Best Under Counter Fridge

Under counter fridges are amazing for saving space and keeping beverages cool.

Whether you’re looking to entertain guests, or simply have a compact fridge nearby as you chill out on the sofa…

You can be sure to find what you’re looking for with our picks for the 4 best under counter fridges. We’ve laid out all the information so that all you have to do is decide which one’s best for you. This can beverage cooler are getting popular among party lovers and other homeowners. So let’s find a few of the top choices.

Top 4 Under Counter Fridge

1. Danby 120 Can Beverage Center – Best for Hosting Guests

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This under counter fridge by Danby is just 3.3 cubic feet and is able to hold a maximum of 120 cans. We found this to be an impressive capacity as it means you’re very unlikely to run out of drinks.

The glass door has been tempered for a visually appealing look. Stainless-steel materials have been used to construct this fridge to ensure the drinks inside remain as cool as possible. The stainless-steel works to prevent UV rays from the sun penetrating and heating up the drinks.

You also have control over the temperature of your drinks in the fridge. This is possible with the use of a programmable thermostat. There are temperature options to choose from that vary from as low as 6-degrees Celsius, all the way up to 14-degrees Celsius.

Customers can also be sure the content of their beverage center is secured. You receive a key which can be used to function the built-in lock system.

We appreciated how the doors can be opened comfortably for both right and left-handed people – the door hinge is reversible.

An interior light brightens up the inside of the fridge, while also being efficient with its power usage.

What We Liked About This

  • The capacity of 120 drinks means you can keep guests happy without worrying about topping it up
  • A programmable thermostat gives you more control over the temperature of your drinks
  • An integrated lock system means you can be the only one with access to the fridge if you please
  • Some people find it’s not cold enough
  • Prone to producing noise disturbance while on


>> Final ThoughtsCustomer Reviews

Danby is one of the top refrigerator companies in the U.S. and they’ve established that title for a reason. They’ve worked hard to provide innovative appliances that slot perfectly into your home. Their beverage center is awesome for people entertaining guests – it holds a lot of drinks!

2. Danby DAR044A5BSLDD Compact Refrigerator – Best For Holding Larger Drinks

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This Danby compact fridge is slightly more expensive than the one above, but that’s because it’s a little larger.

This fridge is 4.4 cubic feet in size and can take a capacity of 126 liters of liquid. There are two shelves to provide enough room to store more drinks. You also get one other shelf which can be utilized for holding various other items that may need cooling.

The inside of the unit is spacious and can hold large bottles of drink. Furthermore, it comes with an Energy Star rating, which is a huge benefit.

This means it’s awesome at keeping your electricity bills down to a minimum. It uses power very efficiently to cool your beverages. You get a thermostat that lets you know the exact temperature of your drinks too.

Customers are appreciating the automatic defrosting system. This makes putting frozen items into the cooler to defrost and use easier.

The finish of this fridge is spotless-steel and it makes the whole unit look modern. Scratch-resistant materials have been used on top of the fridge to prevent wear and tear appearances.

A CanStor beverage dispenser means you can prevent drinks from being free and rolling around. They remain organized, yet easy to access.

For night-time use, there’s an interior light to let you see clearly what drinks you want to pick out. And lastly, it comes with an 18-month warranty for your peace of mind.

What We Liked About This

  • The CanStor feature means it can hold drinks of all sizes and keep the fridge organized
  • An Energy Star rating will save you money on paying added electricity bills
  • We love the spotless-steel materials as they add a contemporary look and prevent scratch marks
  • May be prone to making noise when in use
  • Doesn’t get cool enough for some



>> Final ThoughtsCustomer Reviews

This Danby model is only slightly more expensive that the previous one, but it’s larger in size and has an Energy Star rating to keep electricity bills to a minimum. The CanStor system allows you to store all kinds of beverages that are organised yet easy to access. Overall, it’s an upgrade that may be worth the small extra cost for some.

3. RCA RFR321-FR320/8 IGLOO Mini Refrigerator – Best For Modern Homes

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This Igloo mini fridge is 3.2 cubic feet in size. It uses effective technology that works to keep your items cool – without having a big impact on the environment.

We loved the design of this one. It has been constructed with a platinum finish that looks great in all kinds of settings. The doors are reversible, meaning they can fit anywhere, regardless of how the room is laid out. And don’t forget this fridge comes in many different colors.

Furthermore, the door handles are invisible, which makes for a state-of-the-art aesthetic.

The way the inside of this mini fridge has been assembled is awesome. There are two adjustable racks that can be used and altered to your needs. You also get extra storage room with the drink holders that are built-in to the interior of the door.

You also get to use a thermostat that lets you easily control the temperature of the Igloo fridge. So, keeping an eye on the preferred temperature of your beverages has never been easier. Changing the temperature is simple and gives a more personalized feel to the unit.

What We Liked About This

  • The platinum finish and invisible doors make this a perfect addition to any modern home
  • You can use two adjustable racks, as well as added storage space within the door, to hold tons of drinks
  • An adjustable thermostat lets you easily keep an eye on the temperature
  • May create a buzzing sound when switched on

Doesn’t get cool enough for some



>> Final ThoughtsCustomer Reviews

All in all, this stainless-steel Igloo mini fridge is a great pick for the price. It has all the features you need to hold lots of beverages in an organised manner. However, the design is what stands out to us. It’s made for more contemporary homes and will fit right in.

4.  NewAir AB-1200 126-Can Beverage Cooler – Best for Keeping Drinks Extremely Cool

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The NewAir AB-1200 Beverage Cooler is one of the more expensive options on this list. This cooler operates with freestanding functions and includes some excellent cooling technology.

The matte plastic finish is black to ensure it can fit into any room and look fantastic. It has a modern look to it that customers are loving.

Unlike some of the other options in this review, the AB-1200 model produces very little noise. In fact, it operates at 35 decibels, meaning you don’t have to worry about it creating noise while it’s running.

You can easily adjust and remove shelves and personalize the interior of the mini fridge to your needs. There is a total of five shelves and a rack made out of heavy-duty metal for increased durability.

Another one of the big reasons why this one is a little more expensive is because it’s built to keep drinks cool. This means functioning at an overall cooler temperature than other fridges. Many others hover around the 38-degrees range. This one keeps your drinks cool at an incredible 34-degrees.

Serving your drinks cold every single time will never be an issue. This is especially beneficial for sodas as they taste best at their coldest.

We were surprised to find how energy efficient this cooler is. Per hour, it costs just 27 cents to run. So, there’s no worry about it running up your electricity bills.

Despite it’s energy-saving benefits, it still manages to provide you with an LED lighting system. This illuminates the inside of your fridge, without using up as much energy as regular bulbs.

It adds a blue tint to the interior which enhances the overall aesthetic appeal. Lastly, there’s a lock feature that means you can keep your beverages safer and locked up.

What We Liked About This

  • Your beverages will remain cooler than many other min fridges can’t compete with as this one operates at a low 34-degrees
  • The adjustable and removable shelves make customising the unit to your needs super easy
  • You’re able to run this mini fridge at just 27 cents an hour, meaning it won’t hike up your electricity bills
  • Can cause drinks to freeze
  • May lead to condensation on the floor in hot climates



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If you’re looking for a mini fridge that can keep your fizzy drinks as cool as possible, this is the one for you. The interior can be customized exactly how you want it and the construction uses metal racks to ensure maximum durability.


So, those were our top four picks for under counter fridges. All of them can be easily fitted into any room and take up minimal space. Consider all the features that each fridge has to offer and decide on the one that suits your needs best!

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