Best Umbrella Stroller Reviews and Guide

Umbrella Strollers are the best friends to the parents to carry the babies while they go out of the house with their babies. From 5-6 month old babies to toddlers, any sizes of babies can easily fit into the stroller. But unlike the other stroller, umbrella stroller has a shed on it to save the babies from the sunlight. To go to a park or going for shopping in the market, this Umbrella Strollers are the best for these purposes. The benefits of best Umbrella Stroller are they are easier to fold than the other strollers, they are more easily adjustable and they are lighter than the others.

Why an Umbrella Stroller??

There are different kinds of strollers in the market having their own features and benefits. But why parents choose Umbrella Strollers? Umbrella Strollers have their own benefits and facilities making them distinguishable from the others. Umbrella Strollers are not bulky and large like the traditional and the old strollers. Parents like the strollers which are light, small, easy controlling and compact for an easy walk at the road side, parks and shopping malls. They also look for the easy folding and easy storing strollers. Umbrella Strollers meet all these demands of the parents.

These strollers are light in weight and easy to control. They are easily foldable and folds like an umbrella and that’s why they are called Umbrella Strollers. Even some of them can be folded in half of their actual size. These smaller and lighter Umbrella Strollers lacks some facilities of the bigger sized strollers but they have some benefits which the bigger strollers don’t have. These are small but have enough space to hold a baby or a toddler. The seats of these strollers are made to provide highest comfort to the babies. The sun shade of these strollers is an outstanding feature to save your baby from the heat of sun light. The storage bins of these strollers are quite large to store useful things and the seat is reclining. Adjustable leg rests make these strollers more adjustable.

Selecting the Right Umbrella Stroller

Selecting the right product is the key factor to buy a perfect umbrella stroller. You should buy the right matching with your baby, budget and you. Here are the different types of umbrella strollers

Budget Umbrella Stroller: Budget umbrella strollers are portable and light and controlled easily. These are cheap in price too. If you have a limited budget for the stroller, you can choose these strollers because within cheap price these strollers provide all the facilities.

Lightweight Umbrella Stroller: These strollers are extremely light. If you go outside of your house more frequently with your baby, then these strollers are the best. As they are very light you will feel comfortable to take them with you. These are also great for travelling.

Standard Umbrella Stroller: Standard Umbrellas Strollers are those strollers which have all the necessary facilities in them. Their size, weight, dimension, facilities and price are all friendly to the users. These strollers have 2 rear wheels and a front wheel. Most importantly, other strollers are lack certain features but these standard Umbrella Strollers provides all the features.

Double Umbrella Stroller: Double Umbrella Strollers are only for those have twin babies or 2 kids almost the same age. These are quite large in size and include 2 seats side by side or front and rear seats. These strollers are very strong and durable and can bear heavy loads but light in weight. They easily fit through any standard sized doors.

Travelling Umbrella Stroller: Travelling Umbrella Strollers are usually light and extremely quick and easy to fold. As they are used during travelling they come with carry bag. And also they have shoulder strap to carry them easily. If you want to take a stroller while travelling, then it is the one you are looking for.

Umbrella Stroller for Jogging: These Umbrella Strollers are designed to use while you’re Jogging in the street or in the park. These Jogging Umbrella Strollers are generally of 3 wheels and the wheels are bigger than the other strollers to give a smooth ride. These Jogging Umbrella Strollers have comfortable handle bar to handle and move them easily.

Top 3 Best Umbrella Stroller

I choose 3 best Umbrella Strollers for you which by feature, user experience and price.

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Top Pick : Having 3 wheels, “BOB Revolution SE Single stroller” gives a smooth ride without any bounce. Greater maneuverability makes it easy to control. Its padded reclining seat gives maximum comfort. This stroller allows car seat. The Canopy is huge to save your baby from hot sun shine. It has a 2 step folding system. Its light weight makes it easy to carry.

Editor Choice: “Summer Infant 2015 3D Lite Convenience stroller” is made strongly with Aluminum but weighs very low just 12 lbs. Its 5 point harness ensures baby’s safety and the seat has 4 reclining positions. The removal Canopy protects the baby from the Sun and the foot rest provide comfort. To store necessary things of baby and you, it has a large basket. This stroller is very easy to fold and carry.

