Soundbar Vs. Surround Speaker: Which One Do You Need For The Best Sound?

Televisions these days have become sophisticated. First of all, things are getting a bit slimmer when it comes to the latest television technology. But it is certainly unfortunate that the sound quality still remains below average. So, it is better to get an external sound system. It will probably serve you better! Let me compare the most popular sound system available in the market which is a soundbar and a typical surround speaker configuration. This articles cover soundbar vs surround speaker topic explaining how to choose your speaker.

Television manufacturers are now focusing on picture quality these days. For this reason, sound quality stays in the shadows. Not that they have completely ignored it. But still, consumers should look for a soundbar or a surround-sound speaker system. These are the two dominant choices available in the market.

Soundbar vs. surround sound speaker

Surround Sound SetupTo put it in simple words, a surround-sound system requires multiple speakers. The speakers are placed at suitable positions around the room. The sound projected from these speakers go towards a certain position in the room. The viewer can enjoy an immersive experience if the speakers are placed correctly.

In a nutshell, to get the most out of a surround-sound speaker system, you need proper placement. The speakers should be in the proper position from the viewer for a robust experience.

Now let us talk about soundbars. Soundbars have speakers integrated into a bar. It can be two or more speakers inside a soundbar. Soundbars can also be a viable choice for a man cave. This is getting popularity for its compactness and pricing.

Both systems have some sort of connectivity mechanism to deliver sound from your television or any relevant system of your choice. Soundbars come with Bluetooth connectivity these days. It means that you can control the soundbars from your smartphone, which is a neat feature.

Comparison: What should you look out for?

Now we dive into the comparison between a soundbar and a surround-speaker system. The points we will be covering are crucial. So, bear with us till the very end.

## Soundbar types: why should you know this?

Soundbars come in three common types. It is a crucial factor to know these types which will help you make the correct choice.

  • The first type of soundbar has two or more speakers and built-in amplifier. They can be placed on shelves or stands. Also, you can mount them where ever you like. These types of bars are compact. Moreover, for superior base output, some of the prominent brands even throw in wireless sub-woofer.
  • The second type of soundbar is sometimes mentioned as a sound plate, sound stand, or even sound base. They have the same innards as usual. But they are low-profile bars which add an aesthetic flair to your TV setup. The sleek and slender profile allows them to blend in with the system.
  • We would like to categorize the third type of soundbar as hybrids. The setup analogy is simple. You have two soundbars with two sets of speaker built-in each of them. You place them in a convenient position, one to your left and one to your right. This allows an immersive experience. They are the smallest among the three types.

Soundbar With Subwoofer

## Consider your space:

For larger rooms having a dimension of 15 x 20 feet or more than that, you should consider a surround-speaker system. It should include a home theatre receiver and 5.1 channel speaker setup to be the very least.

But if you have a smaller space, soundbars will serve you better. Consider something compact. These will save you some space as well as will deliver the quality audio experience.

## Quality speaks for itself:

Sound quality is the most important factor when it comes to any sort of audio system.

Soundbars have a notable deficiency. They cannot provide the immersive surround-sound experience. So, for larger spaces, a surround-sound speaker system is a much better option.

But if you still want that impeccable quality of a surround-speaker system, you should consider performing virtual surround sound processing. It involves some special moves to fool your ears into believing the immersive and robust sound quality.

## Pricing information:

Soundbars start from $80 ranging up to $1600. It generally depends on the buyer. So, you should first make up your mind on your budget.

Now that you have a budget, you should search for soundbars or a surround-speaker system. If you are looking for something mid-tier, you should consider soundbar under 500.

Matching the soundbar with your TV is important. If you have a wide-screen TV (48 inches or more), a 40-inch soundbar should get you covered. Samsung makes some awesome soundbars ranging from $500 to $1800.Sounbar Woth Widescreen Tv

In case of surround-sound systems, an entry-level surround-speaker system will cost you anything around $400 to $1200. It is a pre-built system with a home theatre receiver and a 5.1 channel sound system. You can always opt for the mid-range options, which will cost you around $1000 to $5000. But if you want to go all out, you may even break the $50,000 range.

You decide what’s best:

Before pulling the trigger, go to a local electronics store. Ponder your options, listen to the showcased system. It will probably give you a nice idea about what you want. So, do three things. Listen, Try-out, and Compare. Then you should go ahead with your choice.


Choosing a sound system can be daunting, especially with so many options out there. We hope we have given you enough information on the subject. Good luck and happy hunting!

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