Christmas Shopping on a Budget (How to save money on buying Gifts)

Every year, there is one time when everybody rushes to do shopping. Because this is the time of the year when people buy a lot of gifts for others. Also, most of the popular shop provide the highest discount during this period. But there are few methods you can apply to make your shopping less costly. You can follow these tips and make sure you can fill the underside of your Christmas tree without exceeding your budget plan.

1. Make a shopping List and set your budget.

List And Plan On Christmas GiftsFirst of all, you need to make a list of people you plan on buying gifts for. These are important because you will have time to think who to include in this list. This will save you not buying unnecessary gifts.

Also when making list, you can write down the spending limit on each person. Remember you do not necessarily need to spend the same amount for each person. For kids, you can go a bit lower prices items.

You can then calculate on how much total money you need to spend on the Christmas shopping. You can revise the list to make sure everything is correct.

2. Shop yourself.

Shop AloneIf you are buying online then you are safe. But remember to go for the shopping just by yourself. Becuase it is proven that if you shop alone, you will most likely spend less. Having a friend with you while shopping can be difficult and might lead you to by distracting from your shopping plan.




3. Use cash payment.

Pay In CashIt is a common mistake for people to use their credit card on Christmas shopping. But because you are spending real money to buy the items you need, there is a chance that you might spend excessive amounts on gifts hoping to return the money later.

But this might interrupt the whole budget shopping ideas. So make sure you pay in cash while shopping.


4. Look for discounts.

Look For Discounts

Yes, you will not believe the amount of discount is offered by almost all the shops. So look for the opportunity to save as much as possible on that shop or time.

Even on online, there is some time when you can get discount up to 80%. Events like black Friday etc is very popular for early Christmas shopping.

5. Keep the wrapping simple.

Save Money On Wrapping PaperYou would be surprised to see the cost of some of the expensive gift wraps. So if you know the quantity of the total gifts then you can save a bit of money by buying a cheaper but bigger role of wrapping paper.

This is very common things to do. So don’t get embarrassed to wrap all the gifts with same wrapping paper.

6. How about buying a combined gift?

Try this for this Christmas and you will be shocked on how much you save on gifts. There are cases where you need to buy gifts for a family who has 4 children. SO you can buy a toy set or any other items which they can all share.

This will not only make them happy but also save you buying individual gifts.  Also for adults, you can try buying movie tickets, vouchers etc so they can share with the rest of the families.

7. Don’t go in the last minute shopping.

Do Not Leave It For Last MinuteNot a good idea to go shopping the day before the Christmas day. First of all that will be the busiest day of Christmas, also, there is a chance that all the best items were sold out by that time. So you will end up buying something that won’t be nice.

So always plan ahead and make a schedule to do the shopping at the right time, usually when the discount period starts.

This is the time of the year when you try to stress a lot about buying a lot of gifts. But if you do not plan and follow some methods then you will exceed your budget. So with these tips, hopefully, you will be able to make the right use of the time and make a very Christmas moments for your loved one.

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