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Vlogging is becoming more and more popular every passing day. People are now pursuing vlogging as a career rather than a hobby. Vlogging has birthed many multi-millionaires all over the globe with international superstars like Lilly Singh, PewDewPie, etc. All doing what they love and making a secure, flourishing living while doing so.

There are many niches in vlogging like Gaming, Technology, Travel, Cooking, Gemology, Finance, etc. in which you can start a vlog. You can select the niche based on your passion and experience. What you need to consider as importantly as the great “idea” or niche you decide to vlog within, is that you will need a great vlogging camera. Today we are going to talk about the best cameras for vlogging 2020.

While selecting a camera for your vlog you should look at the features like a flipping screen, battery life, portability, grip, external microphone jack and of course the video quality.

We have prepared this list of the 7 best vlogging cameras 2020 based on the first hand opinions of popular and professional vloggers. Here they are:

7 Best Vlogging Cameras 2020

RankProductTypeEditor's RatingPrice
6SONY A7R IIMirrorless
7CANON EOS M3Mirrorless

These are the 7 best vlogging cameras of 2017. We have basically picked cameras from three different categories – Compact, DSLR and Mirrorless. Each of these categories have excellent cameras for vloggers. You have the choice of selecting the category based on your personal preferences and the type of vlogs you are going to create.

For e.g. if you are going to create cooking vlogs or gaming vlogs, which are mostly shot indoors than you can select a DSLR because the weight wouldn’t cause you any trouble. And if you are going to create daily vlogs featuring your routine life, then a compact camera is perfect for you, because carrying a DSLR everywhere would become really a big pain for you over a period of time.

Now let’s break these down in Compact and DSLR — since each camera serves a different purpose depending on what you, the vlogger, will be shooting in a particular situation…

Best Compact Vlogging Cameras 2020

In some parts of the world it is called a point and shoot camera while in some other parts it’s a called compact camera. Basically it’s a compact and a portable video camera.

They can shoot up to 4k and possess good features which complements vlogging like flipping screen, external microphone jack, etc. But the overall video result is not as good as a DSLR or a mirrorless camera. Though the difference is not that big and for the vloggers who are starting out, it can be a really good choice.


Camera Overview

It is a successor of the Canon G7X, which is still considered even after four years one of the best compact cameras. The new Canon G7X Mark II holds up its legacy pretty well, it has all the flagship features of the previous version along with the new added features.

Canon G7X Mark II In Detail:

It has a 20.1 MP camera and it records up to 1080p at 60fps. It has the most essential features for vloggers like flipping screen, Wi-Fi, fast autofocus, etc. The low lighting performance is really good here, and all the credit goes to its incredible aperture.

There are also some new features which were not in the earlier version like a better processor, new aesthetics, etc. They have improved the overall aesthetics of this camera a lot, a new rubber grip has been added which improves the handling of the camera significantly. The upgraded processor is making the normal operations really smooth and flawless. The autofocus is extremely fast and accurate and the boot up time has also improved.

It has also improved in terms of battery. Earlier it used to last around 210 shots, now it lasts for around 265 shots. For most of the vloggers the battery life of this camera won’t be an issue, if you are a casual vlogger it would easily last you a day on a single full charge. But still if you need you can carry a couple of extra batteries with you.

It does not have an external microphone jack, which is real disappointment. It was not there even in the previous version. The internal microphones are not that great even in some of the high end DSLR’s, it’s a really common thing in the camera industry. And to get the best audio quality you will need an external microphone, so here you would have to record the audio separately with a portable mic and sync it later on to get perfect audio.

  • Flip screen
  • Fast autofocus
  • Great low lighting performance
  • Upgraded processor
  • Poor battery life
  • No external microphone jack

So, this was the overall review of the Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II. Overall it’s a great vlogging camera it has mostly everything a vlogger needs like good battery life, great video quality, flipping screen, wide lens, great low lighting performance, etc. But it lacks a significant feature – the external microphone jack. All in all it’s a great vlogging camera of 2020.


Camera Overview

It is a successor of the Canon G7X, which is still considered even after four years one of the best compact cameras. The new Canon G7X Mark II holds up its legacy pretty well, it has all the flagship features of the previous version along with the new added features.

