How To Make Blogging Profitable – 4 Ways

“An Apple a day keeps the doctor away”

Similarly in Blogging arena, an article a day can keep your financial worries at bay.


An article a week and its promotion day and night can keep your financial worries at bay.

Your own self developed method to keep financial worries away.

I have been blogging regularly for few years now. As an experienced writer, I should help others to made up their mind and probably give them ideas about blogging. Blogging is not just writing on the computer. It is about being exposing to billions of audience through writing. So you can get an overall idea about what are the possibility open up for you when you start blogging.

Blogging Typing

So here, I list how blogging can keep your financial worries away.

1. Blogging for AdSense :

You can start with AdSense program once you sign up with Google AdSense. But here is the catch, Google is a strict advertiser and is very selective before it gives the advertisements to the publishers. One needs to follow Google AdSense guidelines and needs to embed the code so that the advertisements are displayed in a right manner.

Once you get the advertisements, all you need is to write quality posts. Depending on your quality and quantity of content, Google will pay you on monthly basis when someone clicked on the ads. Average CPC is usually 0.10 U.S Dollars. It means that you will be earning 1 U.S Dollar for 10 clicks on your ads placed on your blog.

2. Blogging for others :

There is a great demand for content writers. Blogging cannot be treated as a part time business. So, many bloggers having handsome income hire content writers for daily update. ​

Blogging for others is no longer under-paying. Obviously you cannot earn as much as the owner but the pay-scale depends on your hard work and originality.

3. Blogging for Affiliates :

Blogging about affiliates is highly paying. Indeed one need to blog about products whose affiliates are available. For example – If you are using a product as an example on your website then you can always be a part of its affiliate program. Similar is the case with reviewing a product. 

Make Money Affiliate Marketing Bestrevx

There are many affiliate programs that exist for bloggers but you need to choose the one that suits you and your blog the best. So be smart in your decision.

I can recommend you to start with Amazon Affiliates program. Writing about it would not be tough as you might be already using it. Isn’t it? But, creating sales can be different. You need to express yourself in such a way so that every reader is convinced to purchase from amazon website. You earn a commission through the sale. That's so simple right??

4. Blogging as a freelance writer :

Well if you have the skills to write, then I would strongly recommend you to go about blogging for others and in return get paid by them. So to get paid you have a look at the following sites that pay for your accepted postings on them :


There are many others but here is the shortlisted list. At the end I would conclude by saying, blogging requires patience and determination. Success in blogging is not an overnight phenemenon but if you have the right outlook and approach you are surely gonna crack it.

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