How to Buy The Best Luggage?

We all know that leading a well traveled and adventurous life comes with a good and well-made luggage. Hence buying a new gear can be the money saver in the long run if your kits have seen some mileage. But figuring out the best-suited luggage for you isn’t an easy task since there is a countless number of luggage of various companies in the market. There is also a matter of style, size and price comparing and you may find it overwhelming.

That’s why while buying a luggage for your best travel I arrived here to inform you how to buy the best luggage. This post would help you to avoid extra fees and you will be able to comply with the check-in weight limits and carry-on restrictions after going through the post.

Things to Remember Before Buying a Luggage

1. Before buying a luggage firstly decide how you would use it. Consider whether it is for cruising, driving, flying or some other purpose. Suppose, if it for road trips looks for them which are pliable enough for maximizing the trunk space. For cruise ships rigid, flat luggage is optimal and so on.

2. The second thing is to consider, how you would store the luggage. Consider, after its arrival at home where you are going to put it. Since you can’t squeeze the hard-sided bags into a storage space, they are the most unforgiving. Soft sided and structured bags can be adjustable on the front and rear but its footprint is fixed. Hence if you haven’t enough space to store the stand-up suitcase then you may have to limit yourself with unstructured duffels.

3. Another important thing to remember before buying your suitcase is to determine the size you need. However, this may depend on the length of your trip or if you’re flying, airline luggage restrictions. Some people carry on and under seat their personal items and can pack for several weeks. Hence it also depends upon your habit.

Soft-sided Vs Hard-Sided Luggage

Although soft sided luggage dominates in the market the hard sided ones gained popularity quicker due to the lightweight and newer materials. Soft-sided luggage is made from woven nylon fabrics like Cardura or ballistic nylon that move and yield. Ballistic is shiner and can abrade over time. But abrasion doesn’t compromise with its strength. 

Cardura is abrasion resistant and a little softer. Hence soft-sided luggage is flexible and lighter in weight. It is adjustable to conform to tight spaces. But if it’s not of high quality then may vulnerable to ripping and not so protective as the Hard-sided ones.

Hard-sided luggage is made of high-tech plastics and hence they are best protective offers best security due to integrated locks. These are so strong to rip open with a blade. Although it’s the most durable but the heaviest also. It’s perfect for stacking and ideal for cruise ships and airline travels. There is no chance of over-stuffing it.

How To Buy The Best Luggage?

You need the best Luggage for a comfortable and secure travel. Hence consider the following factors while you are in the market for the shop.

Bring a Tape measure with you:

Never rely on the promotions, tags or labels if you need an official carry-on luggage. And there is no regulation to dictate carry-on size. Hence bring a tape measure with you and measure the dimensions yourself making sure that the given measurement accounts for each part.

Hold the Handle:

The handle of the luggage is a very important part of it. Hence never compromise with the handle and check the wrist angle along with how the grip feels. The handle should have a little to no wiggling as you pull the luggage. Also, raise and lower the handle and check the smoothness of it.

Wheel the luggage Around:

The most important feature of the luggage is the comfort of its movement. That’s why wheels are important to consider while buying a luggage. For the best travel, the wheels should stay in pace and roll smoothly. Hence, roll the luggage around and check the smoothness. To make sure that they are firmly attached, simply jiggle it with your hand.

Check the Interior Capacity of the Luggage:

While checking the outside measurements don’t forget to check the interior capacity and how roomy the inside is. This may hard to know because the manufacturer doesn’t want to disclose it. Hence look for the including features that maximize the interior.

These are:

  • Integrated Outer Compartments: If the outside zip compartments are on the same geometric plane then it’s perfect for maximum interior.
  • Squared Edges: Since the interior volume is consumed by the curved corners go for squared edges.
  • Forgo Wheel and Handle: For the most of every interior part forgo the handles and wheels because they impinge on the total space.List Element

Consider the Warranty:

If you want a best luggage for a long time use then get the one which offers the best manufacturer’s warranty. Since most of the luggage manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty to replace or repair the luggage obviously it’s the best option. You should make sure the warranty statement for some specific requirements like exclusions for airline damage.


The luggage is a great companion for you while traveling or going for an adventure. And hence it’s important to choose the best one which provides you the maximum strength and the most secured way to carry your valuable kits.

Whatever in this post I’ve tried to give you the proper guidelines and reminded you about some important factors which are the must while buying the best luggage. I hope it was helpful. If you have more questions let me know, I would like to answer them.

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