Panasonic LX10 In Detail:

The Leica lens has a maximum aperture of f/1.4 which performs excellent in low light. With the help of this lens you can shoot great vlogs and snapshots too. The focal length of this camera ranges from 24mm to 72mm. As the camera has wide lens, you won’t have any problems shooting selfie vlogs. Most of the popular vloggers are creating selfie vlogs majority of the time.

One of the best plus point of this camera is the ability to record in 4k. Recording vlogs in 4k will totally differentiate your vlog, whether you are in to cooking, gaming, travelling, etc. It will definitely upgrade the quality of your vlogs.

It has built in features like time lapse and stop motion animation. These are those additional features which are not extremely necessary but beneficial. You can use this features in one part of your vlog and make it different. People tend to remember these type of simple unique things more.

The weight of the camera is 310g. Though it cannot be said that this camera is extremely light weight but it’s not that heavy too. You will easily be able to carry it around every day.

It has the battery life at around 290 shots. Though the battery life is not that bad, but we would have loved it if had the battery life of more 350 shots. Because cameras with battery life of more than 300 shots tend to last a day on an average. In most cases it would for sure last at least half a day. You can carry a spare battery with you, just for additional safety.

Though there are some downsides of this camera like poor ergonomics, no external charging, poor image stabilization, etc. These are all little downsides which are not that significant for vloggers. It has all the most essential features a vlogger would need.

  • Ability to record in 4k
  • Leica Lens
  • Post focus feature
  • Time lapse
  • Stop motion animation
  • Poor ergonomics
  • Poor image stabilization results
  • No external charging

This ends the overall review of the Panasonic LX10. It’s a great vlogging camera with some not so significant downsides list above. If you are not going to use image stabilization that much and on the other side you really want 4k, then this can be a really good choice for you.

Best DSLR Vlogging Cameras 2020

he best and the most popular choice of most of the professional vloggers for creating vlogs is a DSLR. These cameras are most popular within the type of vloggers, who are mostly shooting in their studio or permanent setup. Because it’s not easy to carry these cameras around, as they are not only heavy but bulky also.

Now let’s review in brief each of our top three DSLR’s for vlogging in 2020.


Camera Overview

It is one of the best DSLR’s out there. It has a 22 MP full frame sensor. For vloggers we always recommend wide angle cameras because it helps you in shooting vlogs at a closer distance. If you do not have a wider lens then you would not be able to shoot good quality vlogs at a closer distance. And here in this camera we are getting a full frame, which is very similar to the human eye. It will record great quality videos even at a closer distance.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III In Detail:

The overall video quality of this camera is excellent, it is used by many professionals in the real world. Though you are still not getting 4k but it can record up to 1080p at 30fps. But this camera is different from the other compact and point and shoot cameras. The overall video quality is mind-blowing.

Its battery life is 950 shots. The battery life is quite good and is above the industry average. Though battery life should not be given significant attention while selecting DSLR’s because, most of the time you are going to use it in your studio or a permanent setup. So, you won’t have any problems charging. And with the high end DSLR’s you would usually get great battery life, as they are big in size the manufacturers can put a big battery in them.

It has useful features like 61 point high density Autofocus, ISO expandable up to 102400, excellent view finder, etc. Here you have total control over the video settings, as you have the complete manual control in the video mode.

While on the flip side it lacks a flipping screen, Wi-Fi, and 4k recording. It lacks these highly common features because it was launched in 2012, back then these features were not so common. But still after 5 years it is one of the best video cameras out there. If you are currently using a compact camera, then you will see a major transformation in the quality of your vlogs using this camera or any DSLR in general.

  • Excellent video quality
  • Great battery life
  • Headphone jack
  • Full frame camera
  • Quite bulky
  • No flipping screen
  • No Wi-Fi

Overall, the Canon EOS 5D mark III is one of the best DSLR’s out there. Using this type of camera will definitely take your channel to the next level. But still you would have to sacrifice on the portability part. It’s not that easy to carry it around everywhere. And it also lacks essential features like flipping screen and Wi-Fi. But it compensates them by providing the excellent video quality.

2. CANON 80D

Camera Overview

It is a DSLR designed with video in mind. DSLR’s are mostly used by photographers in many industries like modeling, construction, etc. So the camera companies tend to favor more on the image aspect of the camera while designing the camera. But here Canon have focused more on the video aspect of the camera, which is good for vlogging.

