Best Pocket AM/FM Radio Reviews

There is no doubt that we are living in the future. Technology is proving us a lot and improving daily to serve the best luxury and comforts. Now among the all fancy gadgets that we have today, there is something that we should appreciate that was one of the most significant innovations of the humankind.

Yes, that is the radio, a simple but quite useful technology that changes the whole process we transfer information from one side of the world to another. We do have the more improved version of this technology now although the importance of a portable radio is still there. Because of its simple use and easy control, people still buy and regularly use it for various purposes.

So if are in a mood to look for the best portable radio to carry with you on the road trip or entertain you while you go for camping, let me introduce you my find of top 10 best portable radio available in the market you can buy right now.

Best Portable Radio Reviews 2020 (Pocket AM/FM Radios)

A vintage looking radio that serves well in all situation. There is both FM and AM channel available on this radio. Frequency range is AM: 530-1710kHz FM: 87.6-108MHz.

The 3.5mm headphone jack will take any standard smartphone headphone or external speakers. There is no need for a headphone adapter. The headphone jack is located under the volume knob. But it only provides one ear (Mono Sound), but it shouldn’t be an issue if you don’t use stereo. Also, there are nice features where the speaker is deactivated when an earphone is connected.

This modern radio can be operated both in AC 120v as well as DC6V. So if you are out in the jungle or have no power sources available, then this radio will come handy. You can just carry a few spare AA batteries, and this radio will go for ages.

According to the manufacturer, four AA batteries will last up to 80 hours of radio playback. The AC cord can be stored in the side compartment when not in use.

A built-in LED indicator is a bonus so you can tune precisely even in the dark environment.

The 3 5/8” (92mm) speaker produce a range of sound varies from high to low frequencies. Although it is a mono speaker, it is fine for basic use.

It weighs around 1lb 14oz (848g) with 4 batteries. So it can be considered a light, portable gadget. Also, it’s ultra-compact design makes it easily fit into shirt or jacket pocket.


  • Very little power consumption, batteries last for weeks
  • AC power support
  • Simple controls
  • Outstanding reception
  • Great sound comparing the price


  • Bit larger than expected
  • Build quality could be better
  • Tuning to the right channel needs extra care

A small compact in size radio with a convenient carry strap for portability. This radio also supports both AM and FM channels.

It is very simple and basic in design. There are just two tuning and volume knob at the front. Also, there is a three position switch which is used to switch between the AM and FM functions.

There is a headphone jack which supports standard 3.5mm headphone. The headphone plug supports mono sound only, so an one ear headphone will be idle for this radio.

The radio does not have any AC connection cord. So the only way you can use this compact radio is by using a pair of D cells battery. I cannot call this a problem as these batteries last a decent amount of time.

Because of it’s compact and portable size, it weighs only between 1 and 2 pounds. Which is considerably light comparing other portable radio in the market. It comes with a ferrite bar telescopic swivel antenna that can be adjusted to get even more reception.

It comes with a cheap looking plastic strap, but you will probably end up not using much because the radio is compact enough to grab hold of and carry in your hands or pocket.

It is of course not the best in build quality. But considering it is cheap to buy and works well I would not worry too much. It is fun and easy to use and portable enough to hide in your pocket while traveling.


  • Very easy to use
  • Quite loud considering the compact size
  • Very well portable and compact
  • Works with long lasting D cells batteries
  • Reasonable price


  • The strap is useless. Better not use it.
  • No AC connection, so have to rely on batteries only
  • Not very well made product.

A quality made product from a well known and aged company called Sangean. This cute little radio is capable of providing an impressive performance. This is truly a portable radio being small in size at only 6.54” long and standing 4.26” tall. It weighs only 12.5 ounces.  This radio is available is 4 different color, which is unique and attractive. Those awesome color options give you a bit more flexibility to choose from.

