Best Smartphone Microphone for Vlogging

Vlogging is undoubtably the biggest entertainment media trend of the last 5 years. Vlogging is quickly becoming the best medium for content creators to showcase their talent and make a good income. The biggest advantage of vlogging is the low barrier of entry. To start a vlog, you just need a good idea, vlogging camera, a great microphone for vlogging and video editing software.

3 Best Smartphone Microphones for Vlogging

Most of the people focus on getting the best vlogging camera and they don’t consider getting a good quality microphone, which is a big mistake. The audio quality of your vlog is as important as the video quality, because nobody will enjoy a video with bad quality audio.

Why Built-in Microphones Are No Good?

Most of the popular vloggers on YouTube, uses an external microphone to record their audio. They never use the built-in microphones because their audio quality is really terrible. It is because technically they are not advanced enough to record good quality audio without any surrounding noises.

What Type of Microphone is Best for Vlogging?

There are many different types microphones but the best for vlogging are the “unidirectional”microphones. They record audio from only one direction and does a great job of rejecting other noises of wind, etc. Having this attribute to your external microphone is as important as having the essential attributes to your actual vlogging camera like a solid battery life and flip screen for example.

There are different kinds unidirectional microphones available in the market, but the best for vlogging is the microphone with a cardioid pattern, as it only captures audio from the front of the mic.These days almost everybody has a smartphone. With the help of these smartphone microphones you can record really good audio right from your smartphone.

These microphones are specially designed to work with smartphones. This is a really useful and quick way to record top quality audio when vlogging with your smartphone.

3 Best Smartphone Microphones for Vlogging

In Detail...

 1. Miracle Lavalier Microphone

The Miracle Sound Deluxe is a simple lapel microphone. It is an omnidirectional type of microphone,though not the most recommended, but it will still do your job of recording good quality audio. As the lapel microphones are supposed to be clipped on your collar, your mouth will be very near to the microphone. This will help the mic in suppressing the surrounding noise and it will only pickup your voice. It is compatible with all types of smartphones, whether you have an android or an iPhone.

Miracle Lavalier Microphone in Detail:

It comes with a deluxe case, to help you protect the microphone when travelling. The build quality of the microphone is quite good. But the overall design is very fragile and it can break very easily if not handled properly. So, it’s advised to always carry this microphones in the case. Wind muff, a lapel clip and a 1.5m cord is also included in the package.

The wind muff will prevent wind and subtle noises like your breath from getting captured. The 1.5m long cord comes in handy and it gives you a lot of room to move around with your mic and smartphone.The overall audio quality of this microphone is quite good.

One of the most enticing thing of this microphone is that it comes with a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. Basically, you are getting a “no question asked – return offer” with this microphone. The audio is sharp, clear and crisp. If you are just starting to vlog, then it is a really good choice for you.


  • Compatible across all devices
  • Deluxe case
  • Wind muff
  • 1.5m long cord
  • 100% money back guarantee


  • Omnidirectional type only

Overall, it’s a good smartphone microphone. You just have to plug it in your smartphone’s headphone jack and you are good to. The build quality and design of this microphone is also very good. The audio quality is also really good. For starters, it’s a really good choice.

 2. Rode Smartlav+ Lavalier Microphone

The Rode Smartlav+ is one of the most popular smartphone microphones out there. It is used by many popular YouTubers all around the world.

The most prominent feature of this microphone is its durable design and build quality. It is made out of premium plastic and metal blend. It feels super premium and sturdy.

Rode Smartlav+ Lavalier Microphone in Detail:

The audio quality of this microphone is incredible, you almost get the same audio quality as a USB microphone. It has an omnidirectional condenser capsule. It can record audio from all sides of the microphone.

It comes with a foam pop shield which will help you in rejecting wind noises and vocal plosives. A wind muff is extremely crucial for smartphone microphones as without it you won’t be able to record good quality audio. A mounting clip and a pouch is also included in the box.These lapel microphones are very fragile in nature and having a carrying case is really a good thing.

You won’t have to worry about the microphone getting damaged while you are travelling. It comes with a twelve-month warranty. This shows us the level of confidence; the company has in their product.


  • Broadcast grade audio quality
  • Foam popup shield
  • Mounting clip
  • 12-month warranty
  • Pouch included


  • Omnidirectional type only

Overall it is one of the best smartphone microphones out there. You are getting all the essential features of a good microphone such as great design, excellent audio quality, compatibility across all devices, etc. all in one place. This microphone is used by most of the popular vloggers and it’s highly recommended for starters as well as professional vloggers all around the world.

 3. Giant Squid Lavalier Microphone

The Giant Squid Audio Lab microphone is a portable smartphone microphone. You can connect this microphone to your smartphone via the headphone jack and you can instantly start recording audio right from your smartphone.

The overall audio quality of this microphone is really good as compared to the Miracle Sound microphone. The audio seems to be crispier and clearer.

Giant Squid Lavalier Microphone in Detail:

The build quality of this microphone is quite good. Though it is completely made out of plastic, it feels quite sturdy and solid. It is compatible with all those devices, who have a 3.5mm jack. These days pretty much all the devices (except the iPhone 7 series) has a headphone jack, so you can basically use this microphone on all the smartphones.

It comes with a wind muff which will increase the overall audio quality of your microphone by cancelling the wind and surrounding noises.It has a 1.8m long cable, which is fairly large as compared to its competitors. As you are getting along cable you won’t have any problems in moving around with the microphone attached to your smartphone. This makes the whole process of recording vlogs with your smartphone a lot easier.

A carrying case is extremely crucial for these type of fragile microphones, but you are not getting one with this microphone. Though it’s not that big of deal, you can just carry it in your other hard cases.


  • 1.8m long cable
  • Great build quality
  • Awesome audio quality
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Wind muff


  • No travel case included 
  • Omnidirectional type only

Overall, it’s a really good microphone and considering the price it’s a really good deal. The build quality is as good as the audio quality. You are getting a complete package of a good microphone at a very good price. For vloggers who are going to create a lot of videos outdoors, this smartphone mic is a really good choice.


These were the best three smartphone microphones, which are used by YouTubers all around the world. Having good quality audio in your vlog is extremely crucial. But still most of the don’t consider investing in a good quality microphone, the same way they invest in the best vlogging camera you can get. No matter how great your videos are, whether you shoot in 4k or full HD, if your audio is not equally good, people won’t enjoy your content.

Hence, it’s highly recommended to invest in a good quality microphone. When you record with the built-in microphones the sound quality is terrible and it captures all the surrounding noises, making it incredibly difficult for the viewer to focus on your voice.

This small little thing will dull your whole video down and on the other side if you have great audio, then it will light up your whole video.Most of the popular YouTubers like Lilly Singh, Ryan Higa, Unbox Therapy, Austin Evans, etc. uses some sort of external microphones and they never use their built-in microphones.

These are the people who have millions of subscribers and have tried and tested all different kinds of technology to find the best for them. So why do we have to repeat the same mistakes again, instead we should just learn from these guys and choose to use a high-quality microphone to record the audio for our vlogs.

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