Canon 80D In Detail: 

It has a 24.2 MP sensor and it can record videos up to 1080p at 60fps. It has built in features like flipping touch screen, slow-motion recording, Wi-Fi, shooting time-lapses, external microphone jack, etc. These are the essential features for vloggers and you have pretty much all of them at one place.

One of the unique features of this camera is that it’s weather proof. It is not only dust proof but also water resistant. So you can now shoot videos with a little bit more freedom. Though don’t expect something crazy like shooting videos in heavy rain.

The battery life of this camera is around 960 shots which is above the average battery life you would get in this these type of DSLR’s. It also has an external microphone jack and a headphone jack as well. It’s really important for vloggers to have an external microphone jack, because the built in microphones are not that great. And to get the best audio quality you would definitely need an external microphone. Here not only you are getting an external microphone jack but a headphone jack as well. With the help of the headphone jack you can monitor your audio in real time.

While there are some down sides too. It does not support 4k and has some decent weight to it. This is the upgraded version of the Canon 70D and it’s shocking that they didn’t did any significant changes like adding 4k capabilities, etc. Though recording in 4k is not that big of a deal at this point of time, because the technology is still evolving and not many people are using the 4k displays. May be in the next couple of years it goes crazy and everybody stops using HD displays overnight, there is a possibility, but at this point of time it’s not used that much.

  • Excellent video quality
  • Flip touch screen
  • Great battery life
  • Wi-Fi and NFC
  • External microphone jack
  • Quite heavy
  • No 4K recording capability

All in all, this comprehensive Canon EOS 80D review shows that the overall video quality of this camera is excellent. And it also has pretty much all the most essential features for creating vlogs like a flipping screen, external microphone jack, good battery life, etc. Though you are sacrificing on the weight and 4k part, but it doesn’t seems to affect that much.


Camera Overview

It is a very popular camera amongst the beauty vloggers all around the world. It’s one of the best DSLR’s for recording videos. It has a 24.2 MP lens which can record videos up to 1080p at 30fpfs. The overall video quality of this camera is awesome. It has incredible features which complements vlogging like a flipping touchscreen, external microphone jack, MP4 file format, etc. It has pretty much all the most essential features you would need to create great quality vlogs.

Canon EOS Rebel T6i In Detail:

It has a 19 point auto focus system. It’s really accurate and precise. As it has the touchscreen, you can simply change the focus by clicking on the screen. Actually the autofocus has been upgraded from the previous version, earlier it used to have a 9 point auto focus system. It also comes with the Canon STM system. With the help of the STM system, you won’t hear any noise in your video when you change the focus of your lens. It’s really helpful for vloggers who are going to make review videos, makeup tutorials, etc. In short those vloggers who are going to create videos at a very short distance with the object, they will benefit from it the most.

The weight of the camera is around 555g, though it’s not super lightweight. But still the weight is not that high too, comparing to the average weight of the DSLR’s in this category. Still carrying it around everywhere will not be an easy task. And that’s the main reason why most of the vloggers who are going to shoot indoors in a setup or a studio prefer this camera more over the compact cameras.

It can only record in 1080p at 30fps. We wished it had 4k or even 1080p at 60fs. Though 4k is not that common at this point of time, but still using 4k you can easily differentiate your vlog. If not 4k, we wished it at least had 1080p at 60fps. Other major downside of this camera is its low battery life. It only lasts up to 440 shots. Though, most of the vloggers are going to use this camera in their studio, but still what hurts to get a couple of extra hours of battery life. You will have to carry a couple of extra batteries with you every time here, just to be on a safer side.

  • Excellent Video quality
  • Touch flip screen
  • Wide assortment of lenses compatible
  • External microphone jack
  • Flicker detection
  • Poor battery life
  • Quite a heavy camera

This ends our detailed review of the Canon EOS Rebel T6i. It’s a great DSLR for recording videos especially for the beginner vloggers. The user-interface is really good easy. It has most of the essential features you would need to start creating vlogs. But on the flip side it lacks a good battery life, not light weight, etc. Overall price wise it’s a really good choice.