Best Value: “Kolocraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller” is perfect for traveling. It is very easy to control with one hand and it stands after folding. To store all the essentials for the baby, this stroller has a large in the back. Its multi-position reclining seat gives the baby safety and comfort. The large Canopy saves the baby from Sun.

Best Standard Umbrella Stroller

Standard Umbrellas Strollers are those strollers which have all the necessary facilities in them. Their size, weight, dimension, facilities and price are all friendly to the users. These strollers have 2 rear wheels and a front wheel. Most importantly, other strollers are lack certain features but these standard Umbrella Strollers provides all the features.

 Revolution SE Single Stroller

Brand: BOB


  • Infant car seat attachable
  • Front wheel gives greater maneuverability
  • Easy folding and storing
  • Portable and durable
  • Reclining seat with harness
  • Storage tray and canopy

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This nicely designed umbrella stroller is unique for its design. Its 3 wheels are sturdy to give a smooth ride. Its swiveling front wheel gives greater maneuverability whether you are walking or turning tight corners. The 2 rear wheels are strong and large enough to give smooth ride on any surface. The 7- degree reclining padded seat gives superior comfort as it allows attachment of car seat too with the help of the adaptor. The Canopy of this stroller has a huge size to protect from the sun. For easy storage, this stroller has a 2 step folding facility. With its light weight it is very simple to transport to any places. Its storage tray has large space to store necessary things.

B-Agile 3 Stroller

Brand: Britax

  • Heavy duty
  • Brake lock for all the wheels
  • Easy adjustable
  • Quick folding
  • Comfortable seat with 5 point harness

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Another great 3 wheel stroller which has superior wheel suspension. Its front wheel is able to turn even in the tightest corner and rear wheels give a smooth ride to your baby. All the wheels have parking brake locks for greater stability. Its reclining padded seat provides extra softness with an easy adjustable quality and has a 5 point Harness for better safety. It needs only one hand to fold and also very simple to carry in any place. Very easy to open and close, this stroller takes a small space while storing. The body of this stroller is very strong to serve for a long time. This strong frame supports up to 55 lbs of weight. The canopy if this umbrella stroller is very large to cover your baby from sun light. The handle is perfect for all kinds of parents, tall or short.

Liteway Stroller

Brand: Chicco

  • Aluminum made
  • 3D folding system
  • Multi positioning padded seat
  • Removal storage basket
  • Canopy
  • Shock proof wheels
  • Easy folding

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A nicely and attractively designed Umbrella Stroller which gives a smooth ride to your baby through its strong and unique wheels. Its rear wheel is shock absorbing and has toe-tap locking brakes for a safe ride. The swivel front wheel gives you more freedom to turn any tight corner. The frame of this umbrella stroller is made by Aluminum which can bear the load up to 40 lbs. Its multi-positioned reclining padded seat is very comfortable and your baby can take a nap easily with the help of foot rest. And for safety of your kid the seat also includes a harness. Its Canopy provides shed to save from the sun. Its big storage basket is used to carry necessary things of baby and this storage basket is easily removable. With its 3D folding facility this stroller can be folded for easy storing and easy transport.

Best Lightweight Umbrella Stroller

Lightweight Umbrella Strollers are extremely light in weight. These umbrella strollers provide all the facilities like the other strollers. Parents prefer these strollers for their friendly features for traveling. These Umbrellas Strollers can bear heavy load though they are very light.

