Cool Inventions You May Not Know About

There are new inventions coming out every single day. Most inventions are created to improve our lifestyle and daily activities. Most new inventions do not actually make it to the market. Here are some of the cool inventions I have found that might give you something new to look at.

Alpinestars Tech-Air Street Airbag

This one actually an airbag for motorcycle riders. It has some built-in sensor and electronics which will deploy the powerful airbag if you get hit while riding. It is installed in a jacket and can save life on tragic accidents. A very innovative product which should make it to the public soon.

Microchip for animals

This is actually something that had some sort of existence for quite sometimes. Now it has been developed further. This technology can help find and rescue pets like dogs and cats. It has many other usages like identifying or tracking a pet.

Self Cleaning Paint

This type of paint can clean itself and can last a very long time. It is made from titanium oxide nano plastics. It can be used on many surfaces including automotive and construction industry. The product itself is futuristic and appropriate for the current time.

 Invisibility Cloak by KIT

This clock can be used to hide small valuables items within its frame. It is still under development and hopefully will make a progress in the future.

Toothpaste connected to a toothbrush

This is actually pretty interesting. The idea is a toothbrush screwed on the toothpaste head. This will save you put toothpaste onto the toothbrush everytime you want to use it. This will probably save you a bit of time every day.

BioBots Human Tissue 3D Printer

We are familiar with the 3D printer by now. There is a new product coming soon which will be able to fabricate human tissues and mini organs from it 3D printing capabilities. It is under development stage but very positive for the health industry when it becomes available.

Automated Golf Trolley

Have you ever played golf and wondered if there is any better way of carrying golf carts and other items. Well, scientist listened to yours. Now you can get one of these automated golf trolleys which will be able to follow you while you play. It is controlled by a remote control and carries some weights.

Solar Powered Fridge

This will be great in summer. Instead of a traditional cooler, you can get a solar powered fridge. It is basically a complex cooler with some electronics to keep your items cold for a very long time. It gets its power from the sun. But it can be powered from a regular power outlet or a 12v power adapter from the car.

Digital Stethoscope

A digital stethoscope which is made by Thinklabs, capable of amplifying body sound to up to hundred times. It will improve the way doctor diagnose patient. It will be able to accurately measure heart rate.

Edyn Smart Garden

A great tool for a garden. It is a sensor which can be installed on the ground in a garden. It will be able to monitor temperature. humidity and light intensity as well as many other properties. It can connect to a mobile phone and show a detailed report of the garden environment. This sensor can automatically start water sprinkler so the ground gets enough water when needed.

Blind Glasses

It is a type of glasses which will help to allow color blind people to see colors. These glasses is invented by EnChroma. This glasses can reduce specific wavelengths of light. So it sends a strong signal to the brain and allows people to see most of the colors. The only drawback is that it requires a bright environment to be able to get this glasses to work.

Portable Solar Cooker

It is a cooker which will get its power from the sunlight. So you can load it with food and wait for it to finish cooking. It can cook several meals for under 20 minutes. Of course, you need a clear sunlight for it to be able to cook efficiently but it is great for outdoor trips.

This was my find of some of the cool inventions which you can find. Some of these are in the market or on the way to be available to the public. Hope you liked it. I will try to make the second part of this article to show off some of the other interesting products.

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