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Are you looking for high-quality RC trucks that are under $100?

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We’ve carried out extensive research into the best RC trucks that you can purchase for under $100. Use all the information we provide and combine it with your needs. That way, you can easily choose the one that will give you the most enjoyment.

Take a look below to learn more. Let’s start with a quick list and then we will go through each product and pros and cons of each item.

Top RC Trucks to choose

1. HOSIM All Terrain RC Radio Controlled Electric Car

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This HOSIM RC electric car can let you have plenty of fun by giving you max speeds of 33 mph. It’s powered by an electric brushed 390 motor, as well as 2.4Ghz of tech built-in. You’re able to experience enhanced control over the car with the suspension features. It uses S-truck suspension to provide you with an incredible amount of control and handling.

The rubber wheels are made using soft PVC materials. This makes them resistant to shock and skids which lets you drive it around smoother, as well as ensure all the electrical components inside remain protected. Furthermore, the HOSIM RC car is semi-waterproof. So, you can have fun with it regardless of the weather.

  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Shock and skid resistant for durability
  • Semi-waterproof for use in various weather conditions
  • Total runtime is shorter than some were expecting
  • Charging batteries takes time

2. Click N’ Play Remote Control Car

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The Click N’ Play remote control car is pretty lightweight, meaning you can glide it around with ease. However, it’s also very durable as it’s constructed with anti-collision materials. The tires are purposefully oversized for extra control and use anti-skid tech.

High suspension shocks also mean that you can take the car out and not worry about the terrain damaging it. There are two motors that can give you max speeds of6.2 mph. These motors operate with 4xAA batteries inside the car and 3xAA batteries in the transmitter.

  • Oversized and anti-skid tires for superior control
  • Suspension shocks for smooth riding over tough terrain
  • Lightweight design
  • Not as fast as some would like
  • main wires are exposed and prone to being severed

3. Distianert Electric RC Car Off Road Vehicle

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The Distianert RC car can give you a top speed of 12 mph to play with. It features anti-collision and anti-throw technology to ensure you can ride it around for a long time without worrying about the damage.

There are two batteries included which can give you around 10-15 minutes of fun before it needs charging. The charging process s easy by using the USB port.

We like how the rubber tires give you a stable feeling while controlling this RC car. Furthermore, the exterior is made using PVC which is resistant to exploding. Therefore, if there are any collisions, you can be sure the damage will be minimal.

  • Max speed of 12 mph is lots of fun
  • Easy to charge batteries
  • Secure controls due to thick rubber tires
  • Very durable materials
  • Steering can create a loud sound
  • Battery life is disappointing for some

4. SZJJX RC Cars Off-Road Rock Vehicle Crawler Truck

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The SUV design and shockproof materials make this awesome for off-roading. This is enhanced by the large tires that use gripping technology on surfaces for added stability. There are also tons of screws in place to keep the entire construction tightly together.

A strong double-powered horsepower motor uses electric energy to let you reach a maximum speed of 25km/h. The powerful torque and high-speed combination mean you can carry out some impressive moves with more control. This RC car is awesome for any type of terrain.

We also liked how the remote distance is pretty far. You can be up to 60 metres away and still have complete control over the RC car. The batteries take around three hours to charge and give you approximately 25 minutes of pure play.

  • Shockproof materials and large tires make it great for any surfaces
  • Strong horsepower for max speeds of 25km/h
  • Impressive playing times of 25 minutes
  • Charging batteries takes longer than some would prefer
  • Steering is noisy

5. Rabing Remote Control Car High Speed

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This Rabing RC Car wowed us with how fast it is! It uses a brushed 390 motor that can give you a top speed of 40km/h to play with. We also appreciated how they’ve made this RC car durable in all kinds of weather with the waterproof structure. There’s also skid-resistant and S-truck suspension tech built-in which enhance the control and handling you experience.

You can also control your RC car from a maximum distance of 100 meters. Furthermore, it only takes around two hours for the batteries to fully charge.

