Best Microphone for YouTube Vlogging

Vlogging is wildly popular these days. It is now pursued as a viable career option. There are so many vloggers like Lilly Singh, Roman Atwood, Ryan Higa, etc. who have become multimillionaire and international superstar after vlogging. Pursuing vlogging as a career comes with a bunch of inherent benefits like freedom to work anytime, anywhere and you can do whatever you like.

That’s one of the reasons why every passing day more and more people are starting vlogging. To start a vlog, all you need is an excellent microphone, a great vlogging camera, a good idea and a decent video editing software. Most of the amateur vloggers would focus entirely on finding the best vlogging camera and in this process, they forget about finding a good microphone for their vlog. And that’s a huge mistake.

Audio quality of your videos is even more important than the video itself. If your audio quality is not the absolute best, your viewers won’t enjoy your content; even if you are recording the video at 4k with a super high end mirrorless camera. If you are going to start a vlog, then having a good quality microphone is a must, it will totally take your audio game to the next level. So in this guide, I want to break down the absolute best microphone for YouTube vlogging.

Why Built-in Microphones Suck

99.999% of the popular vloggers never use their built-in microphone, regardless of how expensive and high quality their camera is. Most of the vlogging cameras are made for consumers and not for vloggers or video makers in general. And hence they have microphones which are meant for consumers and not content creators.

Most of these cameras have omnidirectional type of microphones. Which basically means that these microphones will capture all the sounds in the environment. In conjunction with your own voice, it will also capture the noise of wind and all the background noises always. This is what makes it a really bad option for our vlogging channel.

If you listen to any of the popular vloggers then you will notice one thing in common – Excellent audio quality. I guess it is now becoming a basic standard on YouTube to have the absolute best in terms of audio, it should be clear and crisp with negligible noises. The built-in microphones have no comparison with the external microphones, it can come nowhere near the quality of an external microphone.

What Type of Microphone is Best for Vlogging?

The best type of external microphone for vlogging is the unidirectional type of microphones. If you go with an omnidirectional type of microphone, it will capture every little noise in the background. It will capture all noises in your background including the birds chirping, vehicles passing, kids screaming, etc. All these noises will degrade your overall audio quality.

While on the other hand the unidirectional type of microphone will only record audio from one side and it will mostly only pickup your voice. The overall sound quality will be crisp, clear and precise with this type of microphone. For vlogging the best type of microphone for vlogging is the Cardioid type. They are unidirectional and record only the audio field directly in front of the microphone.
The two most common style of microphone used for vlogging are:

1. Lavalier Microphone

It is a very small type of microphone, which you can attach to your clothes. It is an omnidirectional type of microphone, but still it’s recommended for vloggers. You can clip this near on your collar and as you are directly speaking in the microphone it will supress most of the background noises. If you don’t like using a heavy microphone or unable to carry that external microphone that using a Lavalier microphone is a really good choice for you.

2. Shotgun Microphone

It is a unidirectional type of microphone. It only captures the sound from the front end and cancels all the noise from the other directions. Most of the popular vloggers are using this kind of microphone attached with their DSLR. The sound quality is really good, it’s crisp and clear. And you can also record audio from long distance.

3 Best LAVALIER Microphones for Vlogging

RankProductEditor's RatingPrice
1Neewer Lavalier Microphone
2Miracle Lavalier Microphone
3Movo Lavalier Microphone

3 Best Lavalier Microphones for Vlogging

-In Detail-

1. Neewer Lavalier Microphone

Microphone Overview

This is one of the best cheap clip on microphones. This is an omnidirectional type of microphone. It is a really good mic for vloggers who are just starting out. It has a 3.5mm jack, which enables you to connect it with most of the devices you already own like your computer, laptop, smartphone, etc. You can simply connect it with the device and start recording it’s as simple as that.

Neewer Lavalier Microphone In Detail:

The main purpose of these type of “Lapel” microphones is to record wirelessly. You can attach the microphone to your smartphone and record wirelessly. You can totally use this microphone for vlogging all day. It would be really good if your camera has an external microphone jack, so that you can directly use this microphone with your camera. Otherwise you will have to record the audio separately with the help of your smartphone or some other device and then sync it with your video every time.

