Best Vlogging Cameras with Flip Screen

Why Care About the Best Vlogging Cameras with Flip Screen?

To start a vlog, the first thing you need is a good quality camera, which not only shoots great quality videos but also makes shooting your vlogs easy. And one of the most essential features to look for in a vlogging camera to make shooting vlogs insanely easy is a “flip screen”.

A flip screen allows you to accurately shoot videos, as you can see the video being shot in real time. It is one of the essential features for vlogging and without it you won’t have any idea of what is being recorded, whether you are in the frame or not, etc. Shooting “talking in the camera” type of vlogs will be a breeze for you. If you are going to start a vlog, then it’s highly recommended to get a camera with a flipping screen.

5 Best Vlogging Cameras with Flip Screen

All these best vlogging cameras are portable and small. They are perfect for vlogging as they are pocketable, portable and of course also comes with a flip screen. Although some of them do not have great built in microphones, which is a must have to produce great quality vlogs. But you can get an external microphone to get the best quality audio from places like Amazon no problem. Plenty affordable, quality options there.

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Now briefly review each of these five cameras.

Best Vlogging Cameras with Flip Screen

In Detail



Camera Overview

It is an upgraded version of the G7X as the name suggests. It has more battery life, better aperture, and a faster processor. Normally in the camera industry when a new and upgraded version of an already popular camera comes in the market, it’s mostly just the tactic of the companies to sell some really unproductive and non-beneficial features at a higher price. But in this case, Canon is an exception. They have added some great features which are beneficial for vloggers.

Canon Powershot G7X Mark II In Detail:

It has a 20.1 MP lens which can record videos in 1080p at 60fps. Though you are not still able to record videos in 4k but 1080p is the next best thing. As far as the video quality is concerned, you won’t have any complaints. The lens is 24mm wide and has an aperture of f/1.8. For vloggers we always recommend a camera with a wider lens because most of the time you would have to create “talking in the camera” type of videos. As you would mostly shoot videos at a closer distance, a wider lens is highly required to fit you in the frame properly. And this camera does it perfectly. Also the aperture is good which means you can shoot great videos in low light.

It has an upgraded processer which has made this camera faster and more responsive. Also the autofocus is more accurate now. It has a touch enabled flipped screen which allows you to change the focus just by touching the screen even in the middle of your video.

One of the new features they have added is the “time-lapse” mode. It’s a really great feature, you can create some interesting time lapse videos of your city, different festivals, etc. The battery life is also now improved and it now lasts up to around 265 shots.

It does not have a mic input and the built in microphone is not that good. We had this same problem in the earlier version. But still you can get a portable microphone and sync the audio to create good quality vlogs. So it’s not that big of a problem.

  • Improved battery life
  • Great low light performance
  • Touch enabled flipped screen
  • Wider lens
  • Time lapse mode
  • No microphone input
  • Not as “pocket friendly” as some other compact vlogging cameras

All in all it’s a fantastic vlogging camera with some really solid features that will help you in creating vlogs like fast autofocus, improved battery life, flipped screen, etc. It is one of the best cameras that suits the need of vloggers.



Camera Overview

The Panasonic LX10 has a 20 MP large sensor with a focal length of 24mm to 72mm and the aperture range is f/1.4 to f/2.8. Overall it’s a very light weight and pocketable camera. It can shoot videos in 4k at 30fps and it can also capture photographs in 4k. It has a flipping touch screen and a built in popup flash.

Panasonic LX10 In Detail:

It is one of the most popular Panasonic cameras among the vloggers. As its pretty light, possess a flipping touch screen, has a wider lens and also records in 4k. These all features combined makes it a very good combination for vloggers. The 4k capability of this camera is really good, it can record up to fifteen minutes without overheating.

The overall ergonomics of this camera is fairly disappointing, it does not have a grip of any kind on it whatsoever. Though only the handling is disappointing, the place of buttons and the screen are perfect. So you would have to use a wrist strap with this camera to get proper grip.

Performance wise this camera is fast and responsive. The touch screen is responsive. The boot up time is very low and overall operation of the camera is flawless. You can shoot 4k videos without even a single bit of lag, and it also processes them fast.

The battery life of this camera is around 290 shots which is at par with the industry average of these type of cameras. But if it had a little bit more battery life, it would have been possible to last it throughout the day. But here it would most of the time last half a day, so you would either have to carry extra batteries or a power bank with you all the time. It charges via USB so you won’t have to carry extra cables, as most of us have USB cables for our phones or laptops.

  • Excellent 4k video results
  • Wider lens
  • Touch enabled flipping screen
  • Smooth performance
  • USB Charging
  • Slippery body design
  • Poor image stabilization in 1080p relatively
  • No external charging

All in all it’s a great vlogging camera. Here you are getting excellent video and image quality but you are sacrificing a little bit on the handling part. As far as vlogging is concerned, it will be a terrific companion for your vlogs.




Camera Overview

The Panasonic FZ300 has a 12 MP lens with a focal length of 25mm to 600mm. It can record videos in 4k at 30 fps. Though for vloggers the most recommended quality is 1080p at 30fps, because not many people are using the 4k displays. But if you are vlogging about nature, travel, etc. where the visual experiences play a key role than 4k can really improve you vlogs.

Panasonic FZ300 In Detail:

It of course has the flip screen, which is one of the most essential features for vloggers. It also has built in Wi-Fi, so you can transfer your files wirelessly. It also allows you to upload it directly on YouTube, but it’s not practical in most cases as you would have to edit it beforehand.

