How To Put Co2 In Airsoft Pistol?

You like and enjoy Airsoft and wish to be an Airsoft player.

It’s good. Ok, you just got a Co2 Airsoft pistol. But it seems you won’t be able to put the Co2 in just right.

If you don’t know how to put Co2 in Airsoft pistol, nothing to be worried. You’re not alone. Any first time user may become confused to load Co2 in his Airsoft pistol.

Read our article. Definitely, you’ll be able to put Co2 in your pistol efficiently and quickly. From here, learn the simple way of putting Co2 in an Airsoft pistol. Before learning how to put Co2 in Airsoft pistol, some basic information will help you to realize the whole matter properly.

Let’s Go!



What Is Co2 Airsoft Pistol?

Gas driven Airsoft pistols use usually two types of gas to force the pellet- one is green gas and the other is Co2 compressed gas. The design of a pistol and magazine effects on the gas used. Co2 based pistol and magazine only can use Co2 gas.

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Co2 Airsoft pistols work effectively by compressed Co2. You know, two types of Co2 Airsoft pistols are available. These are- a Blow Back C02 Pistol or a Non Blow Back C02 Pistol. Blowback pistols feature a moveable slide. This slide shoots back with each shot, but nothing comes out just the pellet out of the barrel. These features offer both recoil and realism.

On the other hand, non-blowback models don’t come with this feature. In spite, the non-blowback model works more efficiently when it comes to their Co2 utilization. When the gas comes out of the cartridge, the expansion of the gas force the pellet and run the blowback action on blowback pistol.

Most of the non-blowback models have a Co2 cartridge located in the grip of the pistol. When you slide the grip to the right, you’ll see a slot there. The Co2 cartridge is placed in this slot. This type of pistol is really easy to use.

How Co2 Ignition Works On A Co2 Airsoft Pistol?

The specialty of Co2 Airsoft pistol is that it features the combination of principals and theory of various types of weapons in one pistol. Instead of Co2 other gases can be used in a Co2 Airsoft pistol, but due to the possibility of an accident, it isn’t recommended.

As each gas has different properties and weight and under pressure, each reacts differently. When the pistol is pumped (pneumatic model) or the hammer is cocked (spring loaded), the compressed gas is discharged precisely.

However, on the automatic version of Co2 Airsoft pistol, no hammer is cocked or no manual pumping is required. The shift in air pressure from the compressed Co2 in the atmosphere air creates a violent explosion in the chamber and as a result, the shot is being fired.

About Co2 Cartridge

Image result for Co2 cartridgesThe compressed Co2 comes in small 8 or 12 gram cartridges. This type of cartridge is directly loaded into the pistol or magazine. Co2 cartridges are relatively inexpensive than green gas and are available at most sporting goods shop.

Using Co2 cartridge offers many benefits. You can reuse the Co2 magazine. It also offers higher FPS than green gas. Moreover, it’s 100% non-flammable. On the other hand, Co2 magazines are expensive, take more time to reload and you may require tool to insert it. In addition, it requires regular care and maintenance as Co2 doesn’t lubricate the pistol.


How To Put Co2 In Airsoft Pistol- Step By Step Direction

The co2 pistol uses small metal cartridge which is filled with Carbon dioxide (Co2). The Co2 gas acts as a propellant for firing the pellet. When inserted into the slot, the narrow end of the Co2 cartridge is popped and the released gas forces the pellet to shoot out and hit the target. Hence, a Co2 Airsoft pistol needs to install a Co2 cartridge.

Things You’ll Need

  • CO2 Airsoft pistol
  • CO2 cartridge

Follow The Steps Below:

Step 1: To prevent accidental firing, set the selector lever to the safety position.

Step 2: Detach the grip panel from the Co2 Airsoft pistol.

Step 3: Inspect the firing chamber of the Co2 Airsoft pistol. Make sure that the chamber is empty. If it is loaded, unload the magazine and Co2 cartridge.

Step 4: You’ll find a large screw on the bottom of the grip. Turn the screw to the left to unscrew and remove it.

Step 5: Insert the small Co2 cartridge into the handle of the pistol.

Step 6: Turn the screw clockwise to tighten it. Once the cartridge will hold in place.

Step 7: Point the Co2 pistol in a safe position. Tighten the screw a bit more as long as the seal on the end of the Co2 capsule break. Keep tightening it till it stops hissing.

Step 8: Attach the cover of the grip.

Your pistol is now ready to shoot.


  • Always turn on the safety while unloading the pistol.
  • At the temp above 120’ F, the Co2 cartridge may explode. So, avoid exposing them to heat or store Co2 capsules at above 120’F.
  • Be careful enough to activate the trigger. Don’t put your finger on the trigger until the safety cap is detached and you’re ready to shoot a target.
  • There is a possibility where a few pellets may remain in the pistol, even after the magazine has been taken out. So, point the pistol towards a safe direction and pick the trigger to make sure that there is no pellet remain in the pistol.
  • Attach the safety cape, while you need to store your pistol.
  • Modifying or dissembling a pistol is risky as well as it is against the law.


Thanks for your time to read our article.

There is no doubt that after reading our article on how to put Co2 in Airsoft pistol, you’re now knowledgeable enough about the Airsoft pistol as well as the procedure of putting Co2 cartridge in your pistol.

Hopefully, our guideline helps you a lot to get the job done successfully. So, are you planning to enjoy Airsoft with unending adventures to explore? But, don’t be caught out in the field without your Co2 Airsoft pistol as backup.

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