3D Lite Convenience Stroller

Brand: Summer Infant

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Aluminum made
  • Reclining seat with harness
  • Removable canopy and foot rest
  • Storage basket with rear pocket
  • Easy folding and auto locking system
  • Shock proof and lockable wheels

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Pros: A very light umbrella stroller which is very convenient for you and your baby because of its great facilities. Its Aluminum frame made it very strong as well as very light of 12 lbs only to handle it easily. For the highest comfort of your baby the seat of this umbrella stroller has a large seat with a 5 point harness for better safety. The seat includes 4 different reclining positions. Your kid can nap with ease as this stroller has foot rest to sit with more comfort. The Canopy of this stroller which protects your kid from hot sun can be adjusted removed easily. The wheels are also very unique. The front wheels are shock proof and the rear wheels are lockable for greater stability. To take all the essentials easily within your hand’s reach while going outside, this stroller has a large basket and rear storage pocket. But the most important and outstanding feature of this award winning 3D Lite stroller is its very simple and quick folding system. You just lift the handle and push the lever with foot and the stroller is folded now. For storing it has a carry bag and with it shoulder strap you can easily carry it while travelling.

Cons: It doesn’t stand when it is folded.

XL1 SPORT Xtra Lightweight Single Stroller

Brand: Zoe

  • Only 9 lbs weight
  • One hand folding
  • Large Canopy and foot rest
  • Large seat with heavier capacity
  • Storage basket and cup holders
  • Lifetime warranty for the wheels
  • 5 point harness

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Pros: This umbrella stroller can be called a Super Light Stroller as it weighs only 9 lbs, lighter than many other strollers in the market. For this extremely light weight this stroller is very easy to carry on any public transport like bus or walking in a subway or airport. Its storing is very simple and only a single hand is enough to fold it and that’s why it is perfect for travelling too. Its 135 degree reclining seat is very soft and comfortable and holds up to 50 lbs of weight. Its 5 point Harness ensures the safety of the baby. To save your kid from the heat of the sun, the Canopy of this stroller is extra large. And with its footrest your baby can nap with ease. The huge basket enables you to carry all the necessary things for your baby. The child cup holder, parent cup holder and child snack cup are very handy to carry bottles, coffee and juice. Its quick lockable wheels are ultra strong and have greater brakes. And these wheels have a lifetime warranty.

Cons: A shoulder strap would make the carrying easier.

Capri Lightweight Stroller

Brand: Chicco

  • Aluminum made
  • Reclining seat with 2 different positions
  • Front wheels give smooth riding
  • Sun shade and foot rest
  • Comfortable seat with 5 point harness
  • Carry bag with shoulder strap
  • Storage basket
  • Easy folding like an umbrella


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Pros: These Umbrella Strollers are named lightweight because they are very light. This ultra light umbrella stroller is made with Aluminum and weighs only 11 lbs. This Aluminum made it light but durable to last for a long period of time. To provide the best comfort, this stroller has padded seat which is reclining with two different positions. The seat also includes 5 point Harness for the safety of your kid. The Canopy saves your baby from hot sun light and it can be removed easily when not in use. The stroller also provides a foot rest to seat comfortably and to sleep. The front wheels have built in suspension to make rough terrains smooth. The best part of it is it can be folded like an umbrella and it enables an easy and quick storing and transportation. As it is very portable, it includes a carry bag and shoulder strap to make its transportation more easy and comfortable and that’s made this umbrella stroller a perfect traveling stroller. Its large basket is very helpful to store all the necessaries within your reach while traveling outside.

Cons: Some parents claim that the harness is poorly positioned to hold kid perfectly.

Best Budget Umbrella Stroller

Budget Umbrella Strollers are usually light and portable. They have smooth ride with easy controllable feature. With strong body and comfortable seating they are one the favorites to the users.

Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller

Brand: Kolocraft

  • One hand use
  • Large basket and 2 cup holders
  • Reclining seat
  • 3 wheeler
  • Huge canopy
  • Perfect for traveling

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Pros: Kolocraft made a perfect traveling umbrella stroller for you, which is very easy to use and lightweight. This stroller is one of the best as this has all the other features of a regular stroller but perfect for traveling for its light weight and compact shape. Its 12 lbs weight makes it carry easily while traveling and to store it at home. This stroller can hold over 50 lbs weight of the baby. Only one hand is enough to use this stroller as it is very easy to control. It is self-standing when it is folded for storing. Its multi-position reclining seat ensures the safety and comfort of the baby. The large Canopy of this umbrella stroller saves your baby from the heat of the Sun. it has also has a peek-a-boo window for air circulation. 3 tire wheels gives smooth ride with no change of bouncing. To store necessary things for the baby, this amazing umbrella stroller has a large storage bag and 2 cup holders to hold can or bottle.

