Best TV Mount for RV

Are you looking for sturdy rv tv mounts that can secure your TV while on the go? or want to know what is the best rv tv mount?

Many wall mounts end up being unreliable for people who are traveling. They often come loose out of the wall or move around during transit.

We’ve put together a list of the five best TV mounts that are excellent for RV’s, motorhomes, boats, caravans, and pretty much anything mobile!

However, they’re also high-quality mounts that can be used in regular apartments and houses too.

Top 5 Best RV TV Mount

Rank TV MountsScreen Size SupportEditor's RatingPrice
1Mounting Dream MD221017-43 Inches
2Mount-It! RV22-42 Inches
3Master Mounts17-50 Inches
4VideoSecu ML12B19-47 Inches
5Mount-It! LCD13-42 Inches

1. Mounting Dream MD2210 Lockable RV TV Wall Mount – Best For Ultra-Secure Mounting

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This TV mount is made to fit the majority of TV’s between the sizes of 17 and 43 inches and can take a maximum capacity of 44 lbs. It’s constructed out of heavy duty steel for maximum strength and durability. This, combined with the robot welding tech, means your TV will be securely in place.

An awesome locking feature works to keep swivel arms and TV plate in place. We found this to be especially helpful if you’re on the move in a vehicle, like a caravan, or boat.

The locking mechanism is extremely easy to use. It involves a simple pulling strap to keep your TV stable on the mount.Make sure that the place you’re putting the TV mount is at least ½ an inch thick before beginning the installation process. This ensures maximum support.

The mount also lets you tilt the tv screen by up to 5 degrees upwards and 15 degrees downwards. So, there’s no more annoying glare! You can also turn tv to left or right with the swivel mechanism. It pulls out to 18.4” and retracts to 2.8” to make more space when it’s not being used.

You may also be glad to hear it comes with a 10-year warranty.

What We Liked About This

  • The heavy-duty steel material keeps TV’s securely in place
  • You can easily lock the TV down using a pulling mechanism, which is great for people on the go
  • You’re able to tilt the TV and avoid glare
  • Some find the level of the TV to be unbalanced
  • Instructions on set-up are hard to follow



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Mounting Dream has made a highly durable and reliable mount that can fit a wide range of TV’s. All the swivel, tilt, and locking mechanisms are effortless to use and make for a greater viewing experience. But these features also ensure your TV remains secure while you’re on your travels.

2. Mount-It! RV TV Mount – Best For Cable Management

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This TV mount is equipped with a great locking feature that keeps your TV in place while on the move. It’s fantastic for things like motor homes or RV’s.

The mount is able to withstand the vibration that occurs while traveling due to it’s one of a kind gear system. This uses fixing knobs to make the mount extremely stable. You can easily attach your TV to the wall mount arms using the slide-in TV plate. This makes for simpler adjustments when it comes to the exact tilt and pan you prefer.

This TV mount can secure TV’s between the sizes of 22-42” large. Furthermore, it can take a maximum weight of 33 lbs.

Users experience a fully flexible TV mount due to the full-motion mechanism. This lets you use the swivel, tilt, and even extension features. Your TV can extend out from the wall by 15.3” in any direction.

Furthermore, you can easily fold it back it tightly close to the wall when it’s not being used to make more space.

Are you sick of seeing wires dangling everywhere? Not a problem with this TV mount. The excellent in-arm cable clip ensures wires can be kept behind the TV and out of the way for improved appearance.

What We Liked About This

  • The in-arm cable clip means that managing wires is easier than ever
  • A full-motion feature allows for tilting, swivel, and extension benefits
  • Fantastic gear system reduces the vibrational effects on the wall mount to keep your TV in place while traveling
  • Locking feature can become very tight
  • TV may become unlevel


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This TV mount is incredibly easy to install, and we love how they’ve built in a design to deal with excessive wires. The gear system ensures your TV remains in place, no matter how bumpy the road is!

3. Master Mounts Locking RV TV Mount – Best For Adjusting Swivel Features

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Master Mount’s has put together a TV mount that works great for keeping your TV securely in place while moving. Best of all, it doesn’t require knobs or straps.

It’s specifically designed to deal effectively with the movement that causes vibrations and bumps while traveling, making it perfect for travelers who has RV.

