Best Under Desk Elliptical – Exercise Cycle

Do you need to be more active during your workday, but simply can’t get the time to make it to the gym?

If so, these under-desk Elliptical or some people call it under-desk cycles or could be your perfect solution.

They simply slide under your desk and can be used throughout your day to burn calories while you work. People have also found that they’re beneficial for boosting your mental focus too!

Take a look at the top five under desk cycles to see which one suits you best.


Top 5 Best Under Desk Elliptical

1. DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser Cycle – Best For Use In The Office

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The DeskCycle Exercise Bike Pedal is one of the low height cycles you’ll find, at just 10” high. It’s perfectly compatible with desks that are 27” or above.

You get a total of eight calibrated resistance settings to choose from. The levels begin very easy with minimal effort and increase in toughness the higher you go.

Magnetic resistance is built in to this cycle to ensure a pedaling movement that’s smooth and quiet – so no disturbing your co-workers!

There’s an awesome 5-function display that gives you tons of information. This includes:

  • Speed
  • Time
  • Calories
  • Distance

The base is also fairly wide to properly support you as you cycle and work.


What We Liked About This

  • The varying difficulty levels work to keep you challenged and focused while working
  • You don’t have to worry about disturbing coworkers as the magnetic resistance ensures noise is kept to a minimum
  • The ability to track your progress on the 5-function display is a great feature
  • Taller people’s heels may touch the ground while pedaling
  • Calorie tracker can sometimes be inaccurate
  • Hard to use with a swivel chair



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The under desk cycle would be more suited for those who want smooth pedalling, no noise, and the ability to see how they’re progressing. It’s also a good option for most desks that are 27” or higher.

2. Vaunn Medical Pedal Exerciser Elliptical – Best For Physical Therapy

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The Vaunn has been created specifically for physical therapy. Therefore, it provides you with a low impact method of exercising that’s excellent for strengthening muscles during physiotherapy.

It increases blood circulation which is key for optimal recovery too.

While you can use this under your desk, it’s also a surprisingly versatile product. You can also use it as an arm exerciser!

The Vaunn Pedal Exerciser can have its tension adjusted. Therefore, it’s customizable to each user and their specific therapeutic needs.

We noticed it’s constructed out of a sturdy triple-layered chrome frame to prevent wobbliness in use. There are also no screws or standard joint structures that usually cause desk cycles to become unstable during use.

A rubber platform is made out of non-skid materials to provide ultimate traction, regardless of the type of floor you’re using the cycle on.

It also comes fully assembled, so no assembly required- use it instantly upon opening!


What We Liked About This

  • The low impact exercise features work to improve your muscle strength during physiotherapy
  • You can use it as both a leg and arm exerciser
  • The triple-layered chrome frame is strong and built to last
  • The cycle comes fully assembled so you can start using it right away
  • Too light for some people’s preference
  • May be too narrow and short
  • Can produce loud squeaky sound



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Anyone needing to increase their circulation and slowly improve their muscle strength will find the Vaunn to the best options. It has been created especially for people going through physiotherapy. The cycle is also super easy to start using immediately.

3. Platinum Fitness Fit Sit Deluxe Folding Pedal Exerciser Elliptical – Best For Rehabilitation

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The Platinum Sit Deluxe Pedal Exerciser is perfect for anyone looking for help in rehabilitation. It can work to exercise both your arms and legs.

There’s a fantastic 5-function LCD readout that provides you with information about:

  • Exercise time
  • Revolution count
  • Amount of revolutions per minute
  • Number of calories burned

Incredible Cool Rev tech has been used to make this cycle, meaning any dangers of overheating are no longer an issue.

The frame can easily fold so that you can store the cycle away with ease. This feature also lets carry the cycle around with you, hassle-free.

There’s even an anchor strap that keeps the cycle in place and stops it moving around while you use it. This strap simply attaches to your cycle and chair to ensure complete stability for a more enjoyable experience.


What We Liked About This

  • It’s great for rehabilitating muscles in your arms and legs
  • 5-function LCD readout with details on how you’re performing
  • The Cool Revtech ensures your cycle doesn’t overheat
  • An anchor strap that connects the cycle to your chair for superior stability
  • Not as much resistant as some would like
  • Pedaling isn’t completely smooth all the time
  • Occasionally makes squeaking noises



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This pedal exerciser is a great choice for people going through rehabilitation. It’s versatile as you can use it for both your arms and legs. It also remains very stable in use, which is hard to come by with these small cycles.

4.  Pedal Exerciser by Vive Portable Medical Exercise Elliptical – Best For Exercising Legs and Arms

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If you want to strengthen your legs AND arms, while also being able to concentrate more, Vive’s pedal exerciser could be perfect for you.

It works to boost circulation and stamina. People also find their tension is relieved which helps tremendously to improve mental focus as you work.

You can pedal on this cycle without any noise, so anyone around you will not be disturbed. Furthermore, the pedaling system is very smooth for a great exercise experience.

This cycle is designed to be extremely compact, at just 12.5” high. As a result, it can fit under most desks with no problems.

The material on the bottom is non-slip to keep you stable as you cycle on any surface. You also don’t have to worry about marks on the floor as it uses the anti-marking material.

Each of the pedals is constructed using a surface that’s non-slip. This increased comfort and stability even further.

The resistant can be adjusted easily with a tension knob to provide a customizable experience while pedaling.

We also love how they’ve included a multifunctional display in the form of a large LCD screen. It gives you information on the distance traveled, speed, RPM time, and calories burned. All of which can be seen simply by touching a button.


What We Liked About This

  • You can use this cycle to strengthen both your arms and legs
  • Very compact and easy to store or take around
  • The non-slip materials keep the cycle stable for the best pedal experience
  • You’re able to track analytics on the 5-function LCD screen
  • Some feel the resistance is uneven
  • Straps around pedals may not be big enough for certain shoes
  • Pedaling isn’t as smooth as some had hoped for



>> Final ThoughtsCustomer Reviews

Vive’s pedal is a good pick for anyone wanting to rehabilitate their arms or legs. They can be easily used under desks as they’re just 12.5” high. So you can benefit from the exercise while working – which also boosts concentration!

5. FitDesk Cycle Under Desk Cycle – Best For Resistance Options

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The FitDesk Under Desk Cycle is just 9.75 inches high. Therefore, it’s easily compatible with desks that are 25” or higher.

There is a total of eight magnetic resistant positions to choose from. So, people of all fitness levels can hop on and start exercising at their desks while working.

A balance flywheel along with a twin belt drive works incredibly well to prevent noise and ensure a smooth pedaling experience.

The easy-to-use shifter can be reached with your feet to adjust the tension. People love how they don’t have to reach down and manually change the tension settings.

Lastly, the cycle comes with a meter that shows you the distance you’ve traveled, speed, and calories burned.


What We Liked About This

  • It’s a very compact height to fit under your desk easily
  • The eight magnetic resistant options mean people of all exercise experience can use the cycle
  • You can see how progress via the meter that displays your speed, calories burned, and distance
  • Highest resistance isn’t enough for some
  • Fairly long and may stick out from under your desk


>> Final ThoughtsCustomer Reviews

The smooth and quiet nature of the FitDesk Under Desk Cycle makes it perfect to use in the office. The variety of features on offer mean you’ll be having a lot of fun with it throughout your workday. But most importantly, this cycle works well to keep you pedaling smoothly and tracking your stats while you work.


We’ve done all the research into the five best under-desk elliptical/cycle so that you don’t have to. Hopefully, by reading the above cycles, you’re able to make the best decision on which one fits your needs.

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