Cons: Do not expect a top notch quality

Cloud Umbrella Stroller

Brand: Kolcraft

  • Safe and durable
  • Unique design
  • High quality material
  • Portable with storage basket
  • Easy setup and use
  • Sturdy wheel shock absorbs
  • Bigger sun canopy and rear hood

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Pros: A uniquely designed Umbrella stroller for your baby which has some good features. It is made with high quality material which made it durable and long lasting. 3 point safety harness enables the safety of the by holding the baby tightly. The large sun Canopy gives shade and save your baby from hot sun shine. The rear hood is bigger than the other umbrella strollers and covers more to protect from sun. The head rest helps the right positioning of the head. Its weight is very light and the handling of it also very easy. The great thing is it can be folded simply and within a short time. And like the folding, the setup of the stroller is also very easy. It is Scissor foldable and with this benefit it can be stored easily or carried to any place very easily. The front wheels of this umbrella stroller are shock absorbing and they are very strong to give a smooth riding of your baby. This stroller also provides storage basket to store necessary things of baby while going out. And with all these benefits, this umbrella stroller gives heavier duty than the other strollers.

Cons: The height of this stroller is quite short for the taller parents.

LiteRider Classic Connect Stroller

Brand: Graco

  • Holds up to 40 lbs
  • Easy folding and storing
  • Comfortable seat
  • Wheels provide better stability
  • Nice and strong design
  • Storage bag and cup holders

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Pros: Graco made this umbrella stroller for the convenience of the kid and parents. For the best comfort of your baby, this stroller can attach all infant car seats. And the seat is multi padded and multi-positioned and can be reclined to give your baby a great sleeping experience. The 5 point harness provides better security to your kid. The weight of this stroller is below 20 lbs. But it can carry up to 40 lbs of weight quite easily. The high quality materials of this stroller made it strong and durable. With its light weight it can be folded with using only one hand for storing. It is also very easy to carry for transportation. 4 front wheels and 2 rear wheels give a better stability and smooth run to it. The front wheels are lockable and have built-in suspension for easy maneuver. The storage basket is extra large to store necessary things of your baby and you. It also includes 2 cup holders to take bottles or other things. It also provides a removable tray for your child. These storage bag, cup holder and removable tray give you to get all the necessary things with in your arm’s reach.

Cons: Hold the front side of the stroller else it will fall down on the floor.

Best Double Umbrella Stroller

Double Umbrella Strollers are only for those have twin babies or 2 kids almost the same age. These are quite large in size and include 2 seats side by side or front and rear seats. These strollers are very strong and durable and can bear heavy loads but light in weight. Though large in size they easily fit through any standard sized doors.

LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller

Brand: Delta Children

  • Lightweight but strong frame
  • Easy foldable
  • Reclining seat with harness
  • Shock absorbing wheels
  • Storage bag and cup holders
  • Large canopy

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Pros: If you have 2 kids almost the same age, then this double Umbrella stroller is for you. It holds two kids along in its large body. Bigger than the standard umbrella strollers, this stroller has a firm body to hold 2 kids at once. But with its strong body this stroller doesn’t have a heavy weight. Its light weight made it very convenient for storing and carrying. To give maximum comfort, it has 2 multi-positioned reclining padded seats. To ensure safety it has 5 point Harness. To give a smooth ride it has 12 rear and front wheels which are 360 degree shock absorbing. To carry necessary things for babies it has 2 large hanging bags and to hold bottle or can it includes cup holder. Its large sized canopy is enough to save your babies from sun light. It is easy foldable and takes a small place to store. Certified by JPMA it easily fits through any standard 30” doors though it looks bigger.

Cons: No Major cons found!


