Why are Men’s and Women’s Bikes Different?

Have you had a difficulty in choosing the right bike simply because you found them categorized as male’s or female’s and when looking at them, you cannot point out why they are different?

Well, you are not alone on this. While the obvious reasons are that women’s bicycles are designed to meet the needs of female cyclists and vice versa for men, they also come with varying distinctive features. These features aim at accommodating the different physical traits that arise between men and women. BestrevX will show you the reason why are men’s and women’s bikes different . After that you can choose you as your comfort .

Woman Vs Man Bike

Key Reasons Why Men’s and Women’s Bikes are Different

Different physical structures

Men and women come with different physics and this raises the need to create different bikes. Women are curvier and larger in some areas such as the seating allowance and this has led to different designs of the bike seats. Men’s bikes feature a relatively narrower and longer seat whereas women’s bikes feature relatively wider and shorter seats.

This is because the pelvic structure for women tends to be wider apart than that of men. By structuring different seat designs, brands are able to control blood flow to the genitals by controlling pressure exerted. Women and men’s physic is a key determinant of the different bikes.

Varying needs and preferences

While some needs may be similar between men and women cyclists depending on why they are looking to buy a bike, you will realize that there are key differences based on sex. This relies on the preferences that arise between the two groups. For example, color choice is very distinctive when looking to attract a man or woman.

Women tend to lean towards brighter and prettier designs and colors whereas men lean towards duller color combinations with simpler and manly designs. While many may take this as a marketing strategy, it is evident that it works due to its ability to meet their varying preferences.

Reach for Men and Women

When using a bike, you must be able to seat as well as reach the handlebars in an effort to ride. Many a times, women find it difficult to reach for the handle bar when riding a man’s bike because they are relatively shorter. In this, women’s bikes come with a saddle to handle bar distance that is shorter as compared to that of a man’s bike. Reach is an important aspect in an effort to not only deliver on functionality but also to deliver on comfort. Bike brands have created bikes that meet this function.

Different torso lengths

Overall, the height of men and women is different. Looking at statistics, majority of the women feature a shorter body as compared to men with a shorter torso length. This has affected the positioning and design of the frame. Looking at many female bikes, you will notice that they have a lowered top tube while those of men come with a horizontal top tube that are relatively higher as compared to women’s bicycle.

This is one of the main reasons that even when a woman is wearing a skirt, can easily ride a bike remain descent. It also allows them to easily get on and off the bike.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Q.What affects the seat design for the different sexes?
    A.Women tend to be wider as compared to men and this has led to providing that seating allowance to help provide comfort.
  • Q.Is it possible for a woman to ride a man’s bike?
    A.It is possible to find a woman that rides a man’s bike but this is dependent on her physic. Some women tend to borrow some manly traits and are therefore comfortable. The bottom line is finding a bike that meets your needs and preferences.
  • Q.What are the key differences between men’s bike frame and that of women?
    A.Women bike frames come with a shorter, diagonal, and lower top tube while men’s bike frame feature a horizontal top tube that is relatively high.
  • Final Thoughts

    Men and women are obviously different in many aspects and it is in this that they will lean towards different features and specifications of bikes. This has led to differing deigns in the market that aim at meeting their different preferences as well. The above reasons are provided based on the majority considering that not all women are the same or that all men are the same.

    The key aspects that affect the difference in men’s and women’s bikes are their different physical structure, appearance, their varying needs and preferences, as well as comfort based on reach and torso length. With a better understanding, you have no reason not to choose wisely.

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