It supports producing videos in MP4 file format. MP4 is the best format for vloggers, because it’s easy to edit in this format. Editing other formats like AVCHD, etc. would be very difficult as you would require high end computers and expensive video editing software. But working on a MP4 is really easy and most of the video sharing platforms accepts this format.

It has a fast and silent autofocus. Because if the autofocus is making a significant amount of noise, then it would not be good for your vlogs. But here the autofocus does not make any significant amount of and is almost silent, you won’t hear any noise of the camera changing the focus.

The battery life of the camera is around 380 shots which is above the average of these type of cameras. For a point and shoot camera, the battery life is good at 380 shots. Though it’s recommended to always carry a spare battery or a power bank, to ensure that you can create your vlogs without any interruptions. It also have an external microphone jack, which is badly needed in the point and shoot cameras. As the audio quality is really disappointing of the built in microphone. Here you can use an external microphone and improve the audio quality of your vlogs significantly.

The only downside this camera has is its weight, at around 691g, its quite heavy than the average weight of 560g. Though an additional 130g would not be a huge deal breaker for most of the vloggers, but still if you are going to shoot a lot of videos where you are holding the camera then think twice on this issue.

  • Supports 4k Video recording
  • Flipped screen
  • Great autofocus
  • Good battery life
  • Wi-Fi support
  • A little bit heavier (691g)
  • No blurred background effect

This concludes the overall review of this vlogging camera. The overall video quality of this camera is excellent with the only slight downside being its weight.



Camera Overview

It has a 28 MP sensor with a focal length of 16mm to 50mm and the aperture range of f/3.5 to f/5.6. It can shoot videos in 4k and the overall image quality is terrific. It’s a very light weight camera which features that can compete highly with a DSLR.

Samsung FX 500 In Detail:

The overall ergonomics of the Samsung NX 500 are good. The grip of the camera is very good as around 80% of the body is covered by rubberized plastic. While the remaining 20% (the top) is made up of silver toned metal. The aesthetics of this camera are very pleasing and it can really make a huge difference for a vlogger.

It has a 3.1” OLED touch screen. You can swivel the screen up to 180 degrees, making it extremely easy to record selfie videos. While we have a flipping touch screen in most of the cameras in this price range, but the image representation on the screen is not that good in most cases. But here the image representation is really good, the colors are bright and sharp. You can really use the screen to judge the image quality. It’s not a common thing to have a great OLED screen in the cameras at this price point.

It has built in Wi-Fi with NFC and Bluetooth too. Built in Wi-Fi is a common feature in the cameras in this price range. But Bluetooth is not that common, so you are getting a small little extra feature. There are some really good benefits of having Bluetooth in your camera, you can use wireless lights which sparks as you click the shutter button, etc. The camera can be charged with a micro USB cable, so you do not have to carry any extra cables with you.

The overall video quality is excellent. It can shoot videos in 4k at 24fps. When compared the video shot in 1080p to the video shot in 4k, you get to know the real difference. It’s marvelous and creating vlogs in 4k can totally take your vlogging game to the next level. But the downside of this camera is it doesn’t have the external microphone jack. So for creating the best quality vlogs you would either have to rely on the not so good built in microphone or use a portable mic.

  • Records in 4k at 24fps
  • Wi-Fi with NFC and Bluetooth
  • Great OLED touch enabled flipping screen
  • Excellent aesthetics
  • No external microphone jack
  • No Electronic viewfinder option
  • Standard model does come with a battery charger

Ultimately, it’s a really good camera. You are getting a big lens in a compact size camera. It’s a pocketable camera with features like a DSLR. It can record excellent videos in 4k. For vloggers this camera is really good, the only real downside is the lack of external microphone jack.



Camera Overview

It can record videos up to 1080p at 30fps. Though we are not getting 4k here, it’s a really good camera for vloggers. The strategy they used to design this camera is that they are not excelling on one particular feature and sacrificing a couple of other features to be in the same price range.

Canon EOS M3 In Detail:

Instead they have put in as many features as they can, and to do that they have to decrease the quality of these features a little bit. For e.g. they didn’t added 4k instead used 1080p.

It also has features like a flipping touch screen, Wi-Fi, external microphone jack, terrific grip, etc. It is powered by DIGIC 6 Image processor. The overall image quality is really good too. You can upgrade your vlogs using the built in features like spot on autofocus, optical image stabilization and electronic view finder.

Though the low lighting performance of this camera is not that good and it does have a poor battery life. But overall price wise it’s a really great option for vloggers.

  • It can record up to 1080p at 30fps
  • Spot on autofocus
  • Flipping 3” touchscreen
  • External microphone jack
  • Wi-Fi with NFC
  • Poor battery life
  • Low lighting performance is not that good

This concludes the overall review of the Canon EOS M3. Overall it’s a very good camera for vloggers. It has all the features a vlogger would need like Wi-Fi, flipping touch screen, external microphone jack, etc. Though you are sacrificing on the battery, but still that’s not a big problem. Overall price wise it’s a really good choice.


These are hands down the 5 best vlogging cameras with flip screen in 2017. A flipped screen will save a huge amount of time and quality-checking when you are creating your vlogs on a daily basis. Without it you would have to either buy a whole new display to see what is being shot or take a couple of shots to set the frame correctly. These days there are no serious, self-respecting vloggers who are vlogging without a flipped screen camera. Thus, you should definitely get a camera with a flip screen.

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