Twin Triumph

Brand: Maclaren

  • Nice design and color
  • Light weight
  • Reclining seat and removable hood
  • Rain cover
  • Storage bin
  • Sturdy wheels

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Pros: For carrying 2 kids at once this umbrella stroller is the perfect one. Its nice design and color catch the eyes of anyone. It is very light of 23 lbs weight but capable to bear a heavy weight up to 50 lbs. the size of this stroller is big enough for 2 kids. From newborn to toddlers, this stroller easily holds any sizes of babies. Its 2 seat are reclining to provide multi seat positions with a 5 point safety Harness for your baby. The seat provides highest quality comfort and softness. The hoods of this umbrella stroller are large enough to cover your baby from the sun and most importantly they are water resistant and easily removable. To save your baby from sudden raining, this stroller also includes a rain cover. Its storage bin contains all the essentials for the baby while going out. Its 2 handles in the back give you more freedom to control and steer it with ease. Its wheels have sufficient strength to provide a greater stability. For storing this stroller is easily foldable and takes a small place to store. It is quite large is size but it easily fits through any standard doors.

Cons: Some users say, the storage bin is not big enough.

Cloud Side By Side Umbrella Stroller

Brand: Kolcraft

  • Mesh and head rest
  • Reclining seat with heavy duty
  • Cup holders
  • Safety harness
  • Sturdy wheels
  • 3 handles

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Pros: Another good umbrella stroller for carrying your 2 kids along. Its Red and Black colors are great to look. The 2 seats of it are much comfortable and soft. Per seat can carry 35 lbs of weight. For ensuring safety each seat has 3 point safety harness to hold your babies tightly. The seat pads ensure air flow in hot weather and can be rolled up. The body of this stroller is strong enough to serve you for a long time with no chance to damage. It includes cup holder to store bottle, can and juice. The wheels are very strong and have the ability to turn easily in any tight corners. It provides 3 handles unlike the other double umbrella strollers to control it more easily by both parents. But the most important feature of this umbrella stroller is it hood and canopy. The hood is extras large and the canopies are expandable to save your baby from the heat of the sun. The Mesh of this stroller makes air circulation more easily and makes the inside of the stroller cool. This Mesh creates a head rest to provide more comfort to the baby. You can fold this stroller easily and it takes a small place to store when it is folded. It can enter into any standard doors.

Cons: No storage basket.

Best Umbrella Stroller for Travel

Travelling Umbrella Strollers are usually light and extremely quick and easy folding. As they are used during travelling they come with carry bag. And also they have shoulder strap to carry them easily. They made with the materials which made them durable and light. They include larger storage bin and cup holders.

Groove Ultralight Travel Umbrella Stroller

Brand: Joovy

  • Made by Aluminum
  • Easy fold with shoulder strap
  • Canopy and window
  • Reclining seat with footrest|
  • Harness and handles
  • Storage basket
  • Light weight

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For travelling you always want a strong and durable stroller which has zero damage chance. In that case you can choose this travelling umbrella stroller because it is made with high quality Graphite Aluminum. Its body is very firm to hold any weight of the babies. But with this strong body it weighs only 13.9 pounds of weight. With this light weight it is easily carried to any place while travelling and to make your travelling more simple and easy, this stroller also includes shoulder straps. Light weight of this stroller provides an easy folding to storage and with its small folding size it can be stored in any tiny place. This stroller gives a generous Canopy for saving from sun and the Peekaboo window air gets a free circulation in it. The seat of this stroller is reclining to provide multi positioning and gives your child more comfort. The seat also includes a 5 point harness. The footrest is easy adjustable and enables your baby to take nap easily. The front wheels have easy turn ability in a tight turn and the rear wheels have firmness to give greater stability. The rear wheels have toe-tap breaking system too. The 2 handles gives to control and steer it more easily. The storage basket in the back has large space to contain all the necessaries for the babies.

