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Kershaw knives performance is the best choice
Got bought a Kershaw knife for you? If not, you are miles away from the using of the innovative technology around you. Here you are just overlooking the knife experience as well.

The American Kershaw Knives is a king of creative innovation in the world of knife lovers. It has long been top rated for the modern and innovative ideas in making knives worldwide. The hi-tech substances, utmost heat resistance steel, and special coating systems made the Kershaw Knives known to the world.

The Kershaw Lifetime Warranty must draw your attention:

An original owner of the product of Kershaw Knives can enjoy a limited warranty for the lifetime. They promise to replace or repair the product due to be defective manufacturing materials used in the product. Or any other problem with the parts of the knife. It means, if you can detect any problem with the materials used in its construction, you must get your product changed. This is called limited lifetime warranty. And this limited lifetime warranty can not comply with the other issues that generally happens after a long time use of the product. The issues like corrosion, rust, breakage, damage, accidents, theft or loss do not meet the terms of getting the product in change.

However, it’s everything that happens due to improper maintenance or improper use of the product. So, to get a warranty replacement or repair, the owner of the product will be responsible for sending the product to Kai USA Warranty Services in Tualatin, Oregon headquarters. In meantime, after receiving the product, the team will then evaluate it for replacement or repair under the terms and conditions of the company.

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Things that considered or not for a product- warranty for:

Accidentally broken a knife blade: However, you are welcome to Kershaw Knives for your broken knife. In case, if it happens an accident and you get your knife blade broken, however, the good news is that you have to cost a little figure of $10. For, you will get a new one. While it does cost more than $60 for the first time purchase. But in the replacement, you have right to have a fresh one. Here, you think a winner to buy a knife from Kershaw Knives.

Routine basis sharpening the knife: The Kershaw Knives is happy to provide this service free for their valued customers. If luckily, you live nearer to Service Center, you can bring your knife physically. And after a while, the service team will deliver your knife instantly. You cannot get immediate delivered the knives if it is more than two or more. Then you have to wait for the next working day. But I’m lucky to be a neighbor of the KAI, USA. I like Kershaw Lifetime Warranty.

The expiry date of warranty: Suppose, you have got lost your Warranty Card, and you are confused about the expiry date. No problem, you just send your knife to the Service Center with your full contact details. However, the Service Team will inform you if any problem with the warranty issue or will repair or replace your knife within a stint of time.

Having the spare parts from the company: For US-made Kershaw knives, the KAI authority can send the torsion bars, screws, safety locks, pocket-clips, handle screws and pivot bolt on a customer’s request. But the company can’t send liners, blades, handle scales etc.. If you need more other parts than the package they ship, you have to send your knife with model no. to Kershaw Lifetime Warranty Center. Be sure, if the knife is making in USA or not. If not, the spare parts will not be available in the KAI stock.

Firmly shipping the knife to Kershaw Knives for repair or replacement: The Kershaw Knives encourages their customers to dispatch the product via UPS or FedEx. Because the worldwide trusted companies provide an automatic tracking number. Because this tracking number confirms you easily the product’s arrival at the Kershaw Lifetime Warranty Center. Or if you want to mail your knife via US Post Office, KAI suggest it sending via Express Mail®. Because this service also provides a tracking number for verification on the knife’s arrival.

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Shipping a knife in the padded envelope: As we know the knife component is hard stainless steel, so, you can’t use a pad- envelope. On of a sudden, it may rip it out when the shipping process will be going on. Rather you can use the hard box. Your knife will be safer for shipping to Kershaw Lifetime Warranty Center. The KAI can never take responsibility for your lost knife.

Addressing for shipping the knife: You are almost nearer to KAI, USA Ltd. I think you have understood my efforts about the Kershaw Lifetime Warranty. In practical, if you are a victim of sending your knife for repair, you must complete the Warranty Service Form, then print and attach it with your knife package to:





Why buy a Kershaw brand?

Kershaw Knives

No doubt, being a winner is easy to buy a branded knife in need is a thing indeed.

The Kershaw Tanto Serrated Blur Knife with SpeedSafe is an innovative member of the Kershaw Knives family. This is why, I’m describing a little about Kershaw Tanto when I am to mainly highlight about the Kershaw Lifetime Warranty. Because I enjoyed the lifetime warranty very much.

The Sandvik 14C28N is a hi-tech stainless steel. Generally, knife makers use this material in their knife industries. Many think the steel is a master material to the knives making industries in the first world.

The steel is popular for hardness, corrosion, and rust resistance. It has Anodized aluminum’s handle with a rough surface for a nonslip grip system. Its weight is very light and durable. It includes a new tech equipment SpeedSafe. The SpeedSafe assists users to open and close the knife smoothly. I choose the one-handed opening folding knife for the outdoor journey. It was black and with a serrated blade.

The last lines: Finally, it is hard to find a man who does not know KAI, USA. The Kershaw Knives has got a stunning success for their unique warranty service under the Kershaw Lifetime Warranty worldwide. So, anyway, I became a KAI lover on purchasing a knife from Kershaw Knives. Since then, I fairly suggest warriors for knives taking only one brand I name it KAI, USA, and Kershaw Knives.

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