Best Mirrorless Vlogging Cameras 2020

Mirrorless cameras are the future of the camera industry. Basically you are getting powerful features of a DSLR in the form factor of a compact camera. For vloggers it’s the best category of cameras. Because you will have to record videos indoor in your studio as well as outdoors.

But if you select a DSLR you would have to sacrifice on the weight part and if you select a compact camera you would have to sacrifice on the quality part. Though the sacrifice is not that big, but still it’s there. And the Mirrorless cameras seems to be the perfect solution for this problem.


Camera Overview

It is a Mirrorless camera with a 44 MP sensor. It can record up to 4k. The overall video quality of this camera is marvellous. The colors are bright and crisp. It can record 4k videos continuously up to 29 minutes only, though it’s not that big of a deal for most of the vloggers.

Sony A7R ii In Detail:

It has a really high ISO, it can go up to 100,000. Basically the higher the ISO, the higher you can zoom in to your photos of videos while recording. Though you start to see the noise from 25,600 ISO, it’s not that bad for creating vlogs. You can zoom up to ten or twenty thousand ISO and take extremely beautiful close-up shots without any noise.

It also has a great autofocus and image stabilization system. The autofocus is really good, though it does not performs that well in low light situations. The mirrorless cameras does not comes with an optical image stabilization system, instead these cameras are using an image stabilization system. Though it’s not as good as the OIS but still it’s pretty close. If you are not a professional film maker, it would be hard for you to notice the difference. One of the biggest advantage of Sony A7RII is the ability to change the lens. You can change the lens with the help of the adapters.

One of the inherent disadvantage of the smaller form factor is a small battery. Here you get the battery life of only 340 shots, while on an average DSLR you can get around 1000 shots. Though the batteries are small and it’s not that hard to carry a couple of batteries with you.

  • Excellent auto focus
  • High ISO (100,000)
  • Flip screen
  • 4K recording
  • Very lightweight for its size
  • No touchscreen
  • Battery life is pretty poor
  • Poor image stabilization in low light

Ultimately, after the review of the Sony A7RII – it’s a really great camera with very powerful features and is light weight at the same time. It is giving a tuff competition to the best DSLR’s like the Canon 5D Mark III. For vloggers it is really a good choice.


Camera Overview

It is the Canon’s take on the mirrorless cameras. It can record videos up to 1080p at 30fps. It comes with built in features like an articulating touch screen, Wi-Fi, external microphone port, excellent ergonomics, and is powered by a DIGIC 6 processor. Basically this camera has all the most essential features for vlogging. But it does not excel at anything, though it has many features.

Canon EOS M3 In Detail:

It has a 24.2 MP sensor with an ISO range of 100 – 12,800 which can expand up to 25,600 of course with some noise. The overall results of this camera in terms of creating videos are great. The colors are bright and beautiful. It has a Hybrid CMOS autofocus system, which powers the incredibly fast and accurate autofocus of this camera.

It has built in Wi-Fi with NFC compatibility. It helps in transferring the files to your laptop or phone extremely easily. You can also watch the videos on your TV directly via Wi-Fi. You can also upload the videos to YouTube, Facebook, etc. directly from the camera.

The battery life is not that good and the low lighting performance too. The problem of the battery life is common in the mirrorless cameras as their form factor is small.

  • Brilliant video quality
  • Terrific autofocus
  • Articulating touch screen
  • External microphone jack
  • Poor Low lighting performance
  • Low battery life

After this detailed review of the Canon EOS M3, we can conclude that it has all the most essential features like Wi-Fi, articulating touch screen, external microphone jack, etc. for vlogging All it lacks is a better battery life and low lightning performance is not that good either. With that said, overall – price wise it’s a really good option.


And so concludes our review of the 7 best vlogging cameras of 2020. Whether you’re a vlogger-in-the-making that will prefer compact cameras, DSLR’s. or mirrorless models — you have in this list the best choices for each style. All it depends on is your personal choice and the type of vlogging you want to do.

One thing that you may have noticed in the above list is that most of the cameras are from Canon. This is because Canon manufactures really good cameras with quality of video in mind above all else. While Nikon on the other hand manufactures really good cameras for photography. So for videography Canon is definitely the front runner. The industry as a whole will agree that Canon can be considered the best brand for vlogging cameras.

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