Aire3 Click Connect Travel System

Brand: Graco

  • Perfect for travelling
  • Quick foldable and easy storing
  • Wheel lock and self standing
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Multi-positioning seat
  • Canopy and Harness

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An ultra light travel stroller for you to make your travelling easier with your baby. With a weight of below 20 lbs this stroller is perfect for carrying while travelling. The strong frame of this stroller can hold up to 35 pounds of weight. It can be folded very easily within seconds and for storing it is self standing. To transport it without any difficulty, it has shoulder strap. Its 3 wheels moving system gives you a smooth ride and easy controlling to turn it in any tight turns too. The wheels have automatic locking system for better safety. The Canopy of this stroller covers the upper part of your baby to save from the heat of sun. The seat of this stroller is multi positioning and the reclining seat makes a carriage for your baby’s comfort. The seat includes a Harness to hold your baby tight. The handle enables an easy and comfortable handling of the stroller. The storage basket helps you to store the things which are needed for you and for your baby.

DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller

Brand: Graco

  • Double stroller
  • Relaxed seating style
  • Standing folding with one hand
  • Made with Plastic, Metal and Polyester
  • Extra large storage basket
  • Large Canopy and footrest
  • Reclining seat with harness

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To carry 2 babies in one stroller, this stroller is like a dream come true for the parents because this stroller has all the necessary facilities in it. Its vehicle type seating system gives a ride like a bus or rollercoaster. 2 seats one in the front and the other in the back. The back seat reclines completely flat to give extra comfort and relax. Both seats are soft and have safety Harness for protection. But for more comfort you can attach car seats too with it. The fabric of the seat is made of Polyester to last long. Both seats include large sized adjustable Canopies to protect your baby from sunlight. Footrests of this stroller provide a relax seating of the babies. The frame of this double stroller is made with High quality plastic and Metal for greater firmness and to hold more weight. Its each seat holds 40 lbs of weight. The wheels are easy to move and brake for better stability. Huge storage basket of it gives your freedom to take all the essentials for your babies and holders are very convenient for you and for your babies. To move the stroller slowly or fast and to steer the stroller easily while walking, you can use the unique handle bar.

Best Umbrella Stroller for Jogging

These Umbrella Strollers are designed to use while you’re Jogging in the street or in the park. These Jogging Umbrella Strollers are generally of 3 wheels and the wheels are bigger than the other strollers to give a bounce free ride. Having big storage basket, these Jogging Umbrella Strollers have comfortable handle bar to handle and move them easily.


Revolution Flex Stroller

Brand: BOB

  • Superior wheels and adjustable suspension
  • 2 step folding
  • Reclining seat with harness
  • Canopy and storage basket
  • Padded handle bar
  • Smooth ride
  • Perfect for jogging and travelling

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Pros: Considered one of the best umbrella strollers for jogging, this stroller has superior quality than the others. Its wheels are of superior quality as they are bigger in size and it has adjustable suspension system to give your baby a nice, smooth and bounce free riding. The front wheel has greater maneuverability with locking system to provide better stability and for easy movement of the stroller. To enjoy the time in the stroller, it has padded reclining seat which has multiple positions and a 5 point safety Harness for greater safety. The Canopy gives shed sufficient enough. To store it or to take it while travelling, it enables very easy 2 step folding, easy storing and easy carrying. The storage basket is for carrying necessary things for baby for you. With its compact design and nice color it looks great too. Its padded handles bar gives an easy and comfortable controlling to it.

Cons: Some parents claim it is quite heavy for jogging.


Expedition Jogger Stroller

Brand: Baby Trend

  • Large wheels with bicycle tires
  • Easy steering front wheel with lock
  • Comfortable seat with harness
  • Child tray with cup holder
  • Simple storage and folding
  • Canopy, footrest and handle bar

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Pros: Another great umbrella stroller for jogging which comes with large wheel with bicycle tires to provide bounce free ride to your baby. The front wheel is easy controllable and has locking system to ensure protection. The padded comfortable seat of it large and includes multiple positioning. The seat also has a 5 point safety harness. The canopy is large enough to give maximum shed and the footrest gives a relaxed seating. For easy storing and for traveling, this stroller enables a quick folding and takes a small place to keep it. It has 2 cup holders to contain bottle or can and for taking essential baby things it provides a large storage basket. The handle bar gives freedom to you to move it as your wish. Having all these facilities you can easily choose this one for jogging.

Cons: Customers claim the quality can be improved.

