Best Travel Golf Bags Reviews

Choosing the best travel golf bags for yourself can be intriguing. After all, there are so many options out there. All the choices can make the situation complicated but you cannot overlook the importance of the best travel golf bag. If you can manage to purchase that, you can go on the trip with self-assurance and confidence.

There are many kinds of golf bags the and each of them comes with their unique color, size, design, and material. Their main job is protecting your clubs. You should look for certain features when buying one because that will make the situation easy for you. If you can get one that is easy to carry, you can navigate through airports and parking lots without any trouble. For carrying travel gear and golf items, the bags are important. You cannot stuff them into your backpacks, luggage or briefcases.

Since you are reading this, it means you are not sure and do not which one to get. That is why save yourself from the troubles and confusions. You should also know why it is important to know which is the right golf bag. Choosing the wrong one can deliver poor performance, make you lose your golf items and carrying it can be difficult. There are many kinds of golf bags: carry bags, cart bags, stand bags. You should shorten your list by cutting the other categories and include only stand bags. They are the most versatile kind travel golf bag. Here, we have a lot short for you so picking the best travel golf bags becomes a child’s play.

4 Of The Best Travel Golf Bags Reviews

Even the simplest of modern golf bags have features that will keep you organized and comfortable on the course. Forward-thinking design and innovation have reinvented weighty golf bags of the past into efficient, stylish, and lightweight bags a golfer will be more than happy to display on the course. You will love how the bag can stand on the ground while other bags will fall and lose their shape once the owner keeps them on the ground. It is lightweight yet solid. It weighs only 5.5 pounds so you will not have any difficulty carrying it.

Highlighted features:

Multiple pockets

Have you ever had the experience of using a golf bag that does not have more than two or three pockets and you are unable to keep all the necessary items? Here, not only will you be able to keep your golf items but everything you need while you are on the course. You can put an umbrella because it has a specific spot for rainy days. You can also put other gears in the bag such as camera and mobile phones. There is another pocket that is for keeping valuables.

Terrain Base System

It can stand on its own as mentioned above because it comes with stands. Whether the ground is wet, dry or subsided, it will be able to stay firm. Many travel golf bags costing a lot does not even have this feature. It is one of the advancements when comparing old golf bags with this one. They are habitually light in weight. The base of the bag comes with legs that set everything vertical and accessible during your game. They are the best choice for using a golf cart or walking.

Easy carrying

Not only does being lightweight makes it unchallenging to carry it around while walking, the design supports the user as well. The soft mesh hip pad delivers ventilation and makes carrying around super comfortable. The manufacturers kept in mind that the design has to be ergonomic for the users. Every golf player always wished for a bag that is unchallenging to carry around. With this one, you can make your wish come true.


  • Beautiful colors
  • Seven dividers
  • Maintains stability on the ground
  • Highly protective
  • Modifiable and padded dual shoulder straps
  • Secure storing options for important gears such as camera
  • Anti-slip base pads for stand security
  • Made from hard-wearing polyester material
  • Less pressure on lower back
  • Club protection during rain
  • Molded lift support handle joined into top cuff


  • The fabric is not sufficiently thick
  • Only two full-length dividers out of seven

We just found out how great the Chev stand bag is, now let us talk about another one from the same manufacturer. It comes with 15 pockets and weighs less than 5.5 pounds. There are so many pockets and holders such as one for an umbrella, the other for the water bottle and so on. The price of this one is more than the first one, so you can guess that it must have some special features.

Highlighted features:


Having a water-resistant travel golf bag really helps on rainy days. You can protect all your valuables and the golf items. You might store your money, phone, camera and many other things since it has many pockets but if they get wet in the rain, all of the items will get damaged.  Water-resistant bags are safe because it protects your components that a regular bag will fail in doing. The level of water resistance varies from manufacturer to manufacturer but you can always trust Callaway.

High-quality material

When buying a golf bag, one must check the material. It can be made from any material such as nylon, leather, cotton or just anything that you did not imagine. The marketplace for men’s travel golf bags is enormous. There are countless ways of buying them online, all of which can be a valuable comparison tool for discovering a bargain elsewhere. Since you cannot feel them with your hands as you are browsing online, it is wise to pick a high-quality material from a reliable company such as this one. The Hyper-Lite comes from high-quality polyester. Therefore, it is long-lasting and will not wrinkle. Polyester also aids in being water-resistant since it does not absorb water. There will be no wrinkling and the bag would appear to be the same just like you bought it the first day. The color does not fade at all even after usage of many years.

Ergonomic design

There are so many pockets and the design of the golf bag makes it flexible and convenient. It has a towel holder, umbrella holder, water bottle holder and so on. It has a huge apparel pocket, accessory pocket and a valuables pocket with key fob. You will not feel like there is a lack of pocket in your golf bag.


  • The company’s best performing stand bag to date
  • Full-length club dividers ensure that all the equipment are safe and organized
  • Modifiable and padded dual shoulder straps offer a hassle-free and easy carry
  • Multiple pockets and a lot of space for storage
  • Bottle opener, towel loop, umbrella holder and glove patch for convenience
  • Assimilated alignment stick holder retains training aids in arm’s reach
  • Xtra Traction Base System™Can stand on any type of ground
  • Lightweight
  • Durable and will last for years
  • Easy to carry
  • The shoulder pads prevent any sort of back pain or pressure on the shoulder
  • Roomy compartments which make packing and unpacking painless and simple


  • It is water-resistant and not waterproof so dropping it in water will damage the gears

OGIO golf bags are famous for their high-quality materials, design, and mechanism. You can have all that and enjoy all the excellent features the Grom Stand Bag has to offer. You should know that when buying one you must look for certain features such as easy access to pockets and rain cover and whether it is waterproof and lightweight or not. The golf bag has all the properties that are going to make your golf a nice experience. You will not have any trouble in traveling and they are easy to use. It is the best travel golf bag when it is about being a hybrid one. Not only that, it has everything the best travel golf bags with a high price has to offer.