This radio can run on AC power although the power adapter is not included. But it can also power up with 4 AA batteries(Not included) which give you complete freedom of using this at anywhere you want. The battery last for days

There is a small LED display where you can see the status of the radio and change all the settings. The LED screen also comes with backlight. So there is no issue when using at night.  There are some buttons located at the front of the radio, which help to change the setting and functions of the radio.

The US version of the radio tunes FM: 88-108MHz and AM: 522-1710KHz which is considered a wide range. Some other useful features include built-in alarm clock, snooze option, adjustable sleep timer, Autotuner, battery level indicator.

It also has a button to lock the other button to prevent inadvertent button press.

This tiny radio performance well regarding radio playback in the various channel. You can save up to 10 radio stations with a touch of a button. It comes with a built-in antenna, which provides a good range and clear reception.

This PR-D18 radio can be used as an alarm clock which you can just place it side of the bed. You can set multiple alarms, and it gives you the flexibility to set to AM/FM radio or Humane Wake-up system (HWS) buzzer system to wake you up from morning sleep, which increases the volume gradually.

It does not do too bad in sound quality. The small speaker is loud enough to satisfy you. The radio will ensure clarity and bass punch in this light and compact body. One of the best features of this Sangean radio is having a headphone jack with stereo support. Which is great, because you can just use you latest headphone and get the super quality crunchy sound from this device.


  • Attractive design
  • Backlight LED display
  • Loud sound
  • Stereo headphone plug
  • Very lightweight


  • No AC cord/adapter included
  • No knob to control volume. Only buttons
  • Power hungry (Although it depends on which battery you use)

This is one of the best selling product from Sony.  It is simply a touch screen radio, which is super-compact and quite comfortable to use on a daily basis. It weighs only 1.1 pounds so carrying it in your pocket is no issue at all. Also, the simple and compact looking design helps with the usability and functionality.

This radio combines with HX technology, which provides excellent reception from a wide range of AM and FM stations. This also ensures clarity on sound as well as excellent stereo output through the headphone plug.

This superb radio runs on a lithium battery which provides almost 45 hours of use. So it is truly a brilliant regarding power consumption.

This radio is ideal for people who like to carry their radio most of the time. It serves excellently in all aspect. Some of the highlighted use is having 12 stations pre-set memory, and equpped with 16GB memory for music storage.

It also supports stereo headphones, which can be purchased with the kit, or you can use your own. The front of the radio holds a few big buttons, which is quickly accessible and easy to navigate. This Sony Walkman portable radio comes with built in digital clock as well as a battery indicator, which helps you to quickly check the battery condition before you head out.

The bluetooth connectivity will let you connect to varieties of accessories like bluetooth headphones and other car accessories. 


  • Very compact in size
  • Comes with
     touch screen display
  • Use lithium battery which provides long battery life
  • Low price comparing other high resolution audio device
  • 16 GB memory build in with memory card support


  • No headphone included
  • Music center software is pretty basic

5. Crane CC Pocket AM/FM and NOAA Weather Radio with Clock

This radio is very popular and considered to be a great device. It is a Walkman-style radio, so initially, it was intended to be used with earbuds. But there is a small speaker which is convenient to get the news updates when needed.

This radio includes dual AM mode also NOAA weather alert, which allows you to set the radio to alert you when an alert message is issued by the weather department. This life-saving features could be a lifesaver when needed. The AM-FM performance with local stations is clear and supports a wide range of frequencies.

There is five one-touch memory presets for quick tuning. The controls are very easy to navigate. There is a small LCD backlight display so it can be used in dark.

The size of this radio is super compact weighing only 4 ounces. So you can just hide it in your pocket when you go traveling.

It runs on 2 x AA batteries and the batteries last a decent amount of time. According to some user, it lasts around 80 hours with headphone. I would recommend having extra care with the battery door as it might break easily.

There is also a clock and sleep timer built in. The LCD panel shows the battery strength, time or radio station as well as reception strength.


