Best Skateboards under 50 Dollars

Skateboard is very popular among teenagers and young kids. It is a great sport for having fun in the park and show up many tricks using it. Skateboarding is practiced all over the world. Many factors should be considered before getting a skateboard.

If you are a beginner and do not want to spend hundreds of dollars for a top-notch skateboard then here is the article for you. Here in this article, I will be presenting a few quality skateboards under 50 dollars which will be perfect for beginners. The size of the board is one of the main factors when getting a skateboard. Also, there are many affordable skateboards on the market which provide many different features such as a well-made deck, tough wheels, and bearings. So let’s see my top 5 list of the best ones.

Top Skateboards to Pick under $50

1. PUENTE Pro Cruiser Complete Skateboard -Best Skateboard with solid built quality

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This is one of the best skateboards on the market right now. It measures 31 inches long and has 7 ply Maple deck for the maximum comfort and practicality. In terms of weight, it is considered lightweight. The wheels are anti-shock 95A PU as well as PU bushings improve the feel and control of the skateboard. The tail is slightly concaved so it is easier to maneuver when performing tricks. The balancing of the skateboard is very good as this makes it steady and helps a beginner to practice.

  • 7 Ply maple wood with grip tape over the top of the deck provide excellent control
  • The skateboard can support weights up to 396lbs/180 kg
  • Built quality is well made and tough for stunts
  • The skateboard comes pre-assembled from the factory so assembly required
  • Probably a little compact for adults
  • Grip tape is not so strong so might comes off after long use

2. Merkapa 22″ Complete Skateboard with Colorful LED Wheels – Best for fun-loving kids

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If you are a newbie then you would like this one a lot. Although it is 22 inches long and might be a little tight for adults, the 6-inch wide deck can support the rider comfortably. The cool things about this skateboard are that it has color LED lights installed in the wheels which will light up while riding. This feature might attract a lot of young kids. The wheelbase is made of aluminum and the V truck wheel makes the whole product durable. The bearing of this skateboard comes in heavy duty ABEC-7 bearing.

60×45 mm PU wheels have super shock absorption and abrasion resistance feature which enable this skateboard extremely user-friendly. This products suits teenager who weighs below 180lb

  • The cool LED lights installed on the wheels looks attractive. It does not require any batteries so there is no need to purchase additional batteries
  • The deck is 6′ wide and has 3.25″ heavy duty aluminum depth to it.
  • Although this product is ideal for kids, teenager can also try it out.
  • Wheels are a little stiff so need adjustment
  • The deck is not so flexible as most prefer.

3. ANCHEER Mini Cruiser Skateboard 22″ – Best for comfortable rides

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This product was designed specifically for kids and teenagers. Any kids over 4 years old will be able to try this one without hassle. The deck is 22 inches long and has a flex to it. So it is suitable for bumpy roads. The deck also offers non-slip polypropylene which stabilizes the whole riding experiences. The PU wheels come in standard and can support a weight of up to 220lbs.

This skateboard has ABEC-7 precision bearings and super smooth wheel which make the ride vibration and noise free. The design of the skateboard is also very attractive and comes in over 15 different color and design combinations.

  • The 22 inch deck is bendable and provide stabilization
  • The design and color combination is attractive
  • Comes pre assemble from the factory so no assembly required after you receive
  • Very well priced
  • No grip on the deck but can be installed if required
  • Wheels can be stiff so require adjustment after long use
  • Not recommended for tricks

4.  KPC Pro Skateboard Complete – Best for a lot color options

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A nice skateboard for beginners as well as occasional rider. This product is is famous for its style and design. The Canadian maple made deck are 7.75 inch wide which performs well under heavy load.  It comes preassemble so it is ready to use out of the box. The wheels are 52mm 99! high rebound urethane wheels can withstand tough situation. The deck is covered with grip tape and the flex design makes the ride comfortable. The skateboard measures 8.0″x32″ has weighs about 7 pounds. So it is reasonably lightweight to carry around.

  • The deck is high quality made and provide strength
  • Comes in different range of color and design options
  • ABEC 5 rated bearings comes in standard
  • The grip tape works well for stabilization
  • Wheels need adjustment before using
  • The graphic is solid printed not a decal

5. Punisher Skateboards Butterfly Jive Complete 31-Inch Skateboard  – Best for attractive design

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This is one of the most expensive on this list. The reason behind choosing this product is the quality and construction of this skateboard. For $50 price range it is ususally difficult to find a top notch quality skateboard. This board is 31 inch long and 7.75 inches wide. The deck is slightly concave which performs well while riding and trying on tricks. The wheels are 54mm PU Ivory wheels which has a graphics printed as well. Overall the design looks very attractive with the bright colorful background and a butterfly in the middle.

  • Stunning design and quality material
  • ABEC 7 High Speed wheels bearing comes in standard
  • The trucks are made of heavy duty metal
  • Well priced comparing the product quality
  • The bearings may not perform as expected
  • Wheels need adjustment to ride smoothly


So this was my top 5 find for the most affordable skateboards in the market. If you can afford to go up slightly in budget then you can find the skateboards under $100 to pick. All this skateboards should serve well and satisfy you.

For $50 it is really tough to make a selection on skateboards, but hope we were able to bring the top list for you.

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