Highlighted features:

Excellent design

Individual must-haves will differ from person to person particularly during golf, but if you look at the market for golf bags, on the whole, there is no other corporation that can touch what OGIO does. The brand is one of the best, and it is the only company that can reasonably claim the title for outstanding designs. Lots of companies charge huge amounts of money for their bags, but quantitatively, OGIO is head and shoulders above the rest.

Outstanding appearance

It is all about the looks when you are traveling. You leave out your red shirt and take the blue one. Why? You thought that will make you look much better. That is true when it is about travel golf bags. If you have a bag that appears to be amazing, everyone will compliment you for that. Ensuring that a bag looks classy is one of the most problematic things for a company to do, particularly when you consider the level of wear a golf bag receives. Even OGIO bags, with their well-worn exterior and shining hardware, give off an indisputable air of luxury and refinement because of the high-quality materials and scrupulous construction. If you are thinking of reimbursing for the look, then OGIO ensures, as much as another brand, that you are going to receive what you pay for, both at present and in the future

SHOXX X4 full suspension

It is an innovative feature because it lets you carry your golf bags comfortably without having to worry about your items falling out. The SHOXX X4 suspension system from OGIO will let you be more energetic throughout your game and make walking easy. You will not have any back pain because the weight gets distributed on both sides of the shoulder. There will be no strain on your neck and shoulder because the bag will feel light-weight when carrying it this way.


  • ZBP (Zipperless Ball Pocket)
  • 14 dividers
  • Insulated pouch and pocket
  • Ultra-Durable fabric
  • TORQ Strap and Cart belt channel
  • Load leveling SHOXX X4 suspension provides complete comfort
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty of 1 year from the purchase date
  • Strong legs
  • Eye-catching and attractive
  • Protects your item during the drive
  • Fits in Any Car Trunk
  • Both carry bag and stand bag


  • It is heavier than carrying bags because it is a hybrid

What would it be like to have a stand bag that can stand on its own? Do not worry thinking this does not come with the legs. It does have everything like other stand bags but can be still on its own. It is not necessary that every time you put it on the ground, you will have to adjust the stand. It can just be straight by itself without falling here and there or tilting. It has so many extraordinary features that the customers love. People who bought is are happy with their purchase. They can have a durable bag that is easy for walks. It also has lot of pockets along with a design that is best for all kind of travelers who are eager to play golf.

Highlighted features:


As you can already let from the name, specifically the “Go Lite” part, it tells us that the travel golf bag is very light. In fact, it is the lightest out of all the ones mentioned above. It is a stand bag and not a carry bag but it is lighter than many carry bags. Carry bags are known for being the lightest but this one would like to make the difference. The design is destined to make the bag light weight (around 5 pounds) but with all the usefulness you would find in a stand bag. Preliminary at the base, Derek finished it so you can effortlessly fit the bag into a riding cart push or a cart for the times when you just want to revel in the ride.

Huge storage

When the concern is about club storage, the full length 14 dividers are put up perfectly for the organization. There is a cozy fit at the bottom of the divider to aid the clubs to be in place while still being straightforwardly reachable. There are 5 pockets which make the travel golf bags light. The company ensures that the 5 pockets do not become useless.

The oversize ball pocket lets you store a lot of balls. The big apparel pocket is bag’s full length ensures that a few layers of clothing and the rain cover or your jacket is in place. The fleece lined pocket for valuables is an enjoyable feature to secure your money, smartphone, or any other expensive or important item. There is the insulated beverage sleeve to store drinks, juices, and water.

Made from nylon

It is surprising that being made out of nylon, the price is reasonable. Nylon is supposed to cost more than polyester but this is affordable that most polyester gold bags. Since it is made from this material, it is more heat-resistant and the color will not fade even if you are playing golf on a sunny day. It makes the golf bag durable and you can use it for years. Even if the bag gets wet, it will dry off fast. The color on the bag appears to be more attractive because of the material. Maintenance of this travel golf bag is also unchallenging.


  • Mesh padded organizer top with 14 full-length discrete dividers
  • Padded double shoulder straps for hiking comfort
  • 5 total pockets including a big garment pocket and a king-size ball pocket
  • Ergonomic handle assimilated into the bag top
  • Insulated sleeve for beverage
  • Hefty fleece lined pocket for valuables
  • Pushcart and riding well-suited base
  • Hard-wearing nylon materialVelcro® glove and towel ring holder
  • Matching rain hood for protection of club during rain
  • Lightweight (only 5 lbs.)Stress-free access only to those clubs that you need
  • Limits fatigue as you walk up the miles on course
  • Tough aluminum legs
  • Best travel golf bag for both man and woman


  • You should be careful with the zippers or else they will get damaged

That was our top 4 best travel golf bags. These bag are durable and will serve you a very long time. Hopefully you were able to pick one form out list. If you need more ideas and product suggestion in this category then don't forget to checkout out all outdoor section on BestrevX

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