  • Simple easy to use design
  • Quick tuning
  • Great audio performance
  • LED backlight
  • Built in clock and sleep timer


  • Internal speaker is not that great
  • No way to connect an external antenna

6. Sony SRF- 59 AM/FM Radio Walkman

Another compact, inexpensive quality portable radio by Sony. This is very well made radio, which offers brilliant performance. If you are into sports or music than this little device can keep you busy for hours.

You can take it anywhere. Thanks to this compact design and lightweight construction weighing only 12.8 ounces. It comes with a belt clip so you can just tie to your belt and forget about it. It delivers a great listening pleasure.

This radio runs only on a single AA battery which is great because if you are heading for a camp or in a situation where power connection is hard to find then you can just carry some spare batteries, and you will still be able to get yourself entertained.

It comes with a quality headphone which is not the best in class but remembers. You can just get another headphone if you like or just your smartphone’s headphone.

The design is quite attractive. There is tuning knob on the side which can be used to tune in stations quickly and easily. Lacking the AC connection feature helps to make this product inexpensive and compact.

The belt clip is sturdy enough to grip in your belt and lets you wear this Walkman device during activities.

There is two colors choice available. You can either get a black or a silver addition. Both of the colors will suit your needs.


  • Low price
  • Lightweight
  • Quality made and simple design
  • Belt clip is useful


  • Tuning is analog so that no stations can be saved
  • No built-in speaker
  • Tuning to a particular stations is tricky (No fine-tune mechanism)

7. Panasonic RF-2400 AM/FM Radio

Panasonic has been one of the leading manufacturers of electronic gadgets for ages. I had to include at least one of their top of line portable radio. This particular model radio is very functional and compact. It also comes with a few basic useful features.

There is big dial panel on the side of the radio for easy tuning to AM/FM stations. Also, there is a 4” dynamic speaker for crystal clear audio. It also supports a headphone which is not included. But it is 3.5mm plug so almost any headphones nowadays can be used.

The radio can be operated on both AC connection and battery power. The 110v AC power cord is included. Otherwise, 4 AA batteries are needed to power this up.

It is not the smallest in my list, but it weighs comfortable about 3 pounds. It comes with a handle so transporting is easy.

This Panasonic radio is very well constructed. It has a silver metal net on the front speaker, which gives it an old school look. Overall the design is very practical therefore very easy to use. The big dial on the front is useful when changing radio stations.

The radio frequency is not bad and provides outstanding performance. Audio sounds full range on AM and FM. The 4” loudspeaker is one of the highlighted features of this particular radio. If you are looking for a plain AM/FM radio with basic functionality, then this is it. It works great and easy to use with great reception.


  • Basic Design
  • Loudspeaker
  • AC/DC operation
  • Inexpensive
  • Simple Operation


  • Weak antenna
  • Could have better sound quality

8. Sony ICFP26 Portable AM/FM Radio

I am bringing a lot of Sony Products in this list. That’s because Sony is one of the best brands on the market who we trust and Sony makes the best pocket radio. Also, Sony produces quality tech devices which serve in a various platform. So, on this ICFP26 Sony did the same. The have built a compact and slim AM/FM radio which is perfect to carry anywhere. This radio is quite cheap in price but has a few quality features to impress you.

This Sony Radio is only 5.9 ounces (Approx 190g with batteries) and under 6 inches long. So it is considerably lighter and slimmer than most of the other radios. It has a built-in speaker that delivers excellent sound at least enough to keep you entertained while you travel.

Otherwise get a headphone then you are ready to go because it has a standard headphone plug.

This radio runs on 2 x AA batteries which are convenient. Because of this batteries so easy to find and last pretty well. There are a LED tuning indicator and a LED battery status indicator which tells you the remaining life of battery.

Overall this nifty product is great. You can use rechargeable batteries. And having the stereo features enables you to use stereo headphones so you can hear it in both ears.

