Best Vlogging Camera Under $100

Vlogging is the new way of sharing content online. Just like Television disrupted the radio industry, vlogging is disrupting the traditional media industry. The rate at which vlogging is spreading across the globe is insane. People are loving this new way to learn things, entertain themselves, and more. Much of the world’s online population is moving away from the traditional media streams like TV series, Movies, etc. in favor of watching vlogs.

For the actualy vloggers, in the last few years we have seen many like Roman Atwood, Fousey Tube, etc. becoming international superstars and make an incredible income from their vlogs. But to start a vlog you need three things – A great idea, good camera and a decent video editing software.

And if you’re just beginning to vlog, then definitely consider checking out these — the best vlogging camera models under $100 — as a starting point for your vlogging journey:

  • Some cameras covered here maybe not available or available for higher price when you check the price. All price is determined by Amazon.

4 Best Vlogging Cameras Under $100

RankProductEditor's RatingPrice
1Sony Cyber-Shot DSCW810
2Nikon CoolPix L32
3Nikon CoolPix S2900
4Nikon CoolPix S33

If you have the budget to consider going for a camera upwards of $200, then definitely check out this breakdown list of the best vlogging camera under $200. You will be very surprised at how much more features such cameras in that price range can give you, and the overall video quality they give.

The technology of the cameras have developed over the years. Now they have become more advanced and cheaper at the same time. Today we are going to look at the four best vlogging cameras under $100. These are basic cameras, but have almost all the features that are essential to start a vlog. These are the entry level cameras, but again will do the job in a good way.

So let’s check out each of these, the 4 best vlogging camera under $100 2020

Best Vlogging Cameras Under $100

 – In Detail –

1. Sony Cyber-Shot DSCW810

Camera Overview

This is arguably the best vlogging camera under $100. You will not get all the essential vlogging features like a flip screen, brilliant video and audio quality, optical image stabilization or good battery life in this camera, but you do get some really great features for the price range that it is in.

Sony Cyber-Shot DSCW810 In Detail:

The main selling point of this camera is its optical image stabilization system. Having a good image stabilization system is one of the most required thing for vloggers to create talking in the camera types of videos. If your videos are shaky, your viewers won’t enjoy it. You see, good quality video even in 720p is far better than a shaky video in 4k.

This camera can record videos in 720p at 30fps with the help of its 20.1MP sensor. The overall image and video quality is good. It has a 6x optical zoom, which can help you in getting high quality close-up shots. This feature is really helpful for those vloggers who are going to create reviews of products to get good quality close-ups of the products you are reviewing.

It has a party mode which enables you to shoot decent quality videos in lowlight. Though the video quality in low light is decent, but still good for starters. It can also shoot panoramic shots, which is a really nice feature at this price point.

You can charge this camera via USB. This is a really good gesture. It’s more convenient just to carry one USB cable with you on the go.

On the flip side it lacks some essential features for vlogging like a flipping screen, good battery life, 1080p recording, etc. Though majority of the cameras at this price point would lack some of these features.

  • 720p Recording
  • Optical image stabilization
  • USB charging
  • Lightweight and portable
  • No flipping screen
  • Poor battery life
  • Poor audio quality

This concludes our brief overview of the Sony Cyber-Shot DSCW810. Overall it’s a really good camera for first time vloggers. The main advantage of this camera is its optical image stabilization system, which you won’t find easily in this price range. On the other hand battery life and audio quality is not that good. Considering the price, it’s a really great option for first time vloggers.

2. Nikon CoolPix L32

Camera Overview

It can record up to 720p with the help of its 20.1 MP sensor. The overall video quality is good. It has a flipping screen, which is a really good feature for vloggers. A flipping screen is one of the most essential features for vloggers. Using the screen you can easily set the frame and without it you won’t have any idea of what is being shot.

Nikon CoolPix L32 In Detail:

The battery life of this camera is also really good. It lasts about 320 shots which is way above the industry average of 243 of this kind of cameras. Battery life for vloggers is important, as you don’t want your camera to die in a middle of an outdoor shoot. These days batteries are cheap and lightweight, hence the problem of battery life is not that significant.

It is powered by two AA Batteries. You can still charge these AA batteries. But as these batteries are cheap and easily available everywhere, you won’t have to worry about the battery life. You can use Alkaline, NiMH, Oxyride or Lithium batteries of AA size in this camera. The most recommended is the AA Lithium batteries as they will last long.

The approximate weight of this camera is 164 grams. It’s extremely light weight and portable. Carrying it around would be comfortable for you all day. You can also put it in your pocket when not using, as the size is so small.

It also has features like Digital Zoom, Vibration Reduction, Autofocus, etc. Though the quality and accuracy is not that great of these additional features, but still they will do the job for starters.

