Best Off Road Go Kart

Are you interested in having fun off-road with go-karts?

Well, you’re in the right place. We’re about to take a look at the five best off-road go karts available. We have delved deep into the research and provided you with all the details you should know before committing to a purchase. These products manily suites kids and teenagers and comes in a affordable price options.

Riding around on an off-road go-kart can be tons of fun, but only if you get the right one.

Take a look below to learn more!

Top 5 Best Off-Road Kart

1. Razor Dune Buggy – Best for Easy Storage – Electric Go Cart

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Cheapest one on our list, Operating this dune buggy is super easy with the trigger throttle that lets you accelerate at speeds of up to 9 mph. A rear disk braking feature means you can simply pull the handbrake and come to a safe stop.

Razor has turned the classic Dune Buggy into a modern toy for kids. It’s powered by a 350W electric motor. We liked how it has pneumatic tires that are 8” in size. This makes riding over rocky terrain feel incredibly smooth.

The durability of this dune buggy is awesome. This is largely due to the frame that has been constructed out of tubular steel. A bucket-shaped seat makes the ride extra comfy and the floorboards are made with diamond plates. There are two 12v comes with it which power the electric motor.

It can also support a maximum weight of up to 120 lbs and has a top speed of 9mph.

Furthermore, we were impressed by the space-saving design. While this buggy is very lightweight, it can also be folded. Therefore, when you’re done with the buggy, simply fold it up and store it away vertically, hassle-free.

And this is the only go cart that comes with a electric motor on our list.

What We Liked About This

  • Battery charges quickly
  • Strong tubular steel frame for durability
  • Folding design for hassle-free storage
  • 8” tires for smooth riding
  • Some find the steering is a little too sharp and harsh


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The Razor Dune Buggy is made for kids and they will have tons of fun using it. All the controls are easy to use and ensure that children remain safe while riding. It’s extremely durable and can be folded away for easier storage once the kids are done playing with it.

2. Coleman Powersports 196cc/6.5HP KT196 Off-Road Go Kart – Best for Riding With Speed

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Coleman Powersports’ Off-Road Go Kart is powered by a 196cc engine. This runs the 4 stroke OHV cylinder and can give you an incredible top speed of 31 mph.

We instantly loved the simple pull-start system that lets you get out riding within seconds. There is a pinion and rack steering system that allows you to hit those sharp turns with more precision. You can also feel safe about stopping as there are hydraulic disk brakes built-in.

This off-road go kart can take a maximum weight capacity of 400 lbs, which is impressive! Heavy duty tires and an extremely robust roll cage mean that this go kart is constructed to take years of beatings. It can be fun for the family as there are two seats available.

It also operates on an automatic system. Therefore, it’s very easy to get a hold of and start having fun for both adults and kids.

What We Liked About This

  • Top speeds of 31 mph make for fun riding experiences
  • Durable construction means it will last for years
  • The roll cage is an awesome safety feature
  • State patrol must inspect the kart if you’re riding off private property which is an added cost
  • Quite small, so not recommended for adults.



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This off-road go kart by Coleman Powersports can be fantastic fun for kids and adults. There are two seats if you want to monitor how well children are managing the controls. It’s powered by a 196cc engine and has thick tires, which provides plenty of power to rip around rocky terrain smoothly.

3. KANDI 110cc Go Kart KD-110GKG-2 – Best for Night Time Riding

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This go kart by KANDI is powered by a 110CC engine. The automatic system means you can hop on and start learning to ride off-road easily. Starting up the kart is also very simple by using the remote start feature.

The 4-stroke engine and single cylinder provide enough speed to have fun off-road. To be more specific, you can hit a maximum speed of 25 mph. There are two seats that let you experience the fun ride with someone beside you.

As a safety precaution, it comes with a remote kill switch which turns off the engine immediately in the case of an accident. There’s also a hydraulic disc brake feature which makes braking effective and increases the safety of your rides.

We also liked how there are two headlights, turning signals, and a brake light. This lets anyone behind you know what you’re planning to do, which is especially helpful if you’re riding at night.

What We Liked About This

  • The 110cc powered engine lets you reach speeds of 25 mph for enjoyable rides
  • The headlights comes equipped with turning signal features which are an excellent safety addition
  • Automatic system and 2 seats make it great for kids to have fun
  • At 331 lbs, it’s pretty heavy!
  • Too small for some



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KANDI has put together an awesome off-road go kart that kids will love. It may be a little too small for adults, but there are two seats for children to have fun together. The safety features are also fantastic! Not to mention, it’s incredibly easy to control with the automatic function.

4. TRAILMASTER XRX-R 200cc Mid Size – Best for Easy Start-Up Options

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We were impressed by the size of the engine and max speeds it has to offer. It’s powered by a 200cc engine that can let you ride with speeds of up to 31 mph. The power of this kart is effective at taking you up inclines of up to 12%, which adds to the whole riding experience. You also have the option to reverse which is always good to keep in mind.

There are a couple different ways to turn the kart on. The first one being the easiest with the electric start. However, if that causes issues, you can use the pull start system to get riding.

The frame is made out of tubular steel which is incredibly durable. Furthermore, there’s a roll cage and side rails that increase the over safety of the kart. Coming to a stop can be done quickly and safely with the hydraulic disk brakes too.

There are high backseats that can be adjusted to ensure each individual can ride comfortably.

What We Liked About This

  • 200cc engine gives you max speeds of 31 mph and ability to ride up inclines
  • Electric and pull start options available
  • Tubular steel material makes for a durable construction
  • Assembly can be time consuming



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Trailmaster has created a powerful off-road go kart that’s perfect for kids and teenagers. The durable construction and safety features can give you a peace of mind. Not to mention, travelling off-road with speeds of over 30 mph can be great fun.

5. Coleman Powersports KT100 Off-Road Go-Kart – Best for Safe Riding

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With a 98cc engine, you’ll find you can get a surprising amount of fun out of this go kart by Coleman Powersports. Starting the engine is super easy with the pull start system. There’s a braking system that uses hydraulics and is operated by your feet for hassle-free stoppages.

The pressure of the tires has been made to be purposefully low. This ensures that you’re able to ride over rough terrain while feeling completely stable.

We loved the safety features. The four-point safety harness and bolstered seat mean you feel extremely secure while riding. Furthermore, there’s a roll cage that has been padded to keep you safe in the incident of rolling over. A kill switch also makes cutting out the power during an accident simple.

The 13-gauge tubular materials used to construct this off-road go kart is incredibly robust. It’s built to take a hammering after riding around on harsh terrain.

What We Liked About This

  • Awesome safety features with the roll cage and four-point safety harness
  • 13-tubular construction for improved durability
  • Easy pull start system to get riding with no problems
  • No reverse options available
  • Maximum weight capacity of 150 lbs – not great for adults


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With the smaller 98cc engine and max weight capacity of 150 lbs, this go kart is definitely one for the kids. It provides them with plenty of speed to have fun, but not so much to be a danger. Parents can also feel confident that their children will remain safe with the roll cage and secure harness.


So, those five off-road go karts look pretty awesome. It’s a good idea to keep in mind the primary reason you’re looking to purchase one of these karts.

Is it for a younger child?

Is it for adults who want to have fun?

Maybe it’s not so exclusive and you would like the one that’s suitable for both adults and children.

Regardless, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the karts above. We hope that our review has provided some valuable insights into some of the best off-road go karts and helped you make the best decision possible.

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