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7 Speed

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26 inches wheels

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Are you looking for a Fat Tire Bike? Then you can look at a glance on this bike Mongoose Dolomite. It is especially made for men and is designed to ride on soft and rough terrains.

The Mongoose Fat Tire Bike comes with excellent riding features. It is able to provide you versatile experience. This bike comes with super cool style, so you definitely feel proud by displaying it around the town.

It has included many unique features with high-end components. Its sturdy construction has increased its quality without affecting  the cost. So, you are going to get a super powerful bike at a reasonable price.

If you really want to own Fat Tire Bike, you should read this detailed review to find out about Mongoose Dolomite.

Who Is This Bike For?

The Mongoose Fat Tire Bike is especially made for men. This will be a good choice for those who are looking for an affordable bike but don’t want to compromise with performance.

It is recommended for heavy and large users who are 5.6″ to 6″ in height.

For short riders it is difficult to maneuver. This bike works effectively on all kinds of rougher terrains, such as mountainous routes, mud, sand, and snow.

So, This Dolomite bike is ideal for people who want a durable and lightweight bike along with pleasant experience.

Main Features of Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Bike

Mongoose Dolomite

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Cruiser-Style Frame

The cruiser style design improves the geometry of frame. It has added an appealing design in the frame. It develops to handle the bike in both surfaces, including smooth and rough.

This cruiser style makes the ride comfortable even the most challenging terrains. Additionally, both of the pedals are made similar to beach cruiser models.

Bikes frame is usually made of aluminum, steel, carbon, or titanium. Frames of the cheaper bikes are made of lower-grade aluminum. Aluminum is cost-effective and lightweight. It is used for lightweight bike frame.

Steel is the most popular materials among the bikers because of its highest durability. Bike frame of Dolomite is made with steel. This durable steel mountain frame is ready to hit the trail. It is specially designed to withstand heavy load and bumps while riding. 

Mongoose Mens Dolomite Fat Tire

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Powerful Tires

The 4 inches knobby tires of this bike are the products of one of the famous manufacturers of MTB. The sheer widths of the tires are incredibly sturdy. They enhance desired stability and balance to enjoy your rides. These can move effectively in all terrains. These thick and wide tires prevent the bike from sinking in dirt, mushy, snow, and sand.

Extra contact surface are added in these tires. It is designed especially to reduce the accumulated pressure of the bike and the riders. That is why it can make a better impression, even if the surface is covered with snow. This bike is suitable for riding on the mellowest hot sandy beaches too.

Mongoose Dolomite Gears

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Multiple Gears

Bikes usually come equipped with 1 to 27 gears. If you want to ride on paved and even terrain, then single/fixed gear bikes are ideal for you. Higher gears are suitable for riding stably in mountainous areas at a higher speed without pushing hard on your legs.

The most fat tire bikes feature 7 or more gears. They works well for changing gears in off-roads, without making any complexity in shifting mechanism.

This Mongoose bike has 7 speed gears. So, you will be benefited with a multiple options of gears that will provide you plenty of controls on up and down hills precisely by offering you smooth riding.

Fork and Suspension

Suspension is a great feature of a mountain bike because they provide comfortable and safe riding. Fat bike offers great suspension system that helps to ride through all types of rugged surfaces comfortably.

Most of the bike forks are made with either steel alloy or aluminum. Steel is a little harder than aluminum. It is also inexpensive. Steel forks provide great stability and hold the bike well on off-road than aluminum forks. This bike contains wide forks that suit perfectly with its over sized tires. 

Dual-Disc Brake

Two types of brakes are most common in mountain bikes, such as rim style or disc brakes. Rim brakes are also known as V-brakes. Clamping on the rim of the wheel, which stop the wheel. Rim brakes cannot control sudden break, therefore are not safe for riding in off-road.

Disc brakes stop the bike by using calipers on a disc similar to automobile brakes. These provide the most stable and safest stopping. Disk brakes are perfect for fat bike.

There are also hydraulic or mechanical brakes. Mechanical brakes give better control of stopping than hydraulic brakes.
Mongoose Dolomite is fitted with dual disc brakes which are built from durable steel frame.

Combined with strong wheels, it provides excellent braking capability in all-conditions. Also it helps to instant stopping power safely in hazardous and wet conditions and give a ton of traction in snow and sand.

7-Speed Shimano Drivetrain

Shifters and derailleurs are also important part of a mountain bike. This bike is fited with Shimano rear derailleur with 7 speeds which is highly responsive. It makes easier to climb in hills. The twist Shifters of Shimano make smooth and effortless gears changing while riding. It delivers the best performance in different surfaces and weather.

Perfect Rims

Rims are made with steel alloy or aluminum alloy. Steel alloy rims are ergonomic, and corrosion-resistant. Its perfect for use on off-road. On the other side, rims made of aluminum alloy a bit lighter, but lasts long. Mongoose bike comes with aluminum rims.

Rims that are at least 1.74 inches (44 millimetres) can hold 26-inch x 3.8-inch tires securely. The rims of this bike are  2.16 inches wide.

26-inch Wheels

The ideal  size of he wheels is between 1.77 and 1.97 inches (45 – 50 millimetres). This size is popular to all riders because it is particularly enough to tackle all-weather conditions. It also helps to handle the bikes fluidly.

The 26-inch is the size of wheels which you will find in this fat tire bike. The width is 4-inches. These alloy wheels are excellent, lightweight, and durable. They tackle bumps that will increase your comfort. But remember, you can upgrade the tires and wheels if you want. 

