Top Six Child Development Toys for Baby

Children grow very fast and we need to actively take part in their physical and mental development. One way in which a parent can do this is through the use of child development toys. Here are a few toys that we recommend for the use of helping your child develop.

Building Blocks and Other Construction Toys:

Children who access these blocks usually tend to develop creative skills. This is because they try to make structures of things they interact with daily like pets, furniture, vehicles, buildings and even people.

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Another reason building blocks are ideal toys for child development is that they help the child to set up coordination between the hands and eyes. What is more, they are pocket-friendly and are used by children from the age of 7 months onward.

Picture Books:

Amazingly, these books capture the children’s attention with their images. Children are able to recognize things they see using these pictures as well as name them. Repetition in these books gives kids a chance to be active in the story reading, consequently enhancing their reading and memory skills.

Baby Book

A variety of these books are available to cater for the different age groups. If you want a smart child who is good at remembering things, this is your go-to child development toy.

Crayons, Markers and Art Paint:

While these are responsible for developing writing and creativity skills, they also help children learn how to share, develop simple communication, and counting skills. Which parent would not want their child to have such toys that stimulate so many skills? Their price ranges from low to medium depending on the number of crayons or brushes bought.


Throwing Toys:

These include balls, bats, and plastic bowling equipment among others. Such toys engage the small muscles in children’s bodies, making them stronger. They also help the child to focus as they kick something or throw it towards a target.


Riding Equipment:

These help a child to develop balance and focus skills. Kids will be keen while handling these toys, for fear of falling. Such toys fall under the high price range but what is money compared to a healthy child?


Baby Jumpers:

Once your child can sit without support, you can introduce him to this toy. It helps your child develop strong leg muscles and makes it easy for them to walk. In addition, baby jumpers keep your child occupied so you can finish your house chores without constant interruptions. Once your child starts waking or even running it is time to upgrade to another toy.

Baby Jumper

Finally, we have seen the important role that toys play in a child’s life. That’s why parents should change toys for their children often as they grow older in order to develop different skills. Would you like to have a healthy, well-developed child? Get them these child development toys and see them grow smart and strong daily.

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