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 Do you spend endless hours of your day working at a desk in pain?

Unfortunately, many of us experience great discomfort after 8-12-hour days at work. But why do we just accept it? I’d had enough one day and decided to make a change. That’s when I began searching for ergonomic solutions, and footrests were one of the main ones that caught my attention.

I found that after using one for just a week, it relieved tension in my legs and it even helped to improve my posture. While I knew it would be helpful, I wasn’t prepared to experience those drastic changes. I’m now able to work more productively than ever while being free of pain. And you can too.

We’ve carefully compiled a list including the five best footrests available right now. Take a look for yourself below.


Top 5 Best Under Desk Foot Rest

Rank Foot RestSize (Inches)Editor's RatingPrice
1Mind Reader18″ x 16″
2AmazonBasics15.3″ x 11.8″
3Rest My Sole 17.5″ x 12″
4Office Ottoman17.5″ x 11.5″
5Ergonomic Innovations17″ x 10.2″

1. Mind Reader Adjustable Height Ergonomic Foot Rest – Best Footrest For Office Spaces

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This ergonomic footrest provides you with a total of three separate positions to choose from.
All positions let you elevate your legs which helps to boost circulation and improve posture.

You also experience freedom when it comes to the angle you would like to have the footrest tiled at. This ensures maximum comfort and support for people of different shapes and builds.

There are even small bumps that are designed so that you can give yourself little foot massages throughout the day to relieve tension.

This footrest is also fairly large, at 18″ x 16″, and people find this makes it harder to transport.


What We Liked About This

  • You’re given a choice between three different elevation levels to fit your specific needs
  • This footrest tilts at a variety of angles to keep you active during the workday
  • The small bumps for regular foot massages are an excellent ergonomic feature that alleviates muscle tension.
  • Very affordable price, this one’s a bargain!

While the ability to tilt the board to varying degrees is a great option to have, it, unfortunately, doesn’t lock into place. Some people find this feature annoying as they want to keep their feet completely still.



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You’re given a choice between three different elevation levels to fit your specific needs
This footrest tilts at a variety of angles to keep you active during the workday
The small bumps for regular foot massages are an excellent ergonomic feature that alleviate muscle tension.
For $15, this one’s a bargain!

2. Amazon Basic Foot Rest – Best For Durability On A Budget

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Amazon’s Basics Footrest is a little less basic than you may think. It comes with a fantastic tilting platform that encourages movement and increases circulation.

It works well to keep your leg raised in the best position for improved posture and comfort.
The surface has been textured specifically so that you can massage your feet on it.

Despite all this movement, the footrest managed to stay in place on carpeted flooring.

Steel is one of the main materials used in the construction, so you can instantly tell it’s built to last. It’s incredibly lightweight, at just 3.96 lbs and can fit perfectly under desks as it’s 15.3″ x 11.8″ x 3.4″ in size.


What We Liked About This

  • This footrest is made out of strong steel to ensure it lasts longer than plastic footrests.
  • Textured surface lets you massage your feet to release any tension
  • It’s very lightweight and the ideal size to fit underneath desks with no qualms

Some people notice their Amazon Basic Footrest tends to slide around a bit more on harder floors. There is also no height adjustment feature, so you have to get used to the one level of elevation on offer.



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The Amazon Basics Footrest is a great choice if you’re looking for a simple and inexpensive way to keep your feet raised off the floor. It also goes a step further than that and lets you stay active and prevent stagnation while working.

3. Rest My Sole Foot Rest – Best For Transportability

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A robust, unique foam base is what this footrest features to offer you superior comfort. The amazing ergonomic design keeps your legs raised for better circulation and posture.

You can experience an active sitting element that allows you to move your feet on the footrest during the day to increase your activity levels.

The anti-slip material is used on the bottom of this footrest to ensure that no matter how much you move on it, the footrest will remain stable and in place.

At just 4″ x 17.5″ x 12″ in size and 0.75 lbs in weight, you can easily carry around this footrest and use it wherever you like.

The cover can be easily removed, and machine washed effortlessly for hygiene too.


What We Liked About This

  • We love how the Rest My Sole footrest is incredibly easy to pick up and take around with you
  • The unique foam foundation lets you rest your feet in comfort
  • Having a movement-based sitting feature is a great way to keep yourself active while sitting
  • The easily removable cover can be machine washed to maintain a high standard of cleanliness

While the size makes it easy to carry around, some people feel like it’s a little too small when using it as a footrest. Others may also find it’s lower in height than they were expecting.



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Overall, this footrest is best for those looking to give their feet a break from the hard floor who are also on the move.

4.  Office Ottoman Foot Rest Under Desk – Best For Shorter People

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The Foot Rest Under Desk is designed using a soft cushion to ensure comfort and support. The foam used is not only antimicrobial but hypoallergenic as well.

You can rest your feet on the memory foam without worrying about it sinking to the floor. It’s strong enough to withstand constant pressure and spring right back.

Office Ottoman has developed an ergonomically constructed root rest that will raise your legs enough to provide the posture benefits, but without your knees contacting the desk.

People with shorter legs have also come to appreciate the height of this footrest. The anti-slip material has been used to keep your feet stable.

It weighs just 1lb, meaning you can take it with you to different places easily.

There is also a cover that can be removed and washed with ease.


What We Liked About This

  • The resilient memory foam lets you rest your feet comfortably on it all day
  • The foam is hypoallergenic AND antimicrobial
  • Lightweight and small for easy transportation

Ottoman’s footrest is 17.5″ x 11.5″ x 4″ in size, which some people find to be a little smaller than they’d prefer. Others have also come across a slight odor upon first unpackaging the product.



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The Foot Rest Under Desk is a great option for shorter people whose feet don’t properly reach the floor when sitting at their desk. If you’re looking for a cushioned material that doesn’t give in to pressure, you’ll love the strength of the memory foam.

5. Ergonomic Innovations Foot Rest Under Desk – Best For Comfort & Use On Any Floor

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Ergonomic Innovations’ Foot Rest also offers a cushion made out of high-density memory foam. It has a slow rebound effect that lets you rest your feet on it for hours and it will always morph back to its original shape.

It’s also amazingly comfortable and supportive for your legs. As a result, fatigue in the feet and leg is alleviated.

The anti-slip treading used means it can be used on any type of floor without any movement. An antimicrobial cover is used that can be washed in a machine for hassle-free and hygienic foot-resting.

It weighs a mere 1.15 lbs and is 17″ x 10.2″ x 5″ in size.


What We Liked About This

  • The high-density memory foam has a rebound feature for durability
  • The anti-slip tread means you can use it on any flooring and remain stable.
  • An easily removable, antimicrobial cover allows for cleanliness and easy washing.

This footrest may not have as much length as some people would be hoping for.



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If you’re sitting for long periods of time, you’re going to want a footrest that’s extremely comfortable. Well, the dense memory foam used with Ergonomic Innovations’ footrest may be exactly what you need.

Regardless of whether you have carpeted or tiled floors, you’ll be able to use this footrest with no problems!


Hopefully, the top five list above has given you more of an insight into footrests and the different benefits that varying models have to offer.

Trust me, when you’re finally able to work comfortably, your work days will be a breeze – and footrests play a major role in that. It’s a small investment that can work wonders for improving your circulation, posture, and mental clarity while working.

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