The build quality of this microphone is fairly decent, considering the price it’s fair. If you take good care of it and don’t use it in an abruptly rough way then it will definitely last for a very long time. It has a 2-meter-long cable. It’s good to have a fairly long cable to be able to attach the clip on your collar and still have the room to move the device around a little bit.

The audio quality from this microphone is not that bad. You get a crisp and somewhat clear audio. Though it’s very sensitive and you will hear the noise of your breaths and even if you move the microphone a little bit, it will pick that up. Still the overall sound quality considering the price is really good. For vloggers, it’s a good option to start their vlog and at a later stage you can upgrade to a higher quality microphone.

  • Portable
  • Cheap
  • 2 meter long cable
  • Works across all devices with a 3.5mm jack
  • Only fairly decent build quality
  • Audio quality is ok but not amazing
  • Very sensitive microphone

Overall, it’s a good option for vloggers who are just starting out. You can record the audio on the go without having to invest heavily in a high-end microphone. As it is compatible across all devices and the build quality is also pretty good. You can give this microphone a try to start your vlogging channel.

2. Miracle Lavalier Microphone

Image result for Miracle Lavalier Microphone

Microphone Overview

This is another one of the best cheap Lavalier microphones out there. This is also an omnidirectional microphone which means it will record all sounds in the surrounding. But as most of the time vloggers are going to use this microphone very near to their mouth, it will supress all the surrounding noises and mostly pickup your voice only.

Miracle Lavalier Microphone In Detail:

The overall sound quality of this microphone is fairly decent, good for starters. But if you are an established vlogger or serious about vlogging then consider getting a shotgun microphone. The audio quality here is fairly good but not that good in comparison with the shotgun microphone’s. These types of mics are more sensitive and will pick up the noise even if you touch the mic a little bit, so you need to take care of that while recording audio through this microphone.

But when compared to the Neewer mic, the audio quality is really good here. The sound is a lot more clear and crisp. Though the price of this mic is a little bit more, but still the difference in quality is really there.

It has a 1.5m long cable, you won’t have any problem as far as the cable is concerned. You will be able to easily attach the mic to your collar and still have enough room to move around. You can connect this microphone to all the devices which has a 3.5mm jack like your iPad, iPhone, Mac computer, Windows computer, laptop, etc. It is compatible across all different kinds of operating systems.

The build quality of the microphone is fairly decent. You can’t expect super high build quality at this price range. But still overall, it’s quite solid and will last a long time if handled with care. When compared to the Neewer mic, the build quality of this mic is far better. To protect your mic further it comes with a case. It’s quite rare to get a travelling case at this price range. It’s just a plus point in my opinion.

One of the main advantages of choosing Miracle Sound can be it’s 100% money back guarantee. If you for any reason don’t like the product, you are eligible to get the full refund.

  • Good build quality
  • Fairly decent audio quality
  • Inexpensive
  • Compatible across all devices and operating systems
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Deluxe case
  • Sensitive microphone
  • Not as inexpensive as the Newer microphone

Overall, it’s a lot more stable and sturdy in comparison with the Neewer microphone. It will last you longer and also the sound quality is a lot better. It has a 1.5m long cable, it’s compatible across all devices, the build and audio quality is fairly good and it comes with a 100% money back guarantee. You are getting this amazing package under $20, I don’t think so you can go wrong with this choice especially if you are just starting out as a vlogger.

3. Movo Lavalier Microphone

Microphone Overview

This is also a really good choice for vloggers who are just starting out and looking for a good quality microphone. It’s omnidirectional, so it will pick up all the sounds of the surroundings. But if you speak directly in to the mic at a close distance, it will only pick up your voice.

Movo Lavalier Microphone In Detail:

It comes with a 1.5m long cable, so you won’t have to worry about running out of cable. It is compatible across all devices amongst all type of operating systems. The build quality of this microphone is fairly good. It’s almost the same level as the Sound Miracle, but still a lot better than the Neewer. It comes with 2 clips, 2 wind muffs and a carrying case.

The addon clips are necessary as over a period of time, either the clips will break or you may lose them. The wind muffs will help you in decreasing the effect of wind on your sound quality, though it will not drastically improve your sound quality.

