TAC Force TF-705 Series Assisted Opening Tactical Folding Knife Review

Tactical knives or TAC Force Knife, whatever you like to call it, is no doubt the best category of knives to carry while going for hiking, camping or on trips. Since these knives are usually very sharp, they help you in cutting bushes, clearing the branches, and even help in arranging food for the camp. Usually, all TAC knives are light, long lasting and highly durable, compared to other folding knives and here below will be one such Tac force knives review.

Well, while buying tactical knives, one should always keep the following factors in mind, as depending on them itself the knives should be chosen. First is the purpose, for which the knife is supposed to be used. It is an important factor because knowing what type of work we are supposed to do with it helps us in finding the knife most suitable for our purpose.

Then comes the type of blade and its length. For most purposes, a half serrated knife is best for it helps in every situation. Also, it’s important to check the type of tang, which is nothing but the metal attached between the handle and the blade of the knife. Most knives will be used as weapons, so it is important to check the hand protection system available with the knife.

There should be either a finger guard or a thumb ramp present. Lastly, the handle should be strong with a good grip and should be made of either rubber, leather, aluminum, wood or bones, etc. For the handle plays a major role in how smoothly the knife can be used.

So here is a TAC force knives review to give an idea to the readers whether they should buy one for their own use.

TAC Force TF-705 Review

Among the lot, TAC Force TF-705 is one of the deadliest as it is really very sharp, also, it is not like other fold-able knives, as it is a lot durable and stable, and can be easily carried from one place to the other. These knives have handles made of aluminum, and thus provides a very good grip so that even in wet situations they don’t skid from your hands, and also they are controlled by springs.

Below mentioned are few details for tac force knives review that will give you a better insight about the knives.

Product type:

  • Its spring supported, thus allowing one hand usage.
  • It has a Liner lock system.
  • Aluminum handle for good grip.
  • Pocket clip for easy carrying.
  • It has a three and a half inches long blade with a thickness of 3 mm and also its closed length is four and a half inches.

Highlighted Features:

  • Tac Force TF-705 is 8 (eight) inches long and the blade attached to it is somewhat 3.5 inches long, with a partially serrated form to it and is very sharp near the edges. It has an aluminum handle of 4.5 inches, which is made of aluminum, for a very important reason and that is to provide the best grip to it. So, that even when held with wet hands, the grip won’t be loose and it can be easily handled. This aluminum handle also makes it very durable and easy to handle.
  • These knives are made of carbon-rich stainless steel, which is really long lasting and prevents any form of rusting.
  • TF-705 has drop point blade which is serrated and also has a thumb management point for easy operation.
  • These knives also have a very protective tang, which makes it better than most knives.
  • These knives are made in such a way that they are very durable, and it can be easily seen by its usage. Even after constant use for a long period of time, the blade doesn’t lose its sharpness, also the joints are made in such a way, that constant opening and closing doesn’t affect it much, it remains smooth and flexible. The joints also provide support while tough cuts and avoids getting stuck at and point.
  • It is one of the best knives for camping and hiking because it is very dependable when comes to tough jobs. It is useful while cutting meat, or dry wood for camp fires, also for making holes in the woods or for digging as well.
  • It also has features like belt clips, which is helpful while carrying it. Also, it can be used as a can opener as well as for breaking glasses as and when necessary.
  • It is quite affordable and can be bought at different online portals and even in stores for 10 dollars approx.

Colors :

It is available in a variety of colors from which you can choose the one you like. Following are the colors available in the market –

  • Black.
  • Orange.
  • Rainbow Titanium.
  • Pink.
  • Gray.
  • Fall Camo.
  • Gray Camo.

Other than Rainbow titanium and Pink, each one comes with black liner, whereas, rainbow titanium has coated blade and pink one has the satin liner.


  • It has a soft finish to it.
  • Weight is quite light for the price, as even after being less priced it is not made of plastic but metal.
  • The locking mechanism is solid and very effective, thus never comes loose at unwanted times.
  • Opening the knife is very easy and as well. It opens quickly compared to all other spring assisted knives.
  • The knife as promised is sharp and can easily cut through paper, plastic bottles, aluminum, and even hair.
  • To top everything, is it absolutely affordable. Finding such a good knife at approximately ten dollars is really hard.


  • It cannot be exported out of the United States, which makes it only usable in the US.
  • It is not totally legal in all states, which is because of the switch blade system it has.
  • Other than this there are no other cons for the above knife.


The TAC Force TF-705 is one of the best tactical knives available in the market within a twenty dollar price, and above was the tac force knives review, which will surely help you in deciding whether to go for it or drop it from your buying wish-list.

There is no doubt that it has a large list of pros than the cons thus making it a suitable choice for buying. But then as mentioned earlier, do keep in mind the purpose.

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