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When your baby is an infant or less than 1 year old, baby diaper is used to potty work and it holds all the poops and pees in it. But with the grown age of your baby, you need to reduce the use of diaper and teach your baby how to potty. As this baby age is the foundation of future, your baby needs to learn the perfect way to potty. The Potty chair is the best to teach your baby to potty as the general potty commodes are for the adults and the babies will find difficulty to use them. These baby Potty Seats are placed on the normal adult toilets. A baby can easily do his potty by sitting on it. Important thing is babies enjoy the potty time as these potty seats easily fit with them. Most of the baby potty seats are made with plastic and they are colorfully made for baby’s enjoyment.


I know you are busy person & don’t have enough time to read whole reviews! Don’t worry, just take a look our picked 3 best potty training seat which categorized by Top Pick (Best in feature & service), Editor choice (What we like to buy) & Best value (cheap price but good service). So, here is our top picked 3 best potty training seat for you.


Of many different kinds of Potty training seats, here are the 5 best potty training seat.

Brand: Cozy Greens

  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Simple use
  • Extra comfort
  • Slip resistant
  • Easy cleaning
  • Stylish design

Pros & Cons: To teach your kids to use an adult toilet this one will be a smart choice. Its nice design catches the attention of your kid. Its comfortable seat gives maximum softness and comfort and also slip free to hold your baby firmly on the seat. This Potty seat easily attaches with any average adult toilets. Firm gripping of this seat increases confident to your baby to potty on his own. Its plastic body is very strong and durable. For storing it easily, its weight is very light and with this light weight it can easily be carried to any place too. To make you comfortable, it enables a simple and quick cleaning. Usable it for a long period of time, it provides a lifetime guarantee.


Brand: Dreambaby

  • Highest comfort
  • Seat made with cushion
  • Flexible, durable and anti-slip
  • Uncommon design
  • Very easy cleaning
  • Portable
  • Fits with normal toilets

Pros & Cons: If you want your baby to potty with best comfort, then this one is you are looking for because this Potty seat has a soft cushioned seat which gives maximum comfort. This seat is extra soft and durable too. Most importantly this seat is very flexible which does not slip while your baby is on it which meets the safety demand. The design of this Potty seat is very unique and easily suits with any sizes of normal toilets. The shape of this seat is ideal for the kids, which gives extra grip to them to potty and they feel secure on it. Its perfect shape is also matches with any sizes and any ages of kids. Cleaning is the most troublesome task for a potty seat. But with this one, cleaning is very easy and quick. It is very light in weight which enables a easy portability of it. With an easy use this plastic made seat is also perfect for traveling. The splash guard of this potty seat is very helpful not to spread pees and poops out of the toilet. Cons- Some user claim that it is does not suit with normal toilets.


Brand: Mayfair

  • Perfect for children and adults
  • Ideal for potty training
  • Cover to maintain hygiene
  • Wooden seat for adults
  • Plastic ring for kids
  • Removal seat
  • Easy cleaning and use

Pros & Cons: A nice looking potty seat with nice white color to enrich the beauty of your toilet. A unique potty seat which can be used for both children and adults as it has dual parts in it. The white wooden seat is for the adults and the plastic made ring seat is for the kids. The seat of the kid is slip free which gives a better grip to the kids with no chance of moving while the kids on it. Great thing is the seat can be easily removed after use by the help of the hinges of it. The seat gives delight as it is very comfortable. To train your kid to potty this is the ideal potty seat. To maintain hygiene, it also provides a cover when it is not in use. With a very easy use this potty seat can be close silently and slowly only just using a finger. The installation and the un-installation are very simple and swift. Both wood and plastic made it durable, strong and long lasting. For its low weight, it allows an easy transportation. To save your precious time this potty seat provides a quick and easy cleaning to you. Cons – Users complain that, this potty chair lacks the quality of water resistance.