The FM antenna is 14” long, which extend the range of FM signals. It performance well on AM channels too. This radio is ideal if you are far from the radio tower.

Well, a few is lacking of the features like no preset buttons or no Bluetooth connection and AC power support. Because this radio is so inexpensive, I wouldn’t worry about those at all. You get what you pay for, and this gadget is capable of serving to your needs.


  • Very Cheap
  • Longer range, good reception
  • AA battery powered
  • Easy to tune
  • Built-in speaker


  • Comes with a hand strap, no belt clip
  • No AC connection
  • No preset buttons

9. Jenson CD-490 Sports Stereo CD Player with AM/FM Radio

This stylish and portable Audio device is one of the biggest in size on my list and off course this is not a pocket sized device. I wanted to include this one because the features you will get for the price is a steal. This unit comes with a top loading CD player as well as AM/FM radio capabilities.

The top loading CD player is CD-R/RW compatible. The are even more on audio department. It has headphone and auxiliary input jack so you can play your favorite music straight from your MP3 player and iPod.

As you can see, design wise Jenson did an amazing job. They have several colors available which are beautiful. Personally, I like the red and black combo because it looks elegant and very stylish. The two nice big speaker makes the radio quite attractive.

Jenson CD-490 weighs around 3.4 pounds which is not too bad. Heavier weight helps to increase life and can contain bigger radio parts.

The headphone jack supports stereo so any high-quality headphone can be used. Also, the speakers play decent quality sound. There is no deep base although it gets better if you have a good reception.

There is a strong carry handle on top of the radio. It works very well when carrying. It is ideal for a workshop or your bedroom. Otherwise, you can take it when you go traveling.  The radio is well constructed and durable. So there is a less chance of damaging this device

The control of the radio is very simple. There is hardly any digital control so it makes a great plug and play gadget for technologically challenged people. Just connect the radio to AC power then start enjoying your favorite music.

It is surprisingly cheap. But this radio is designed to be straightforward and easy to use on daily basis. So if you are not in the market for those big fancy radios with Bluetooth, WiFi etc then go for this one. Size could be a matter but as I said there is plenty other radio I have mentioned here that was designed to fit in your pocket.

But this one is more indoor type portable radio which provides excellent audio experience.


  • Surprisingly cheap
  • Easy to carry
  • Well made and durable
  • Runs on both AC power and batteries


  • May not last for a long time
  • No remote control
  • Not for a high music lover

10. ZoeeTree S1 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

This is a portable Bluetooth speaker/radio with a lot of other features. The elegant compact design and easy operation make this speaker one of the best in this list.

The best thing I would say about this one is the price and the sound quality. It is quite cheap, but in features, it delivers excellent performance. Its powerful 9W speaker delivers a full-spectrum audio at any listening level. There is also a built-in Mixinno F class digital high-performance amplifier enhances the audio experiences even further.

The speaker also comes with Bluetooth, SD card, USB support and 12 Hour playback time which is latest and help you to play music from almost any other devices you want.

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This powerful speaker/radio powered by a removable and rechargeable 18650-lithium battery. The battery will last approx. 12 hours on medium use.  Also if you plug this into wall outlet via the USB connection, it will work even without the battery.

It has a very simple control, just a few buttons at the top. It can be used to change music or auto-tune the radio stations. FM radio channel picks up nicely. But you may plug an AUX cable into the 3,5mm headphone plug to strengthen the reception.

It weighs around 11 oz. It is well constructed and has a plastic coating on it. But it does not claim to be waterproof. Although it can be used outdoor with no problem. You can buy this in two very attractive color- Black and red.


  • A winner for the price
  • Packed with the latest technology like NFC, Bluetooth
  • Quick charging


  • Not waterproof
  • Perform well as an external speaker than a radio

That was our top find for the most popular portables radio in the market. We have done extensive research to put together this list. I hope by now you managed to pick the best portable AM-FM radio for yourself. 

Happy Shopping.

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