The carrying case is a must especially for these types of little products. If you don’t take care of it properly, it will easily break. So, you can always put the mic in the carrying case and stop worrying about it.

The sound quality is fairly good. The sound is clear, crisp and precise. Though it’s not that good when compared to the shotgun microphones. But when compared to the Neewer mic you can really notice the difference.

  • Good build quality
  • Good sound quality
  • 1.5m long cable
  • Compatible across all devices
  • Comes with a carrying case, 2 clips and 2 wind muffs
  • Very sensitive microphone

Overall, it’s a good option for vloggers who are going to create a lot of videos indoors in their studio or a setup. Because using this type of microphone outdoors is not a good idea, as is omnidirectional it will pick up a lot of background noises. And if you record in a closed environment it will not reflect that much.

3 Best SHOTGUN Microphones for Vlogging

RankProductEditor's RatingPrice
1Rodes VMDR Shotgun Microphone
2Sennheiser MKE Shotgun Microphone
3Rodes SVE Shotgun Microphone

3 Best Shotgun Microphones for Vlogging

-In Detail-

1. Rodes VMDR Shotgun Microphone

Microphone Overview

Shotgun microphones are used by most of the popular vloggers all around the world. The audio quality of shotgun microphones is really good as compared to the Lavalier microphones as they are unidirectional rather than omnidirectional.

Rodes VMDR Shotgun Microphone In Detail:

The Rode VideoMic Pro is a shotgun microphone which you can mount on your DSLR if it supports an external microphone. It has a broadcast quality condenser which has a cardioid pickup pattern. The overall sound quality of this microphone is really good. And as it’s very portable, the weight of this microphone is just 85 grams; you can easily mount this on your DSLR and vlog all day. Your outdoor vlogs will sound really good when recorded with this microphone.

It has an incredible battery life of seventy hours. This is a huge advantage of this microphone, as you won’t have to worry about battery life when doing outdoor shoots. It’s powered by a 9-volt Alkaline battery. You can keep a couple of 9 volt alkaline batteries with you to be on the safer side while shooting outdoors, and these batteries are dirt cheap.

When shooting vlogs, we always recommend a camera with a really good image stabilization system. Because most of the time you are going to create vlogs while walking or moving, and your vlogs will look shaky if your camera doesn’t have a good image stabilization system. The same goes with the microphone, if your microphone doesn’t have a good shocking mount, the audio won’t be of good quality. Here you are getting an integrated shocking mount, to protect your audio from getting jiggling.

The build quality of this mic is really good. It is made out of heavy duty plastic and looks quite solid. It will last you for a very long time if handled properly. It comes with an integrated windshield. The windshield helps you in protecting your audio against wind when you are shooting outdoors. With the help of the windshield the audio will be clearer and noise free.

  • Integrated shocking mount
  • Integrated windshield
  • Long battery life
  • Light weight
  • Good build quality
  • Hard to switch batteries

It is a really good microphone for vloggers who have a DSLR, like Casey Neistat for example. The audio quality is incredible just as the build quality. It has an integrated shocking mount and a windshield. The battery life is marvellous too. On the flip, it’s quite hard to change batteries, though it’s not that big of a deal. If you are going to do a lot of vlogging outdoors, then this is a really good choice for you.


2. Sennheiser MKE Shotgun Microphone

Microphone Overview

This is one of the best shotgun microphones for vloggers. It has a rugged all metal housing. The build quality of this microphone is one of its most prominent features. It feels very solid, sturdy and premium as it’s made out of metal rather than plastic. The overall sound quality of this microphone is amazing, it’s clear and the reproduction of noise is very good.

Sennheiser MKE Shotgun Microphone In Detail:

It has an integrated shock mount to help you in rejecting the handling and the camera noises in your main audio. When you record audio with a microphone on top of the camera it will definitely pick up your voice but along with that it will also pick up the noises your camera makes when you adjust the lens or press a button, it will also pick up the noises which gets created when you move with the microphone. But with the help of a shock mount all these noises gets rejected and only your voice is captured.