Chain-pull-release system uses a spring-loaded feature that’s effortless to use. You don’t have to spend time messing around the knobs and screws. All you have to do adjust your TV is pull and lock to secure it in place – or pull and release to have it swivel out.

There is a 180-degree full-motion swivel mechanism for maximum viewing experience from any angle you’re sitting. You can tilt the TV in a variety of angles within 20 degrees for minimized glare.

You can even adjust your TV in a total of 3 different lateral angles. This can either be clockwise or counter-clockwise.It is ideal if you are a programmer or have needs to use the monitor or tv in horizontal position.

The package comes with super simple instructions that make assembly easy. The mount will also fit most TV screens that are up to 50” large that are no more than 33 lbs heavy.

What We Liked About This

  • The chain-pull-release/lock system makes for some of the best adjustment features we’ve seen!
  • You can have the best viewing experience from any angle by using the 180-degree swivel system
  • A fantastic option to effectively manage bumps and vibrations while on the move

Wall mount plate may be smaller than some prefer


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If you’re after a TV mount that can be further adjusted as you please after installation, this may be the one for you. Furthermore, the swivel features make for an excellent viewing experience that can minimise glare. We also like how it’s effective at managing vibrations which make it great for travellers.

4.  VideoSecu ML12B TV LCD Monitor Wall Mount – Best For Level Adjustment Features

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VideoSecu’s wall mount is constructed out of high-grade steel. As a result, it can take a maximum load of 44 lbs. It can handle TVs from 19″-32″, and some models up to 47″.

We also love how you can alter the level of the monitor after you’ve installed it. Once it’s in place, it’s not stuck there, you can simply change the level at your convenience. The degree of tilt can also be changed by up to 5 degrees backward or forwards.

You have the option to alter the swivel that can rotate 360 degrees, which can retract to a compact 2.4” from the wall. This is handy to make more space when you’re not using it, but it can also extend out by 15” for a better viewing experience too.

We also appreciated how the TV place can be removed to enable easier installation for just one person.

What We Liked About This

  • The high-grade steel makes for a sturdy and reliable mount
  • You can change the monitor level after installation
  • Tools provided make installation harder
  • Plastic washers in the tilting/swivel mechanism are prone to breaking


>> Final ThoughtsCustomer Reviews

Anyone on the lookout for a mount that can handle heavier monitors will find the VideoSecu ML12B model to be a fantastic choice. The range of adjustable features mean that once you secure your monitor in place, you can still change the angles and levels. The installation is also easier for one person. It should not cause you any trouble as long as you have the basic skills. And it comes with instructions to make the job easier.

5. Mount-It! LCD TV Wall Mount Bracket – Best For Easy Installation

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This TV wall mount is made to be used with most TV’s or monitors that are between 13 and 42”. It can take an impressive weight capacity of 44 lbs.

A full-motion feature means you can extend it out to an incredible 18” while in use. But you can also put it back securely to the wall, so it sticks out just 3.4 to make more space.

The full motion mount mechanism has been designed to rotate 360 degrees. In addition to this, it can tilt up to 15 degrees upwards or downwards too.

Installation is made easier by being able to remove the TV place. The joints and parts of the mount responsible for holding the weight of your TV or monitor are made of high-grade steel.

So, it’s super strong and reliable.

What We Liked About This

  • The high-grade steel construction can take up to 44 lbs which makes for a sturdy mount. That is good to have in a mount.
  • The rotation and tilting features are great for customising your viewing experience
  •  Furthermore, we like how you can install this mount easily on your own!
  • Poor cable management system
  • Screws may not be as strong as some had hoped


>> Final ThoughtsCustomer Reviews

Overall, this mount has some awesome customizable features that make watching TV great. Not to mention the strong materials, which leave you with a reliable mount that can also become compact in size to take up less room.


Those TV wall mounts are all great for being secure on your RVs. You can use all the information above to pick the one that suits your needs the best.

But remember, the mounts above can also be installed in standard apartments and homes!

So back to your answer , we have tried to bring you the most popular rv tv mount all together in this post. Hope you will love your product.

I have found a cool video on  how to install these mount. I am adding this here as well for convenient.

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