On the flip side it doesn’t have an optical image stabilization system, which is extremely essential. Though you have the vibration reduction feature here, which works decently. It doesn’t have Wi-Fi, full HD recording, etc. The low lighting results of this camera are really poor. The video quality is not clear in low light.

  • Flip screen
  • Runs on AA batteries
  • Good battery life
  • Lightweight
  • No Optical image stabilization
  • No Wi-Fi
  • Poor low lighting capabilities

Overall, the Nikon Coolpix L32 is a decent camera for vloggers. It lacks some basic features for vloggers like optical image stabilization, full HD recording, etc. But still it can create very decent quality HD videos and you also have an articulating screen.

3. Nikon CoolPix S2900

Camera Overview

It has a 20.1MP sensor which can record videos up to 720p. It has a 5x optical zoom lens with a focal length of 26mm to 130mm. The lens of the camera is wide enough to create great talking in the camera type of videos. It also has a touchscreen which is really helpful for changing the settings easily.

Nikon CoolPix S2900 In Detail:

The weight of this camera is just 119g and its only 20mm thick. It makes it very portable. This camera can easily fit in your pocket. Though there are many benefits of having a small and sleek design, but there is one downside too. With sleek design you won’t get a good grip, and here we have that exact problem. It has a silky finish on the outside which makes it hard for you to hold the camera.

The battery life of this camera is around 250 shots, which is at par with the industry average of entry level compact cameras. It is powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery, which is uncommon in this price range. Mostly we would see the companies settling for AA batteries, as they would not have to provide the batteries and AA batteries are cheaper.

The overall video quality is fairly good and for starters it will do the job. Though it does not have image stabilization. Image stabilization is really important for vloggers as they would most of the time create walking vlogs. Without this basic and extremely essential technology your vlogs won’t be that good. Without it you would have to create stationary vlogs, because any movement by you will create a very shaky video.

The overall speed of the camera is also pretty low. The quality of its touchscreen display is poor. It is using a 230k dot display, which is very common for cameras in this range. You would not be able to see the pictures on the screen very clearly at some angles and overall it’s not a very pleasant experience using the display.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Good battery life
  • Easy to use
  • No optical image stabilization
  • Slow speed
  • Poor Display

This concludes the overall review of the Nikon Coolpix S2900. Ultimately it’s a good camera for starters. It is not fancy in any regards but will do the job of creating good quality vlogs.

4. Nikon CoolPix S33

Camera Overview

It is an entry level compact camera. But it has a very unique feature which is very rare in this range, it is waterproof. You can record underwater videos and create a whole new spectrum of videos for you channel. Though, it’s not for everybody but for the people who want to record underwater videos, it’s a really good option at this price point.

Nikon CoolPix S33 In Detail:

It has a 13.2MP sensor which records up to 1080p. Most of the cameras in this price range records only up to 720p, but here you are getting Full HD recording. 1080p is the golden standard for creating vlogs, most of the people are used to watch vlogs in 1080p.

The form factor of this camera is not that pleasing. Compact cameras are usually lightweight, but here it’s not the case. This camera is quite bulky in nature. It is because it’s a waterproof camera. Though, the bulky design is not that big of a deal. It has a 2.7” 230k dot screen, which performs poorly. The main reason is the resolution of the screen, it’s really low. Here you are getting 230,000 pixels on your screen. Your normal 1280×720 led panel has 2,765,000 pixels. Now you can clearly see the difference, basically you are getting a 320×240 resolution display to view your 1080p videos and stills.

The battery life of this camera is around 220 shots, which is below the industry average of entry level compact cameras. It uses Li-ion rechargeable battery instead of AA batteries. AA batteries are really common in this price range, as it would be cheaper for the companies. The overall speed of this camera is not that bad.

The overall image quality is mediocre. It also lacks basic features for vloggers like flipping screen, Wi-Fi, good quality audio, etc.

  • Underwater recording
  • Full HD (1080p) video recording
  • Easy to use
  • Poor image quality
  • No image stabilization
  • No flipping screen

This ends our review of the Nikon Coolpix S33. The main selling point of this camera is its underwater recording capabilities. And with that it has another inherent benefit, the durability of this camera is extremely good, it will last you forever. Though it’s pretty bulky but the build quality is really nice. But it lacks some basic features for vlogging like optical image stabilization, flipping screen, good quality audio, etc. So if you really want to record action videos or underwater videos in particular than this can be a really good option for you in this price range.


The technology of the cameras have developed amazingly fast and sophisticatedly over the years. Nowadays we are getting more advanced camera features at a very quick rate. It’s very easy to create good quality videos with the help of the cameras listed above. Especially if you are just starting, you can try your hand on these entry level cameras before investing a hefty amount in a high end camera.

There is a reason why these cameras are so inexpensive. The reason is that they do not have some of the essential features like optical image stabilization, good built in microphone, etc. In order to create good quality videos, you would have to get an external microphone, because bad audio quality can ruin your vlogs.

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