6 Ways To Learn How To Refill A Butane Lighter Effectively

The butane lighter is well known for its versatile nature. It can be used to light up outdoor grills, cigars, candles and campfires.The windproof butane lighter is well known and loved because it has a consistent flame that is strong and does not burn out if faced by a little wind.

Butane is a hydrocarbon gas which is flammable. Pressure is use to liquefy it for packaging into cans and other containers. In addition to being a fuel for the lighter, butane is a refrigerant and a propellant too. Here is how to refill a butane lighter.

To accomplish this task you will need:

  • A small screwdriver
  • A butane refill can
  • Your butane lighter

How to refill a butane torch:

1. Pick The Most Ideal Butane Gas:

Pick some high quality butane to refill your lighter. There are refill cans of this gas available at places like tobacco stores, gas station stores and general gas providers.

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As you buy some butane, pick a can which has a metallic tip. This one makes it easier to insert into your lighter.

Also, read the instructions on the can to ensure compatibility with your butane lighter and identify any safety instructions.

2. Operate In A Well-Ventilated Place:

As you refill your butane torch lighter, you will be dealing with a highly flammable gas. Therefore, pick a spot that is well-ventilated.

Examples of such places are your kitchen or the outdoors. Open up the windows or ventilators to get air circulating in your location of choice.

Refill A Lighter

3. Ensure That The lighter Is Completely Empty:

Before you begin to refill it, you need to eliminate all the gas and air out of your butane lighter. With it pointing away from your face, press the refill lever with a screwdriver or a pen.

Also known as the nipple, this lever is located at the bottom of the lighter. This will release all the air in the butane lighter torch and leave it completely empty. As the air is released, you will hear a hissing sound.

3. Set The Flame Height Adjuster At the Lowest Level:

Before introducing any gas into your lighter, it is important to make sure that the flame is set at the lowest level.

Using a small screwdriver with a flat head, turn the screw of the flame adjuster in a clockwise movement. This reduces the flame.

Keep turning until you achieve a minimum. This way, the flame produced will be small if you accidentally ignite your lighter.

4. Shake The Refill Can:

Give the refill can a good shake. This one ensures that you refill can is full of fluid butane and not empty.After ascertaining that it has some butane in it, secure the refill bottle on the refill valve of your butane lighter.

Make sure that the tip forms a perfect fit with the valve. If it does not, utilize a tip adapter. Hold the refill can at a 90 degree upside down angle as you perform the butane lighter refill. This prevents any air from getting into your butane lighter.

6. Re-Adjust The Flame Size And Test Your Lighter

After you have refilled your lighter, set everything down and wait for a few minutes for the butane fumes to dissipate. After that, use the small screwdriver to adjust the size of the flame to a preferred level. Once you do this, proceed to test the lighter.

Hold it a few feet from your face and turn it on. The resultant flame should be strong. If it is weak, then you need to add more butane into it.

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Final Verdict:

Butane lighters are favored because of the strong flame that they produce as well as their high heat level. The steps above show you how to refill a butane lighter. Always observe the safety procedures keenly.

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