It has a very long battery life of about 300 hours. It is powered only one AAA battery. It is huge advantage for most of the vloggers, as you literally don’t have to worry about charging your microphone for at least a month. You can go on outdoor shoots without worrying about battery life. And you can also carry a couple of extra batteries with you to be on the safer side.

It comes with a foam windshield, which helps you in rejecting the wind noise. When you are shooting outdoors, wind can be a huge foe. Your audio will sound very bad and it will spoil your video in the end. But with the help of a windshield you can reverse this situation and create really crisp and clear audio even when shooting outdoors.

It is a very portable and lightweight. If you are going to vlog on a daily basis, it’s recommended to have a very lightweight shooting rig. The camera and the mic both should be lightweight and portable, so that you can vlog all day without getting tired.

  • Metal housing
  • Shock mount
  • Long battery life – 300 hours
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Windshield falls off easily

Overall this is a really solid microphone for daily vloggers. It’s lightweight, has an extremely long battery life, amazing audio quality, solid build quality and a comes with a shock mount and a windshield. Just as a flip screen camera is essential for great vlogging, so is a vlogging microphone like this one that includes such essential add-ons like a windshield.


3. Rodes SVE Shotgun Microphone

Image result for Rode SVE Shotgun Microphone

It is a Shotgun microphone by Rode. It is made out of rugged cast aluminium providing it a really good build quality and sturdiness. If you are going to vlog in rough environments, then you are in for a treat. The audio quality is good, it provides the broadcast quality sound. The sound is clear, crisp and super precise. It is a stereo microphone with a super cardioid polar pattern. It will pick up the sound from the front and sides of the microphone while giving you a really good rear rejection.

Rodes SVE Shotgun Microphone In Detail:

The battery life of this camera is around 100 hours and it is powered by a 9-volt battery. As far as battery life is concerned you won’t have any problem with it. It will last you for almost a month and you can always carry a couple of extra batteries with you as these are very cheap.

It has an integrated windshield, in-build shock mounting system and comes with a windscreen. All these features combined provides you that amazing crystal clear audio quality. It does a great job of rejecting background noises while at the same it doesn’t sacrifice the main audio at all. Overall providing you a really good sound quality.

It comes with a standard Rode 10-year warranty. It’s just great to have a long-term warranty. And this clearly shows that immense confidence of the company in their product. It is very portable in nature and easily mounts on the top of your camera.

While on the flip side it does not feature a battery life indicator. Though, it’s not a deal breaker. But still you would not have any idea of the battery life this microphone. To be on the safer side you should always carry a couple of batteries with you as you won’t have any idea when the battery is going to die.

  • Cast aluminium body
  • Stereo microphone
  • Good rear rejection
  • Super cardioid pattern
  • 100-hours battery life
  • Integrated windshield
  • Integrated shock mount
  • Comes with a windscreen
  • 10-year warranty
  • No battery life indicator

Overall, it is one of the best shotgun microphones for vloggers. It has incredible sound quality, solid build, long battery life and integrated shock mount and windscreen. It comes with a 10-year warranty as well. You won’t find a better combination at this price range. If you are a daily vlogger or going to shoot a lot of videos outdoors, this is one of the best options for you.



This concludes our review of the top microphones for vlogging. Having an external microphone in your vlogging rig is extremely important. If you are serious about your vlogging career then you shouldn’t think twice in investing a good quality microphone. Because no matter how great your story is, how great your video is, how great the lighting, how great you are acting; if the audio is not good everything else just won’t light up. And on the other hand, if the audio quality is really good it will lift up your whole video.

There are all sorts of microphones for different types of vloggers. If you are going to shoot a lot of vlogs outdoors then you should go for a Shotgun microphone and if you are going to shoot a lot of vlogs indoor then you can choose a good Lavalier microphone. We have listed here the best of the best “bang for your buck” microphones which can be used by both amateur and advanced vloggers all around the world.

Most of the people who want to start a vlog, would spend so much time on getting the best vlogging camera as per their requirements and taste. But most of the vloggers pay negligible attention to the audio aspect of their vlogs and it’s a big mistake. So, we highly recommend you to choose a good vlogging camera along with a good microphone to create really good high quality vlogs.

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