City Mini Stroller In Black

Brand: Baby Jogger

  • Compact design
  • One step folding
  • Multi positioning seat
  • Large Canopy
  • Heavy weight capacity
  • Large basket and handle bar

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Pros: You want to stay close to your baby while jogging? Then take this Jogging Umbrella Stroller. It is perfect for you to jogging and to take care of your baby simultaneously. This stroller has a compact design to amuse your baby. The seat is very comfortable and soft. But you can attach car seat to provide more comfort. The reclining seat has multiple positions and also has a safety Harness. The strong seat can hold 50 lbs weight of any sizes of babies. The large adjustable Canopy gives more shed to your child. As you will use it while jogging, it provides an ultra light weight to move it easily. The wheels are of this stroller are very strong to give a smooth ride. The 360 degree lockable front wheel can be steered simply and easily turned in any tight turns. Its patented one step folding system allows a very quick folding of the stroller within few seconds. To take baby things like bottle, diaper or other essentials, it also includes a large basket in the back. To make your jogging comfortable and to steer the stroller easily it has a handy handle bar.

Cons: Some users claim that it is not a perfect stroller for jogging.

How to Pick the Best Umbrella Stroller

There are a lot of Umbrella Strollers in the market of different manufacturers. All of them are not high standard and include all the facilities. You need to observe closely the features of an Umbrella Stroller before buying. But the important thing is to choose the right Umbrella Stroller for your purpose and for the baby. There are 2 kinds of baby Umbrella Stroller. One is Basic Stroller and the other is All the Bells Stroller. All the basic features are almost the same except the additional features.

Basic Umbrella StrollerBasic Umbrella Strollers are simple and for short time use. If you go out for a while with your baby then Basic is the right one for you. Basic Umbrella Stroller lacks some facilities like large storing space, big canopy, pockets or trays for accessories, whistle and bells and extra comfort. But they are light and very easy to control. These strollers are small and portable. For light weight and smaller size they are easily foldable and can be stored in a small place. They are also very simple to transport to any place.

All the Bells Umbrella Strollers: If you plan for to go for a long distance and for long time, then these strollers are perfect for you. These Umbrella Strollers have huge seat with extra comfort. The back rests of these strollers are friendly for the kids. The big sun shade is very helpful. Besides, these strollers have cup holders, parent storage basket, adjustable leg rest and big canopy for extra protection. Kids can easily nap in these strollers as there are Bells and Whistle. Though they cost more and are not easy to fold, store and carry to other places, they are the best companion of you if you plan for going out for a long time and for a long distance.

Umbrella Stroller Buying Guide

You can choose the Basic Umbrella Stroller or All the Bells Umbrella Stroller. But before buying any one of them just look for these features in them.  

Quality: Quality is one of the major features of umbrella stroller. Never compromise with this feature. The materials of a high quality umbrella stroller are must be high quality too. The fabric of the seat should be tear and water proof. The frame of the stroller must be strong enough. The handle and wheels have to firm and free moving. All the joints need to be tight and strong. Seat should provide softness and comfort.

Storing: To easy store an umbrella stroller needs to be folded very easily. Easy folding saves time and space in the house. It allows carrying the stroller easily in any place. Folding of the stroller makes the stroller handy for travelling in a private or public transport. Some strollers provide shoulder strap. Go for those.

Weight: Umbrella Strollers are expected to weigh light to move it or for storing it easily. Light weight gives Umbrella Stroller better portability. So go for the light ones as they are also friendly for travelling.

Size: The size of the stroller needs to small to move, fold and to carry it easily. Large size of the stroller makes it unsuitable for travelling and free movement.

Easy setup: A perfect umbrella needs to be unfolded and set up very simply and quickly. Complicated set up is annoying and time consuming.

Wheels: Standard strollers have four wheels. 2 in the front and 2 rear wheels. Some strollers have 4 front wheels. And some have 1 front wheel and 2 rear wheels. But 4 wheel strollers are the best because they have greater balance give a smooth and bounce free ride.

Brakes: Brakes have a vital role on the stroller. A great breaking system makes a stroller stable on the ground when parent is not walking. Some strollers have single action and they are easy to use while double paddle strollers are always difficult to control. Breaks ensure the safety of the stroller and the baby.

