken. A boning knife with a more rigid blade is better when dealing with meat.

If you love to prepare fish at home, a boning knife is one of the best kitchen knives for you to own!



8. Cleaver Knife


cleaver is a large knife that can have different shapes, but most frequently looks like a large rectangle. This knife is commonly seen in butcher shops because it can cut through bone.

For example, a cleaver can be great when cooking chicken. Using a cleaver will allow you to cut through the bird’s bones and separate the ribs.

While a cleaver is most used to cut through bones, it can also be used to cut hard vegetables such as squash. This helps avoid bending a thinner knife. Cleavers can also be helpful in smashing garlic to use.



Some Final Tips for Finding the Best Kitchen Knives

Keep in mind many of these knives including the chef and carving knife can have straight edges or have Granton edges. This means there is a row of hollow divots on the bottom of the knife to prevent food buildup.

Beyond these eight great knives, you should consider investing in a method for keeping your knives sharp. Using honing steel can make a huge difference in the longevity of your knives.

It is best to sharpen your knives after every use. Keeping blades sharp prevent injuries. This is because dull knives are more likely to slip and cut your hand or fingers.

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