Flat Style Handlebar

Padded Seat with Height Adjustment

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  • Mongoose bike is made of heavy duty materials so it can withstand heavy riding. It also helps providing stability on uneven surfaces. ​
  • Though the size of the wheels is not larger, they can roll over obstacles easily.
  • Easy to change gears while riding because of its smooth shifting mechanism.
  • The tires are durable. These stands firmly on the uneven surfaces and challenge trails without falling. Make riding smooth and comfortable through snow, sand, gravel, and dirt.
  • Affordable price and comes with limited lifetime warranty.


  • Slightly heavy , So some people may find it difficulty to maneuver. 
  • Comes in only one size. 

Specification of Mongoose Dolomite

BRAKES Front and Rear JAK Super Disc Brakes with a 160mm Steel Rotor
CHAIN KMC HP 7-speed
CRANKSET 170mm Aluminum Alloy 36t Crank
FORK Steel Dolomite Element Suspension
FRAME Steel Dolomite Full Suspension Frame
GRIPS Mongoose Rubber
HANDLEBAR Alloy 25.4mm
HEADSET Threadless NECO 1 ⅛-inch
HUB FRONT 36h 135mm Bolt-on
HUB REAR 36h 190mm Bolt-on
REAR DERAILLEUR Shimano Tourney TX 7-speed
RIMS Non-drilled 100mm Alloy
PEDALS Beach Cruiser
SADDLE Mongoose Polypropylene
SEATPOST Aluminum 28.6mm
SHIFTERS Plastic Grip SIS Index
SPOKES Straight Gauge 1.8mm – 36 count
STEM Alloy ADOMO with a 25.4mm Handlebar Clamp
TIRES Knobby 26 x 4-inch

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What to Consider When Buying a Fat Tire Bike (Mongoose Dolomite)

When you decide, to buy a bike you should consider on some essential features otherwise your investments will fail. Let’s find out, what should you keep in mind when you are looking for a fat tire bike:


There are several essential features in bike wheels. Keep in your mind these things when choosing a new bike.There are several materials available in the market for wheels. Such as Steel and Aluminum are the most common ones. Remember, steel is durable but aluminum is lightweight. Most people prefer aluminum wheels over steel. 

Wheel Material, Size and Dimensions

Wheels material is a crucial part. Steel is comparatively sturdier than aluminum alloy. Wheels that are 3 inches wider or greater are ideal. Fat ire bike comes with oversized tires. So riders can ride these bikes with stability while riding on off-road.

Tires Material

Tire material impacts directly on stability and safety of bike riding. Most bike tires are rubber although there are several different kinds being used for bike tires. A quality tire will definitely improve the overall riding performance and comfort. 

Size and Tire Pressure

Most of the bikes offer 26-inch or 700C tires, and width just 1 inch to 2.2 inches. Most fat bike offers at least 3.8 inches width tires. Remembe large tires provide more stability on dirt, sand, and mud surfaces.

Though tires can perform well as low as 340 hPa; 0.34 bar (5 psi) pressure levels, fat tires bike perform best at a pressure of 550–690 hPa; 0.55–0.69 bar (8 – 10 psi). Fat tires bike offer multiple pressure enduring tires. You can ride easily over unstable ground by having the right size tire with the correct tire pressure.

Size and Rider Heights

Matching the bike size with the riders height is an important factor. If the bike size does not match with your height, then it will be too uncomfortable to ride. Follow manufacturer’s sizing charts and purchase that fitted best with your height. However, you can choose larger sizes and adjust as needed.

Besides these, choose a bike with high-quality shiftier, comfortable handlebars, and saddle. Most importantly you should focus on your comfort and safety.

Mongoose Dolomite Review in Video

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: What is the point of a fat tire bike?

Answer: Fat Tire bikes are specially designed to provide the maximum contact surface. It provides excellent grips on snow, rocks. It performs better than most other mountain bike depending on the riding conditions.

Question: What is the weight limit on a Mongoose bike?

Answer: 350 lbs
This bike can hold weight up to 350 lbs according to Mongoose website. If you are a heavy rider then you really should consider Mongoose Dolomite.

Question: How much do fat tire bikes cost?

Answer: As we discussed in this article, a good quality fat tire bikes can go as little as $300 to maximum $1500. 

Question: Is Mongoose a good bike brand?

Answer: Among the many bike brands, Mongoose is one of the best brand in this industry. They produce a varieties of different kinds of bikes including road bikes, hybrid bikes, mountain bikes, fat tire bikes. 

Question: Are fat tire mountain bikes better?

Answer: You do get some extra traction capability with fat tire bikes than other mountain bikes. So when you start riding up the hill, you will notice the difference immediately. Fat tires also help to provide a smooth rides on uneven terrain and different surfaces. 

Question: Are fat tire bikes slow?

Answer: Remember, fat tire bikes are usually built for heavy riding conditions. Therefore, these are built using steel frame. So when you compare the riding experience with a lighter bike then you will feel the weight of the bike for sure. Heavier frames along with fat tires make this types of bike significantly slower than other mountain bike. 

Question: Is Schwinn better than mongoose?

Answer: Although Schwinn is a renowned brand in the bike industry, Mongoose also manufactured various type of quality bike. One thing for sure Mongoose bikes preform extra ordinary well in heavy mountain biking. The component of the Mongoose bikes often made to the maximum durability and performance in mind. 

Mongoose Dolomite

Editor's Rating


Mongoose Dolomite is an ideal mountain bike for men. This bike is reasonably lightweight, and easy to switch gears comparing to other fat tire bikes.. It has excellent stopping power. Its wide knobby tires provide exceptional traction.

This bike offers a great value with affordable price. I have provided all the essential information that is required to know before purchasing this bike.

Happy Shopping.

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