Comfort: Comfort is another important thing which enables the babies to sit in the stroller for a long time without any trouble. Good seats are made foam, cushion and high quality fabrics to ensure maximum comfort for the baby. So, make sure that the seat has the ability to give comfort to your baby. A back rest secures the safety and provides comfort. Leg rest is another important part which helps your kid to sit and sleep with comfort.

Safety: Safety is the main feature of a stroller. Take a look at the harness and make sure that it is easy to adjust. Parents usually don’t buy the strollers which have harness with complicated to adjustments. As toddlers can walk and run their own, a Harness prevents the toddlers to run and walk their own by the sudden inattentiveness of the parent.

All in one: Providing all these necessary facilities, a good Umbrella Stroller needs to provide some extra feature with it. It must provide side pockets and storing bins to put bottles and useful things in it. It has to be good looking too.

Duration of using: It will be very clever if you decide which stroller will you buy depending on the duration of the staying of your kid on the stroller. If you’re gonna use the stroller for a long period of time then you will need more features in the stroller like the back rest and the leg rest to sit and sleep for your baby. The canopy must be big. There must be cup holder and sufficient pockets to store essential things.

The longer your baby will stay in the stroller, the more features you will need in the stroller. Here the frequency of the using the stroller is also equal important. If you will use the stroller regularly you will need a durable and more featured stroller. But for an irregular use you don’t need to invest more for a stroller. Just careful that, less investment does not mean a cheap stroller. Never go for the low quality cheap strollers.

Price: Good quality products are costly. But now manufacturers provide great quality products within a cheap price. So, look for the best one with inexpensive price.

How We Test Umbrella Stroller

Some Strollers look very attractive and comfortable. But all of them are not great and easy to use. We took some of these strollers in the streets and used on our own to justify their quality. Honestly speaking, some of them gave us real difficulty to control them though they look nice and unique. But some are really great and easy to use. And after the testing we found out some basic feature of a stroller which can make a great stroller.

Safety: Safety is the main issue of a stroller. And from safety strap to the wheels, we closely observed everything. We looked how easily the Harness can be used by the parents otherwise they won’t prefer a product if the Harness is difficult to use. We also tested how the harness works to adjust the height of the shoulder. We tested how tightly the straps hold the baby without hurting. We ranked the products after testing. Easy controllable and mare safety provided products get higher ranking.

Same goes for the wheels too. Brake is the main part of wheel. Sometimes the wheels seem set but actually they aren’t. That’s a weakness. Good brakes are easy to release and set and have much wiggle room once they are set correctly. Sandal friendly wheels are preferable. Automatic locking system makes the wheel safer. We also tested, to move the stroller in any direction how much pressure it needs on the handles. And the strollers need more pressure to move, those got more numbers.

Weight, Size and Portability: Weight is another important factor of a stroller. Heavy weighted strollers are hard to control. Bigger sized strollers are weighted heavy. Heavy weighted and bigger sized stroller are hard to carry. We tested all these things and light weighted, smaller sized and easily portable strollers got higher number.

Quality: Quality cannot be compromised. From seat fabric to sun shade and from the frame to the wheels, we tested all the parts of the strollers. High quality strollers cost more and low quality stroller cost less. But we gave more numbers to those which are comparatively cheap but provide high quality.

Easy setup and using: Parents prefer those strollers which are easy to set after folding and takes less time to setup. Easy using means to handle the stroller easily outside. Easy storing also included here. So, we gave more number to those which take minimum time to fold and setup and very easy to store and have easy handling.

Best umbrella stroller for tall parents

Finally here is an umbrella stroller with tall handles that will keep you strolling in comfortable upright position. The First Years Ignite Stroller is a new stroller that just came out and I think it’s much better for tall parents than the Heavenly Stroller! You can also pick UPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller, if you looking for a best umbrella stroller for tall parents.


I think you have got all the necessary ideas about Umbrella Stroller and its features, quality, kinds and benefits in this review. Just follow the buying tips and you’ll get the perfect Umbrella Stroller you’re looking for. Keep your baby safe and sound.

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