Brand: Mommy’s Helper

  • Easy storing
  • Slip free handles
  • Comfortable and soft seat
  • Slip proof floor pad
  • Easy use and safety maintained
  • Quick assemble

Pros & Cons: Looking for a sturdy and smart potty seat for your baby?? Go for this one because this potty seat meets the demand of durability and effectiveness of a potty seat. With ladder looking shape this potty seat is perfect for all the babies of any sizes and ages. Babies can enjoy their time on it because it provides an extra soft cushioned seat which is very comfortable and prevents from any kind of slip. Its slip free quality enables highest quality gripping of the baby. It looks bigger than the other potty seats but very easy to assemble without any help of any kind of tools. Like the easy assembling, it is also very swift and simple to fold and store too. It includes floor pads which are non slip and provides a safe ascending and descending to the toilet. The 2 handles of this seat are also very strong and slip resistant. This potty seat fits with all standard sized toilets and any sizes of babies can use it freely. The light weight of this seat allows you to carry it with ease. Having all these qualities this potty seat looks really very nice and increases the beauty of your toilet. Cons: Some customers claim, it is fragile and does not suit with all the standard toilets.


Potty seats are used not only for the potty work of babies but also to train them how to do potty. In this case the Potty seats play a vital role. For your baby’s benefit and easy potty there are many kinds of Potty Seats. Different seat has its different feature and benefits and also disadvantages too.

Traditional Potty Seats: Traditional Potty Seats are to be placed on a general toilet. These seats are small and very easy to set. Adults can easily remove it when they need to use the toilet.

Plastic Potty Seat: These Potty Seats are made with a single piece of plastic. These plastic seats are very easy to clean and set up. As plastic is little hard to sit, these seats help the kids to accustom with hard surfaces before using the regular toilets.

Cushion Potty Seat: If your kid feels uncomfortable on the plastic potty seat, you can try this one. This seat provides a soft cushion pillow for the comfort of your baby’s bottom. This cushion pillow is removable to clean. Cleaning these seats is quite difficult.

2 in 1 Potty Seat: This seat is also usable with a general toilet. The advantage of this seat is it has a seat and a step stool to climbing to the toilet by your baby. The handles of it give a firm support to your baby. This seat is perfect for the toddlers. This seat takes more space to store and quite difficult to remove after using from the toilet.


To train your baby to potty there are no alternatives to potty Seats. But they have some disadvantages too.


  •  Perfect for baby seating.
  • Portable and easily carried to any place.
  • Plastic made but strong and durable.
  • Babies can sit comfortably.
  • No need for assistance. Babies can sit and potty on their own.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Tall toddlers can use too.


  • Need to train your baby to use general toilets still after using the potty seat.
  • After every time use it needs to be cleaned.
  • Plastic seat is quite hard for babies.
  • Needs to remove after every time use.
  • Chance to fall down and needs your help to sit down.


There are some important features which are very important before using a Potty seat. These features help you to pick best potty training seat to be perfect for the baby, to use easily and to last long.

Seat: Traditional potty seats are mainly removal seats which have to be placed on the top of the normal toilets and removed after using. Most of the potty seats are made with plastic.

Seat attachments: There are some attachments which are found with a potty seat. One of them is Suction Cups which holds the seat with the toilet firmly with no possibility of slipping. Hinge helps to fix and lift the toilet seat when not in use. Cushion cover is also equally important to provide maximum softness and comfort.

Easy removal and storage: When the potty seats are placed on the normal toilets, it needs to be removed when it is not in use. The potty seat needs to have an easy removal and must be light and portable enough to store in a small place and carried with ease.

Guard: Splash guard helps the little boys not to splash the pee out of the Potty seat. As the young boys don’t know how to pee in the Potty seat, the splash guard helps them very much. This Splash guard is not necessary for the Potty seat for the girls.

Stability: If the Potty seat does not attach on the toilet firmly it will make difficulty to the kids to potty. So the stability is very vital. Very light weighted Potty seats are not recommended to use because they sometimes slip. The base of the seat is also important to get a superior stability. The more the base touches the ground, the more it gets stability. Rubber bottom ensures superior grip on the ground.

Material: Materials of a potty seat must be durable and high quality. A plastic Potty seat is always better because the plastic makes the seat strong and light enough for long lasting and easy carry. Any kind leakage is not expected. The materials must ensure the comfort for the kids.

Design: As the Potty seat is used for the babies of more than 1 year old, the design of the seat must be eye catching for the babies. A colorful potty seat is always favorite to the kids. A great Potty seat encourages the kids to use it to Potty. The seat design of the Potty seat must be comfortable and has to easily fit with any sizes of kids.

Potty training chairs and seats are the best companion of your kids to learn the potty job. They ensure the safety and hygiene of while your baby is doing Potty. These are the best Potty training seat with their features and using instructions. You can easily choose one of them to teach your baby how to do Potty in the best way.

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