Best Small Acoustic Guitar

Are you interested in compact acoustic guitars?

If so, you’re in the right place. We’ve carried out detailed research into the five best acoustic guitars available. Through our research process, we have made sure to take multiple factors into consideration.

As a result, the guitars in this review have been picked based on their quality of sounds, affordable price, and compact size.

Smaller-sized guitars have gained a reputation for producing small and cheap sounds. However, you may be surprised to find how great some of them can sound. We will admit, coming across good ones can be tricky.

But luckily for you, we’ve done all the hard work for you! To learn more about the top five compact acoustic guitars, take a look below.

Top 5 Best Small Guitar

1. Yamaha JR1 FG Junior 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar – Best for Younger Players

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This is a smaller version of the Yamaha JR1 FG acoustic guitar. It has a more compact body and the neck is shorter. These features make it awesome for younger players as well as people who have smaller hands. It feels more comfortable to play compared to the bigger ones.

Customers are loving how this Yamaha guitar has an acoustic tone. The top of the guitar is made using high-quality laminated wood which gives it a great finish. Rosewood materials are used to make the fingerboard and it’s built with chrome hardware.

This is the perfect guitar to take around with you on trips. Due to how small it is, fitting it in storage can be done safely and easily while on the move.

What We Liked About This

  • The compact size makes it easy for younger people to learn how to play
  • Regardless of where you play it, this guitar produces fantastic acoustic sounds
  • The materials used in the construction are of a high-quality
  • Fret space is a little too tight for some
  • Others find the size makes it harder to play chords


>> Final ThoughtsCustomer Reviews

The compact size of this guitar is excellent for traveling. However, the size doesn’t detract from the incredible sound that this guitar produces. This size also makes it easier for younger players to learn playing.

2. Yamaha GL Series TBS Guitar – Best for Ukulele Enthusiasts

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Yamaha’s GL Series TBS model is unique as it’s the same size as a ukulele. Although, it provides the sound of a full-scale guitar. There are six nylon strings that you can choose to play with. These nylon strings make it feel very comfortable on the fingers while playing.

This mini guitar has been pitched to A too. We liked how the materials used to construct it are of a great quality. The company has put a lot of effort into this product to ensure that you can play it with precision. Customers have been surprised as they weren’t expecting such quality out of an affordable instrument.

You also receive a soft case bag with your order. So, you can safely store the guitar while on the move.

What We Liked About This

  • Nylon strings make the playing experience more comfortable
  • There are high-grade materials that make for a quality construction
  • The price range is very affordable
  • Some find it hard to tune



>> Final ThoughtsCustomer Reviews

Overall, this Yamaha GL Series guitar is fantastic for those looking for a ukulele-sized guitar. It’s an awesome choice to take around with you on your travels. Customers are blown away by the quality of sound it can produce. While it isn’t like a full-sized guitar, it still creates some great sounding notes.

3. Corboda Mini M Acoustic Guitar – Best for Durable Construction

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We instantly loved the way this Corboda Mini M Acoustic Guitar looks. There is a total of three different wood materials used to construct this guitar. The sides and back are made with mahogany wood, the top uses spruce – furthermore, ovangkol materials are incorporated throughout.

The neck is incredibly comfortable to use. It’s in the shape of the letter U and has a width of 1.96 inches. As a result, you get the feeling of what it’s like to play a full-sized guitar.

The body of this guitar is compact and lightweight, making it great for taking on your travels. Even though it’s fairly small in size, it still manages to produce loud sounds. There’s also a gig bag included with the order that has been made to fit in the compartments over your head in airplanes.

What We Liked About This

  • The three wooden materials give you a durable and great looking mini guitar
  • The shape and size of the neck make the guitar incredibly comfortable to play
  • With a lightweight and compact design, you can take this instrument on your travels, hassle-free
  • Some customers find the fretboard difficult to use



>> Final ThoughtsCustomer Reviews

The Corboda Mini M Acoustic Guitar is a fantastic guitar to take on your travels. It’s made out of various woods to provide a durable and aesthetic guitar. While it’s small in size, it can produce some great sounds. Not to mention, it’s comfortable to hold too.

4. Fender MA String Acoustic Guitar – Best for Comfortable Playing

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This Fender MA String Acoustic Guitar has a smaller sized body that makes it easier to play. However, they’ve taken things to another level by ensuring the string scale length is shorter, at just 23.3”. This makes it easier for complete beginners and younger people to start learning how to play.

All of the chords are encased in a satin finish, which makes it very comfortable on the fingers. The neck is also the shape of a C, with a nut width of 1.69”. This works to enhance the comfortability factor while playing.

You get the feeling as though you’re playing a guitar that used steel strings, despite the fact that they’re satin. This is a result of the “X” bracing feature that’s located beneath the top of the guitar. It provides a full-toned sound.

A limited warranty is also included for a peace of mind.

What We Liked About This

  • The shorter string length and compact size mean you can play easier
  • With satin chords and a “C” shaped neck, this guitar feels incredibly comfy to play
  • An “X” bracing system lets you play with sounds of a fully toned guitar
  • Some find the strings too close together
  • People notice it needs tuning frequently



>> Final ThoughtsCustomer Reviews

Considering how affordable the Fender MA guitar is, we didn’t expect it to have as many playing benefits as it does. The comfortability rating is high due to the structure and chord materials. It also produces sounds of a full steel string acoustic guitar, but at a smaller cost.

5. Luna Safari Series Muse Acoustic Guitar – Best for Producing Awesome Sounds

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This Luna Safari acoustic guitar is made using mahogany materials. In fact, the entire body and top is constructed out of high-quality mahogany. This results in a deep and warm sound that is suitable for various types of players.

It’s smaller in size which makes it super easy to transport on journeys. Despite its size, this guitar projects a fully-toned sound.

We liked how the shape of the neck is a “C”. This is because it offers superior comfort while playing. It also helps you to get a more solid grip on the instrument while playing. The fingerboard is constructed out of rosewood, which feels smooth to play with.

The Luna Safari Series Muse guitar also comes with a convenient gig bag. Therefore, you can safely take it with you wherever you go and keep it protected from damage.

What We Liked About This

  • The mahogany materials used look great and help to produce awesome sounds
  • With a rosewood fingerboard and C-shaped neck, you’ll have an incredible grip on this guitar that will also feel very comfortable
  • Smaller size makes transportation no problem
  • Requires tuning more often than some were expecting


>> Final ThoughtsCustomer Reviews

We were impressed by the Luna Safari Series Muse Acoustic Guitar. It’ comfortable, made with quality materials, and is compact enough to take with you wherever you go. Not to mention, it produces some amazing sounds too.


Hopefully, all the information we’ve provided in our top-five review has provided you with some valuable insights. Be sure to take all of the points into consideration, and that includes the cons.

For many people, the cons may be easy to overlook because the other features suit their needs to well. In other cases, one of the cons could detract from the item more than you would prefer.

With guitars, you don’t want to rush into making a decision. Maybe you were feeling a little stuck on which ones to go with. Well, that’s why we assembled the review you’ve just read.

We carried out all the research for you so that you don’t have to choose the compact guitars for the juniors.

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