Ceiling Fans Tips: 10 Things that Make Ceiling Fans so Great

Are you considering installing a new ceiling fan, but you’re not sure if you should do it? There are a lot of ways to light and  cool your home, and it’s important to review all the options.

When you look at all the facts, though, you’ll realize why ceiling fans are so great. Far from being clunky or outdated, ceiling fans can be a major asset to any room.


10 Ceiling Fans Tips for 2020

1. Ceiling Fans Increase Comfort

A fan is not an air conditioner. It doesn’t remove humidity from the air or actually lower air temperature. However, by moving air around regularly, a ceiling fan can increase the comfort in your home.

When you use a ceiling fan, you can often use your air conditioner less, or use a higher temperature setting. As a result, you’ll stay comfortable and save money.

2. Fans Save Energy

Energy Star estimates that you can save three to five percent on air conditioning costs with a ceiling fan. You can boost the energy savings further by choosing an Energy Star rated ceiling fan. Energy Star fans move air more efficiently than other models. Attached light kits can also be Energy Star rated to save energy and money as well.

You can choose a DC motor instead of an AC motor and use 70% less energy! When you focus on energy savings, you’ll not only be more comfortable, you’ll be helping the environment and your wallet!

3. Wobble is Easy to Fix

One concern homeowners have about ceiling fans is that they may wobble if not installed completely level. Fortunately, part of what makes ceiling fans so great is that this issue is easy to fix.

Fans generally come with balancing kits. These tools include weights that you can attach to fan blades to make up for slight imbalances. This will help you eliminate wobbles quickly and easily.

4. There Are a Variety of Styles

Don’t think that installing a ceiling fan will set your home décor back 30 years. Today’s fans are available in a wide range of styles and colors. You can have basic fans, extremely ornate units, or even minimalist futuristic designs.


The blades can vary as well. Some fan blades have oval and leaf shapes as well as varying textures. You can even choose blades that have glass sections for an ultra-modern look. No matter how you decorate your home, there’s a ceiling fan that’s perfect for you.

5. You Can Choose to Include a Light

Many people use ceiling fans to take care of two problems at once. They don’t have to worry about airflow in the room, and they can have light in key areas of the home. A ceiling fan with a light kit can be an excellent way to enhance a large room that lacks light fixtures.


Overhead light diffuses well and gives a brighter look than floor lamps. You can even include a dimmer in the light kit so that you have more control. Or, you can choose a ceiling fan with no light added at all.

6. Smart Controls Make Ceiling Fans So Great

If you think a ceiling fan has to use intrusive hanging cords, think again. A smart switch can allow you to control your fan remotely and gives you the ability to control the speed precisely.

Smart Control

As the smart home movement gains steam, don’t think that you will be left out. There are many ways to automate your ceiling fan, and you can make changes right from your smartphone. You’ll never have to worry about running into those cords again!

7. Ceiling Fans are Long Lasting

After installation, ceiling fans rarely need repairs. As mentioned above, you may have to correct a wobble occasionally. Other than that, unless the blades get damaged, you are in good shape.

Many manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on the motor and a year warranty on other parts. Be sure to complete all the warranty paperwork and keep it in a safe place. If anything happens that the warranty covers, you’ll easily find the documentation.

8. You Can Buy Ceiling Fans Online or Offline

Being able to shop online is a great convenience, but sometimes you want to see the fan in person before making a decision. Whichever you prefer, there are ceiling fans available for you.

Buying a fan at a local home store is an obvious choice. But one thing that makes ceiling fans so great is that you can also buy them online without ever leaving your house. Websites of high-quality lighting showrooms are a great place to look for quality fans.

9. Ceiling Fans Help in the Winter Too

If you think your fan investment will only make you cooler in the summer, you’re missing out. By changing the direction of the rotation, you can push warm air down and make cool days more comfortable as well.

Don’t think of your fan as a summertime investment. With a simple switch, your unit can help keep your cozy in fall and winter as well!

10. Ceiling Fans are Safe for Kids and Pets

Some families that are looking for increased comfort will look at tabletop or floor fans first. Unfortunately, there are risks in using those types of units. If you have small children or pets, they can get too curious and injure themselves. It only takes a moment for someone to stick a finger or paw in front of spinning blades! What makes ceiling fans so great is that they are up away from kids and animals, keeping everyone safer.

Are you ready to find the perfect ceiling fan for your home? There are a variety of considerations. You want to choose a style that works in your home. You need to have a location with enough space around it. And, you want to choose a fan that will move the air efficiently and effectively.

There are so many things that make ceiling fans so great. They increase comfort, save energy, and last a long time. Today’s fans have a wide variety of styles to fit any décor. You can control them through smart home technology and are safe for the whole family. There’s no reason not to get a ceiling fan today!

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