How to Setup A Door Way Jumper

A Baby Jumper gives young kids their regular dose of exercise apart from improving their coordination as well as keeping them entertained, as a result, they are essential for all active toddlers. Setting up baby jumper using the appropriate manner is​​​​​ always important, as it should be able to fully bear the weight of jiggling bodies. Fortunately, setting up a baby jumper requires less effort and can be completed using the shortest time possible. Below are some easy to follow tips on how to set up a baby jumper.


Attach the Clamp:

Unfasten the clamp and move it closer to the door frame, holding the plastic ends firmly against both sides of the wall that is above the molding. Make sure that you’ve securely attached the spring cord to the clamp. The spring cord should be made up of a chain that attaches the clamp, a spring in the middle, two safety cords at both ends and a spin snap that connects to the saddle.

Fasten the Strap:

When it comes to fastening the strap, use either hand to move the bottom frame of the baby jumper saddle towards the stomach region and in between your toddler’s legs, just like a baby diaper.

Door Jumper Full

Wrap either end of the baby jumper strap around your baby and tie up the clasp that is above the button, leaving a gap of not less than one inch between the jumper and the armpits. Ensure that all snaps and fasteners are tight before you raise the saddle.

Add a Saddle Bar:

Open up the baby jumper saddle followed by placing it on a smooth and uniform surface, while ensuring that the saddle bar is adjacent to the bottom of the bouncer saddle. But if the saddle bar is unattached, consider placing the webbing pins into the loops on both sides of the bar. Make sure that all fasteners, cords, and webbing are untangled before you place your baby onto the unfolded saddle.

Connect to Spring Cord:

Take off the clamp gently to confirm if it can support the baby’s weight followed by connecting the saddle bar to the snap located at the bottom end of spring cord. Steadily release the saddle bar and make sure that the baby stays comfortably with their toes touching the floor. Subsequently, adjust the chain fixed at the upper side of the spring cord to guarantee upwards and downward movement of the jumper. Let your baby play for about 15 minutes every day to improve coordination and strengthen leg muscles. However, there should be an adult monitoring the baby when using the jumper.

Which is the best place to set up?

To guarantee your baby absolute safety, consider choosing an orderly doorway with adequate open space. Besides, the door frame must have molding, which acts as a closure for the baby jumper clamp.


To prevent the clamp mechanism from overstretching, choose a doorway that measures about 3 to 6 inches in breadth. Consider placing a toddler play mat on the surface of the doorway if the floor tiles are hard and slippery.

Final verdict:

To come to the point, there is nothing that’s more delightful than your baby’s enjoyment as he jumps up and down comfortably in his baby jumper. It’s really an amazing experience to set up a baby jumper and see young toddlers moving their bodies, the feeling of body movement excites them too. With so many budget-friendly baby jumpers available around the globe, you will certainly find the right one for your child. All in all, I recommend you to review look for a baby jumper that you can easily set up according to your preference.

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