  • The max speed of 40km/h is a lot of fun to play with
  • The S-truck and skid-resistant features provide improved control and handling
  • You’re able to control the RC car from up to 100 metres away
  • Maximum playing times of 10-15 minutes is too short for some
  • Exterior isn’t as durable

6. DOUBLE E 4 Wheel Drive Rechargable RC Car

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This RC car is fantastic for off-road fun. The PVC rubber wheels are shockproof and anti-skid which gives you plenty of control. There are a total of four suspension springs and links which shield the interior of the toy car from damage.

We also liked how the tires are high-grade ABS and able to keep the main body of the car off the ground. Therefore, you can ride over rocky terrain more effectively.

The batteries are rechargeable and power the car which you can control with the 2.4Ghz tech within the controller. Customers notice the steering and throttle are also very responsive.

  • With large PVC rubber tires, riding over rocky terrain is smooth and controlled
  • The suspension springs protect the inside electronics of the car for durability
  • Control feel great and responsive
  • Not as fast as some were hoping for
  • Replacing batteries is more difficult than expected

7. Blexy RC Car Off-Road Rock Crawler/Trucks

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The Blexy RC Car has four wheels which all have their own suspension springs. This is excellent for increased control over all kinds of surfaces. Not to mention, the easy-to-use controls make operating this toy car a blast.

We appreciated how they included shockproof features too. It’s effective at guarding the inside of the car against damage from rough riding. Furthermore, the tires are made using high-grade PVC materials which are elastic and skid-resistant for even more control.

You can hit maximum speeds of up to 20km/h and be standing 80 meters away. After a full charge, which takes four hours, you can continuously play for an impressive 30 minutes.

  • Four wheels with suspension springs and shock-absorbing tech make for a durable RC car
  • PVC elastic and anti-skid tires enhance your control skills
  • USB cable makes for easy charging
  • Some of the plastic materials are prone to breaking
  • Longer charging times

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8. Cheerwing RC Off-Road Monster Truck

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This Cheerwing RC monster truck uses a 390-brushed motor with high torque features to provide you with a maximum speed of 40km/h. All the wheels have springs which provide the ultimate support for rougher surfaces. The rubber tires are also elastic and provide a stable feel across all terrain.

You receive a T-plug battery pack that takes around two hours to fully charged. This provides you with 25 minutes of play with the RC truck. We liked how responsive the 2.4Ghz radio remote control is too. You can control the RC truck from up to 80 meters away.

  • Powerful motor for high-speed fun
  • Rubber tires and springs improve control over rough surfaces
  • Battery pack included for convenient charging
  • Controller too bulky for some
  • Instructions may be difficult to use

9. Bigsmyo RC Car Off Road Truck Electric Vehicle

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We found this RC Truck to be constructed out of durable and strong materials. The plastic ABS is extremely strong and keep the toy car protected. The frame chassis is also incredibly sturdy for added support.

Each one of the four wheels is equipped with a spring that works to soften the blows from going over harsher surfaces. These springs, combined with the large rubber tires work to enhance the control you have over the toy car.

There are also two bug motors inside that are powered by batteries. They take just an hour to charge and give you around 15 minutes of play.

  • Plastic ABS makes for ultra-durable RC truck
  • Springs for each wheel improve control
  • Quick charging times
  • 15-minute playtime isn’t enough for some
  • Remote control may take time to get used to

10. Fistone RC Car Electric

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With a strong electric-powered motor, this RC car can let you have fun with max speeds of 20km/h. There are four wheels which all have their own suspensions. This spring system works effectively to increase the overall stability of the RC car and ensure that it can ride smoother over the difficult terrain.

The batteries that power this RC car can be easily charged by using plugs in the house via the provided USB cable. It takes around 3-4 hours to charge and gives you a maximum playing time of 20 minutes.

  • Top speeds of 20km/h
  • Four wheels with individual suspensions for stability
  • Maximum playing time of 20 minutes is plenty
  • Taking batteries out for recharging can be a hassle
  • longer charging times than some were expecting


All of these 10 RC trucks we’ve just reviewed will provide you with a lot of fun. You can use our recommendations and analysis of each one to decide which one suits your needs best!

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